Pushing the envelope!

Heinous crime!

This weekends eating, that is. There must be something about a stress fracture that puts on an appetite. What I really think the problem is, is change.

I’ve never enjoyed the workouts; just the results of the workouts. I did partially enjoy the incline climbing and the power walking and the anticipation of running again. Despite that I have more than 13-5K races, 1 4-miler and 1-8K on my race wall — yes, race numbers are framed and on my office wall.. Despite that my trainer forbade to me run at the gym for two reasons.

The first, because he felt that the (at the time unidentified) injury to my foot was due to change in weight and stamina. He says that sometimes when people has less weight and have been in training their gait and stance changes and that could have caused some trauma to the foot because of stance changes and such things. We both thought that is what the problem was at first and I was happy to think it would all clear up. Not irresponsibility on the part of my trainer  — he only knew what I told him about the pain and he never saw it swollen.

The only time that he’d seen the foot nekid is when I’d take the shoe off for the weigh-in (no, no socks and this drives him insane)! The welling always went down while in the sneaker so he never saw it swollen and between you and me, that made me think he thought I was making it all up.

I continued to do the jumping he asked me to do and on one occasion that jumping over the line thing finally did the foot in. More swelling, more pain and so much so that I had to give up the treadmill. I told my trainer — NO more jumping! He asked why; like nothing had happened and I told him. Finally he paid attention to me and canceled my appointments until I saw a doctor. But again, he can only know what I tell him.

But anyway and sorry I got off track… My trainer forbade me to run because he felt something was going on with my foot back in February and the second reason is that he wanted to teach me to run. I sure looked forward to that! He wanted to get my posture in tack… and we’re still working on that one… he wanted to get my strides right and so on. Now, with the foot injury and my foot being in the pretty black shoe cast, all I can do is ride the recumbent bike for an hour and that my friends, is not that challenging. Doctor’s orders: No tension or high speeds. Just a nice leisurely magazine reading kind of speed. And that’s been bumming me out.

Somewhere in this mix; the workout boredom perhaps comes this appetite and the beginnings of old behavior!!! I’ve eaten things that are borderline legal on my Trainer’s food list and eating too many portions of the things that are borderline on my trainers list.  PUSHING THE ENVELOPE.

I pushed it yesterday too and while I tried to “be good” today… right now I have the very last of something I should not eat in the oven. I wasn’t going to but… like the old attitude: Just this once, or just this one time and then that will be it!

And I will eat the forbidden food tonight! I hope to enjoy it and feel so guilty about it that I lose sleep over it! I mean that!

Purchased round 2

I have 4-sessions left on my first training ticket and I managed to find the money; the right credit card to make a purchase for a 2nd round — another 25-weeks; two days a week training for the next 3-months. This is no time; or maybe no better time to sin and repent! We are; my trainer and me 1/2 way to my goal weight. 38-lbs gone and about 35-lbs to go. Halfway through this I am cheating. This must stop.

And it will. It really will. It’s easier to eat right at work because there is a distraction — called work itself and I cannot eat what I don’t take with me — so there lies the answer! And besides — after I eat what I eat tonight, there will be none of it left and nothing bad left to eat.

I almost think this is an expected hiccup in this phase of it all. And it will pass.

Now that I am through yelling at myself

No great things happening in life, but no bad things either. I am so much smaller so that makes all in the world right!  I’m still in my contract job and they have asked for me for yet another week. But they have told me it’s unfair to keep telling every Thursday if I’m staying on or not (agreed — even though I appreciate the money, they’ve kept me 6-weeks longer than planned) so that I can get busy on finding a real job. Unfortunately this is not a company that can afford to hire me at this time. However, they want me back in 2-weeks for 2-more weeks to cover someones vacation. If available, I’ll do it but I hope to be unavailable.

The work situation is bitter-sweet in terms of leaving. I’ve been there long enough to blend in with this dual family owned business and it feels like home away from home. The pay was quite well considering the duties of the job, the easy commute and the early hours of 7:30 to 4:00. They will miss me and my purpose there. Maybe if I do go back for those 2-weeks they’ll realize the need to keep me. Or maybe I’ll find a better job. Who knows?

