The most important thing: A well-planned plan A and a plan B


I saw this image below on my Facebook page as soon as I sat down with the best looking grilled cheese sandwich on sourdough bread!  I was tempted to spit out the bite I took … but no, “I’ll enjoy this one and … Scarlett O’Hara will about all of this tomorrow.


I used to eat clean and as I recall I didn’t workout all that much while I was eating clean. Interesting. Food for thought. Literally!

The actual plan this week,
the obstacles and the patches for the obstacles.


I have a date with my mom — another of those errands and shopping days. We had this date last Friday but something came up on her side and we didn’t do it.

THIS particular Monday is the drop dead start date for my fitness plan. To ease into it, I want to (still do) do the 30-minutes at least of Incline training. I also want to get back to the Les Mills BodyPump  class because: Even though my Trainer Friend told me that the classes are nice, and good and are good for ‘form’; and he didn’t come out and say it (he can’t) it’s 100% clear to me that he finds them on the foolish/faddish side.

That’s to be understood — he is a hard core personal trainer who likely feels as passionate about the classes and a runner feels about people who walk, or even stroll and call that a workout. Walking is exercise but even Jillian Michaels’ was quoted as saying: (something like) …anyone who parks at the back of the parking lot and feels they’re getting a workout because of the extra steps is kidding themselves. I won’t quote of course but the point being that there is serous and strenuous exercise that brings on solid result, and there is, just exercise.

“I” felt that after doing the bodypump classes for an extended amount of time that I did gain flexibility and I DID get a small version of a full body workout. The class is not to be slighted for the average workout-goer — there are plenty of good-looking bodies in that class so trainers should not be so quick to dismiss its validity. But yeah, daily dose of training and TRX, tossing medicine balls and such things — WILL bring better results faster.

And although, even at the end of the day, those of us who did serious hard-core exercise fall off the line too and fail. Quite possibly those who do the walking in the evenings might have less failure rate. LOL, but not LOL. I mean… well, you know!

So… Monday’s Obstacle & patch… I mapped out, that is re-mapped out the old schedule I had for BodyPump classes. The Monday class schedule is already a showstopper because the fist class is at 10:30 a.m. Now that could be used as an excuse to not hit the gym — but I know better than that! The plan for Monday is a trip to the gym at 8:30 a.m. for Cardio and stretching out my arms and legs on the TRX. Nothing hard-core on the TRX — just that. THEN plan to shower at the gym, dress, put on my face and head to mom’s. OR, over sleep and head directly to mom’s and do a longer and better workout around 10:00 PM. OR… a little of both!

On Tuesday I have a friend coming down for a visit — she’s not out-of-town but in a town that is a little bit far away. Likely we’ll shop and do lunch. She’s likely to arrive at 10:00 a.m.

Tuesday’s obstacle and patch…  I have the opportunity to hit the 6:00 a.m. bodypump class instead of the 8:30 a.m. class. The advantage to taking the 6:00 a.m. class allows me the do the class AND the cardio after AND more time to get ready before the friend arrives.

For the rest of the week I should have no obstacles or deviations from the plan (thus far).

The base plan:

This week:

Monday – A.M. Cardio – 40-mins to 1-hour on the Incline Trainer.
Exception: Doing this late in the evening

Tuesday – 6:30 a.m. BodyPump + 30- 40-minutes of  cardio the Incline Trainer

Wednesday – 40-mins to 1-hour on the Incline Trainer

Thursday – 30-minutes of  cardio the Incline Trainer  Resistance Machines + TRX
(this is back to the normalcy I used to have)

Friday – 30-minutes of  cardio the Incline Trainer + 12:00 PM Bodypump class

Saturday – Possibly a day off –
OR: 30-minutes of  cardio the Incline Trainer  Resistance Machines + TRX

Sunday –  8:30 a.m. BodyPump + 30- 40-minutes of  cardio the Incline Trainer

Next week: repeat with changes (more stuff)!

And I’m dusting off my old fitness log. Below is a sampling from last year. You’ll note (as I have) that my cardio calorie burns is very low for the time and intensity invested in the cardio. I don’t go by the output from the machine display but rather from what is reported on my HRM watch from my HRM strap. Now, the HRM strap will also send the (Polar) information the cardio machine and even though the machines are said to be accurate and the incline trainers will burn 3- 5X the amount of calories burned (how they advertise), this is NOT the case. The algorithms on the machine are set to run 3x more and will output 3x more calories on the display but that cold hard fact is that you WILL NOT burn 3x the amount of calories and my HRM and my heart certainly tell that story.


In a debate I had with the education & training manager at the company that produces the incline trainer used t my gym about this (nice guy, very helpful) he did indicate that the BEST actual measurement of calories burned comes directly from the HRM watch, not the machine display. Now this will make no difference in how I work out but when counting calories in and calories out —  it’s a slippery slope when the calories OUT are not logged properly — you may be way over eating, or way under eating and calories out/in are then incorrect. That said, I was concerned with how low my calorie burns were despite being IN ZONE for a strong part of my cardio.

Another nice and helpful man was the one at Sports Authority who was in an education program on … not gonna try to quote him but he was in a specialized program for sports medicine and cardiology…  Whatever.. he was he was quite knowledgeable. I was buying a new HRM because mine was old and I felt it wasn’t giving me good enough information and some of it I couldn’t seem to change — like age and weight because that would make a difference in the accuracy of the HRM output. The nice man told me that changing my weight would not make a difference but the AGE would! He told me that as we get older…. (yeah, yeah, yeah) it become harder and harder to reach a high volume of burned calories.

Well, that explains that but at 57 + change, I accept that and did keep moving forward with my program and I DID lose weight. A good deal of it.

Until the holidays! And even now, into the new year.

That’s all for now folks!

Much to do on this lazy day until it gets too dark to do them. That leaves me with about 2-hours! Man! I am just getting too relaxed these days. And, this is a good reason to get back into my gym clothes!