Oh the life of a contract worker!

So now, there is this…

My agent got me work right away. He got me assigned to a day job and thanked me profusely for doing this particular 1-day job. The job would start Thursday and end Thursday. I got a kick out of accepting the job; this meant that my agent had kept me unemployed for only 3-days. I was told that this would be a 1-day job in an administrative role — helping out.

Helping out? Thank you BodyBugg for showing me just how active and hard-working I was on this last simple “helping out” role. I wore 3″ wedges, black dress slacks and a nice top. My job was to, one-by-one remove 98 3- and 4-inch binders from tall shelves, remove the contents and place the contents in a shipping box. I stood in this dark little cubby hole where the shelves are and there was heater air blowing down on me.  I completed this task aver 6-hours of standing — never sat and then when on to the chore of moving files from one old file cabinet into one new file cabinet.


All the activity above, the peaked areas is me working and sweating. At 12:00PM you see a gaping hole. I had lunch and since I didn’t take one; I was reduced to a vending machine and I bought pop-chips; something my trainer does not endorse.

Once I got home — and let me tell ya… everything ached but when I looked at my activity log; how wonderful! I exceeded my steps quota, I exceeded my activity/calories burned quota, I exceeded my time of exercises quota and so on.  That said, I got a full 6-hour body workout and got paid as well. Thursday’s are my day off from the gym so I especially appreciated all of this “extra credit” on my activity log!

The company asked me back today (Friday) and I told them yes, but I had a morning interview and I could return after Noon.

I interviewed for a job this morning and they hired me on the spot. I’ll be there about 3-weeks and this will be a delightful gig! More of same; “helping out” by helping the company catch up on back work as well as being, basically an office manager. The ladies that I will be supporting seem like they are going to be a hoot to work with and I am very excited about this particular opportunity.

But in the meantime, there is no rest for the weary. I interviewed at 10:00 a.m. so I had to be there 15-minutes early, I had to be dressed and ready to go allowing myself a good 1-hour possibility-of-getting-lost lead time.

makeupSo you guys, here’s what I did: I dressed in my dress slacks and sleeveless knit. I wore flip-flops (had good shoes in the car). I wore my Old Navy Sweatshirt over everything (also had suit jacket in the car). My face was clean, my hair was clean. I left the house w/out makeup and the primary goal was to find the place, then go to parking lot and put on my makeup. Despite that I knew the company was NOT difficult to find, my agent said it was and so I thought it would be. It wasn’t. I think they say that so that the client will be concerned about being on time and leave earlier. That strategy certainly worked for me!

Anyways, I found the place, did my makeup, put on my shoes and swapped the sweatshirt for my suit jacket. Since I was early they got started with me early. The interview was brief and they told me to start on Monday. Woo Hoo — that was that!

But then I had to scurry home to change clothes and go back to the company I worked for yesterday. They let me go early — thank GOD because one of the tasks for today was to help this guy pack up his office. Seriously; what’s up with the man-labor? I stated with helping him but it was VERY uncomfortable. I think he felt a little bit exposed and intimidated so he politely asked me to go finish the other project and he would come get me after he assessed his things better and decided how he wanted to proceed. Short story — I finished my other project, he disappeared. They let me go home – end of story. I was thrilled to have the afternoon off.

However, still there is no rest for the weary. I have to hit the gym tonight; likely around 7:00 PM and THEN I’m free until 5:00 AM when I get up to go back to the gym for my training and weigh in day.

Speaking of weighing in…

wI’ll be honest here — it’s just easier to say it than dance around it — My highest weight was 244. I started training at 238.5 and on my home scale I am now down to 218. Please note that I am very tall. Generally I run two lbs lower at home than at the gym; stands to reason since I am dressed at the gym and because my digital scale is going to be a little different from the medical scale at the gym. If I’ 218 today at home, it’s possible that I’ll weight 217.5 tomorrow and that will give me a solid 220 (I HOPE) tomorrow morning with my trainer.  My last weigh-in weight was 223.5 but that was 2-weeks ago; both “A” and I missed training last Saturday.

I’m not sure that I will make 218 on ‘his’ scale tomorrow but you can be sure that I am going to eat a great deal of asparagus tonight. When I go to the gym this evening I’m pretty sure that I am going to start running on the Treadmills rather than hill climbing and power walking. “A” didn’t want me to start running because I had that foot issue last month.

Overnight and finally, the foot pain and swelling miraculously went away …and lately ‘m itching for the running. I plan on running in a 5K on the 4th of July so it’s best to get started. AND, I think my weight loss is slowing down; that’s kind of natural but I need to get more calorie burn. And I need a challenge. “A” said I shouldn’t start running yet because then I won’t have anything to work up to. Right now, “I” need something to work up to and to challenge myself. I also realized that we are almost half way through the training and ….. lordy! I have no idea what I should do about training — after training. Go at it again 1-time a week? Go at it on my own and then fail and go back to training?

It’s been a little disconcerting that lately I have run into a few people who are doing WeightWatchers and such things who report that they are losing at about the same rate that I am. When you weigh in all the cardio I do every day and the expensive training and all the things I cannot eat… I begin to wonder…. hummm…. but then again, I remember that I’ve tried to lose on my own and it didn’t work. Today I am sitting here comfortably in (if not a little bit too big) a pair of jeans that I have died to, not tried to but was dying to get into for 4-years.Now that I am in them — outdated, loose, and did I say outdated? I’ll never wear these again!

Anyways, I’m not sure those other people can say the same… they’re not working out (they say so) much less getting rigorous training so they may have lost the same amount of weight but they had not received the amount of body changes that I have thus far, and the changes that I will see moving forward. So there! Now I feel better.