The dove on my window sill is still nesting. Mom and Dad do take turns with the sitting on it (the egg) task and today was day 15 since the egg was laid. Theoretically that egg should be cracking open any minute. I wish it would hurry up and happen! I’ve been home most of all weekend and available to watch this miracle. My guess is that it will hatch when I am not home.

However, looking at this egg — photo taken this morning while mom and pop went off to do something else.. it looks like the shell is being pecked at from the inside. But, no chick yet.


The weekend

Highly productive and highly extremely relaxing!


Training with my trainer and the usual shop fest afterwards. Generally I tend to want to go straight home from training, about 8:00 a.m. to crawl back into bed where I wanted to be in the first place. But generally I tend to stop at the grocery store or Walmart to get some tasks done. This particular morning I needed milk from the grocery store and a few returns at Walmart that landed me carousing the store.

Then, suddenly with some energy, at home I began the outside yard work — good to be outside, it was warm and it just felt good to be out there before the neighbor kids headed out to their back yard and make all kinds of annoying kids noises.

A nice nap — I just plain fell asleep watching a little TV.

Nothing exciting for a Saturday night and I went to bed earlier than usual.


Slept in until 6:00 and then until 8:30. Good enough!

Breakfast in bed, more yard work, food prep for next week; I grilled chicken and cut it up

Watched some TV

Backed up my iPhone.

Updated my iPhone.

Simple weekend! I love it!

On Monday..

I really DO want to get to the gym directly after work. I can be there by 4:30 and it’s not going to be too crowded to change. I want my trainer to see me there — when I go in at 8:30 or 8:00 he’s usually gone by then. Hopefully he’ll teach me to use the rowing machine. He says I’ll get a better calorie burn from it than the bike and as part of this battle on my upper body — he wants me on this! Yes, it stress fracture healing friendly!



Tardy again, but at the end of the day; I benefit

“A” was late this morning — again.


But, the longer he is late the more cardio I get in. So I don’t mind that much — what else do I have to do at 6:00 a.m.? Of course today… expecting him to be late I didn’t get in until 6:25 to do the prer-cardio. Still, what was supposed to be about 30- 40-minutes of cardio before the training session turned into 60-minutes. All in all, I am the one who benefits by his lateness. I’d never tell him that — but I do tell him every Saturday – “that’s OK, I got in more cardio time…”. I’m probably too nice but for real — any opportunity to put more data on the BodyBugg is A-OK with me.He killed me today! Initially I thought that if he was late then I’d get out of some of the training time — yes, not a healthy attitude about training but it’s just a thought, not actions! Anyway, HIS 8:00 cancelled so he worked me through to 8:30 making our session 1-hour instead of the normal 50-minute session.

Saturday weigh-in report

3-lbs gone this week, 17-lbs gone since training and a grand total of 27-lbs this year. Next Saturday… look for 30-lbs gone!


“A” hasn’t let me do any running yet; just stair climbing and incline trainer and power walking. I told him today that I am terribly bored with my cardio and very antsy to get to running — more weight loss, more motivation and so on. But, he says no. He pointed out today that I needed to keep training for balance and posture (he is DEAD RIGHT and today’s brutal workout was all focused on posture) and then we can work on gait and pronation and such things. I asked him then, “…so you’re going to teach me how to run correctly”? He said yes. I said… Good. I don’t think that when I ran and in all the races I ran years ago that I ran “correctly”. I may be in for a big surprise!

As soon as I started training I did do some running in wrong shoes and did some good damage to the bottom of my foot (some of you might remember that). I was limping around for weeks and unstable on my feet but still doing the cardio and training under his watchful eye. He remembers that so he’s being very – cautionary. but he does need to remember that I am running in the Coronado 4th of July 5K (of the 5 and 10K).