So I’m just rambling out of the pure joy of actually having the time to! I am really looking forward to life after this “evening” workout but saddened that I have to get up at the crack of dawn for training. That said, I look forward to a full weekend of ME time before I start work again full-time; for a while.

Off to rest — until 6:00 PM. Me thinks now that time at the gym will be 7:30.

Day 3: A wimpy workout; but a workout!

Yeah, the workout today was, menh!

Yet maybe not! Today I posed on FB that my triceps were so sore that I as having difficulty getting my coffee from the table to my mouth — something like that followed by, OUCH! Seriously! I have debilitating pain getting food and drink from the table to my mouth. Perhaps a good thing.

Missed the workout yesterday. (I know!) Someone ticked me off (long and unnecessary story), I had a lot of back yard work to do and all throughout the day I reminded myself that I had a commitment to hit the gym — just for cardio — just for 1-hour — you can do it. But I didn’t. What I did do is set my alarm for the next morning to be sure and get up in time to get to the BodyPump class. And I did make it there. Yay! I almost crapped out and thought about going the 4:30 class. But then I thought, “Get real! What are you going to do, lie in bed all morning or go get fit? There is an 80% change that something will come up and you won’t go ‘later’. Just F-ing GO“!

drive2And so this morning I went. I made it to the gym at 9:15 which gave me good time before the class to do the 15-minutes warm-up on the Incline trainer. That pre-workout; which is intense, before BodyPump class is a bit of a cheat though. You see, the more high intensity cardio that I do before the class is the less that I have to do after. Or, from another perspective, an opportunity to far exceed the first incline trainer workout with the second one; after BodyPump. Not to spell it out for ya, but doing 15-minutes before class means I only have to do 15-minutes more, or even much more minutes but having the 15-minutes already on the books make it “feel” like an advantage. Ah, yes the games we play for motivation!

That BodyPump84 Class

I swear; either I’ve gotten very unfit since November or that transition from BodyPump83 to 84 is… Major! Killer! Looking back on earlier records, the calories I’m burning in BodyPump84 exceeds on average 80-calories. My Heart rate is higher and I’m staying IN ZONE for a longer periods of time. Throughout and up to November I was only staying in zone for periods from 2- to 8-minutes; and by then I had taken the classes since April — so I was seasoned. In these two past BodyPump84 classes, today in zone 20-minutes of 48-minutes and not that think of it, I didn’t save the stats for Monday. But the arms are telling the story so I am thrilled.

BP2Why only 48-Minutes when the class is 60-minutes? Usually (always) I don’t stay for the last track which is a bunch of Push-ups and sit ups; so I bail after 50-minutes. I don’t, won’t and can’t do push ups. Never could carry out those. In fact, it’s one of the reasons that I bailed on Boot Camp last year. The last track which does do the push-ups doesn’t ask you of that much in the way of push-ups anyway so it’s almost futile. The sit ups and crunches? I can do those anywhere.

Summarizing: Today’s workout was good, just not great. I cut my 2nd cardio workout short because, well, I was distracted. Just before going into BodyPump I got a call (VM) regarding a job opportunity and I enough time had passed to return the call and so I needed to make it. Another reason is that I didn’t wear socks and sometimes, not usually, this bothers me. Today it bothered me. After 25-minutes I saw that my intensity level was low and my calorie burn was VERY low. So I hit stop and stepped off to make my calls, go to Costco and go home. And for gods sake,  PUT THE SOCKS IN THE CAR!

At the time I stopped the workout I was (metnally set to) sure that I would go back to the gym for another (full) 30-minutes to make up for bad behavior. I might. I doubt it. But I might.

Realizing that I am evidently a Princess


My workout schedule has been yet again adjusted. The short story is:

Monday: BodyPump84 at 10:30. Incline (cardio) training 30-minutes minimum. Tuesday: Incline (cardio) training 60-minutes minimum. Wednesday, BodyPump84 at 9:30 Incline (cardio) training 30-minutes minimum. Thursday: Incline (cardio) training 30-minutes minimum. Friday at BodyPump84 8:30. Incline (cardio) training 30-minutes minimum

I originally planned for the early morning classes — but until I have to, why should I?

In the following weeks — when my arms get less sore; or they acclimate (wink) I’ll start doing the resistance training on Cardio days and move BodyPump to Tuesday and Thursday. At the end of the day I’m told the resistance training and TRX is far better and faster results. For now, I’m just getting back into the swing of things and the class schedule; schedule the operative word is keeping me honest and getting there!

In summary: I have not ‘as fully” embraced this fitness thing quite yet. But as they say in Jamaica, “Soon come”!

The Food!

trader joes (2)In the past few days I’ve done much better getting my fat percentages down and today (so far) I am at 21%  After my workout I shopped at Costco (yes, again) for more healthy things… ‘the vegetables’, some lean meats and 1-fattening item. Hey, a girl’s gotta live a little. I tried SO hard not buy anything that I can get at Trader Joe’s this weekend. A closer Trader Joe’s is opening on Friday and I have a $$25 dollar gift card. So then, how did I end up spending $47 today at Costco? Again!

The Weight

scale5I’m seeing some slight changes on the scale which I don’t fully trust. This digital scale I’m using isn’t too bad on the consistency; that is, having repeated accurate reading each time you step on it. It varies as digital scales do so I take what I see as mostly the truth and this morning, ‘mostly the truth’ showed me down another lb. Trust me. I’ll get all worked up excited when I see 5-lbs. Excited because it will be 5-lbs of course but also excited becasue it is about 2-lbs that I need gone to move into the lower set of 10’s on the scale. For now, plugging along.