Anyway, with the cardio routine I do now; power walking on incline – -I do 3+miles a day and a 5K in about 40-minutes (or so). I do this fast and easily (powerful power walking) and I’m breathing just through my nose. I can only imagine that by July 4th, by walking alone some running that I could finish under 40-mins without much effort; but I’m in it to win it on the 4th so I’ll do way more than walking in this 5K for sure so I’m hoping to make 33-minutes and a PR.

12 of my friends and spouses are doing a HS Reunion Stay-Cay in town our High School Reunion and a multitude of festivities that go along with the 4th. We have rented all of the rooms at a B&B and I have bragged to them that I am doing this race — and that they need to get their hung-over asses to finish line to cheer me in. So, there is some pressure on this one — I must deliver!

Anyhoo- Boy! did Andre pick on me today! Eat more food; OK, he’s right on that one. Wear socks with your shoes when you are on the treadmill… and one other thing that I can’t remember…

It was a long  and trying week so it’s no wonder…

That after training I came straight home, showered and got onto the computer followed by putting myself back in bed — and fell into a short nap.  I hate that I waste my Saturday’s this way and this has been consistent. My food intake this last week was horrific (low) and “A” warned me for the thousandth time that I needed to eat way more protein. I told him that he has been so strict on food and based on the food pics that I send him he says I shouldn’t eat this with that, or take that off the plate next time, or don’t eat that at night or after a workout… Heck I told him that it was hard to know what to do so sometimes … I just don’t. (eat). “A” told me that since I am steadily losing weight the timing doesn’t have to be SO strict  that it hinders me from eating.

Oh the life of a contract worker!

So now, there is this…

My agent got me work right away. He got me assigned to a day job and thanked me profusely for doing this particular 1-day job. The job would start Thursday and end Thursday. I got a kick out of accepting the job; this meant that my agent had kept me unemployed for only 3-days. I was told that this would be a 1-day job in an administrative role — helping out.

Helping out? Thank you BodyBugg for showing me just how active and hard-working I was on this last simple “helping out” role. I wore 3″ wedges, black dress slacks and a nice top. My job was to, one-by-one remove 98 3- and 4-inch binders from tall shelves, remove the contents and place the contents in a shipping box. I stood in this dark little cubby hole where the shelves are and there was heater air blowing down on me.  I completed this task aver 6-hours of standing — never sat and then when on to the chore of moving files from one old file cabinet into one new file cabinet.


All the activity above, the peaked areas is me working and sweating. At 12:00PM you see a gaping hole. I had lunch and since I didn’t take one; I was reduced to a vending machine and I bought pop-chips; something my trainer does not endorse.

Once I got home — and let me tell ya… everything ached but when I looked at my activity log; how wonderful! I exceeded my steps quota, I exceeded my activity/calories burned quota, I exceeded my time of exercises quota and so on.  That said, I got a full 6-hour body workout and got paid as well. Thursday’s are my day off from the gym so I especially appreciated all of this “extra credit” on my activity log!

The company asked me back today (Friday) and I told them yes, but I had a morning interview and I could return after Noon.

I interviewed for a job this morning and they hired me on the spot. I’ll be there about 3-weeks and this will be a delightful gig! More of same; “helping out” by helping the company catch up on back work as well as being, basically an office manager. The ladies that I will be supporting seem like they are going to be a hoot to work with and I am very excited about this particular opportunity.

But in the meantime, there is no rest for the weary. I interviewed at 10:00 a.m. so I had to be there 15-minutes early, I had to be dressed and ready to go allowing myself a good 1-hour possibility-of-getting-lost lead time.

makeupSo you guys, here’s what I did: I dressed in my dress slacks and sleeveless knit. I wore flip-flops (had good shoes in the car). I wore my Old Navy Sweatshirt over everything (also had suit jacket in the car). My face was clean, my hair was clean. I left the house w/out makeup and the primary goal was to find the place, then go to parking lot and put on my makeup. Despite that I knew the company was NOT difficult to find, my agent said it was and so I thought it would be. It wasn’t. I think they say that so that the client will be concerned about being on time and leave earlier. That strategy certainly worked for me!

Anyways, I found the place, did my makeup, put on my shoes and swapped the sweatshirt for my suit jacket. Since I was early they got started with me early. The interview was brief and they told me to start on Monday. Woo Hoo — that was that!

But then I had to scurry home to change clothes and go back to the company I worked for yesterday. They let me go early — thank GOD because one of the tasks for today was to help this guy pack up his office. Seriously; what’s up with the man-labor? I stated with helping him but it was VERY uncomfortable. I think he felt a little bit exposed and intimidated so he politely asked me to go finish the other project and he would come get me after he assessed his things better and decided how he wanted to proceed. Short story — I finished my other project, he disappeared. They let me go home – end of story. I was thrilled to have the afternoon off.

However, still there is no rest for the weary. I have to hit the gym tonight; likely around 7:00 PM and THEN I’m free until 5:00 AM when I get up to go back to the gym for my training and weigh in day.

Speaking of weighing in…

wI’ll be honest here — it’s just easier to say it than dance around it — My highest weight was 244. I started training at 238.5 and on my home scale I am now down to 218. Please note that I am very tall. Generally I run two lbs lower at home than at the gym; stands to reason since I am dressed at the gym and because my digital scale is going to be a little different from the medical scale at the gym. If I’ 218 today at home, it’s possible that I’ll weight 217.5 tomorrow and that will give me a solid 220 (I HOPE) tomorrow morning with my trainer.  My last weigh-in weight was 223.5 but that was 2-weeks ago; both “A” and I missed training last Saturday.

I’m not sure that I will make 218 on ‘his’ scale tomorrow but you can be sure that I am going to eat a great deal of asparagus tonight. When I go to the gym this evening I’m pretty sure that I am going to start running on the Treadmills rather than hill climbing and power walking. “A” didn’t want me to start running because I had that foot issue last month.

Overnight and finally, the foot pain and swelling miraculously went away …and lately ‘m itching for the running. I plan on running in a 5K on the 4th of July so it’s best to get started. AND, I think my weight loss is slowing down; that’s kind of natural but I need to get more calorie burn. And I need a challenge. “A” said I shouldn’t start running yet because then I won’t have anything to work up to. Right now, “I” need something to work up to and to challenge myself. I also realized that we are almost half way through the training and ….. lordy! I have no idea what I should do about training — after training. Go at it again 1-time a week? Go at it on my own and then fail and go back to training?

It’s been a little disconcerting that lately I have run into a few people who are doing WeightWatchers and such things who report that they are losing at about the same rate that I am. When you weigh in all the cardio I do every day and the expensive training and all the things I cannot eat… I begin to wonder…. hummm…. but then again, I remember that I’ve tried to lose on my own and it didn’t work. Today I am sitting here comfortably in (if not a little bit too big) a pair of jeans that I have died to, not tried to but was dying to get into for 4-years.Now that I am in them — outdated, loose, and did I say outdated? I’ll never wear these again!

Anyways, I’m not sure those other people can say the same… they’re not working out (they say so) much less getting rigorous training so they may have lost the same amount of weight but they had not received the amount of body changes that I have thus far, and the changes that I will see moving forward. So there! Now I feel better.

So I’m just rambling out of the pure joy of actually having the time to! I am really looking forward to life after this “evening” workout but saddened that I have to get up at the crack of dawn for training. That said, I look forward to a full weekend of ME time before I start work again full-time; for a while.

Off to rest — until 6:00 PM. Me thinks now that time at the gym will be 7:30.

Lots going on and lots of weight coming off.

And yet, today is not a work day; nor was yesterday or the day before.

My 5-week contract ended and as it stands right now for being hired — time will tell. The team of the 4 of us were all interviewed before leaving the company for various roles. Those roles are not now readily available but could become open job postings in mid April. Therefore, I have been a free non-working spirit for a total of 3-days. And, I start a new job tomorrow. The thing about the new job I start tomorrow; it ends tomorrow. Yeah, a 1-day gig but one that will keep me in the good graces of my agent who was so grateful to me for taking this last-minute role.

I also interview on Friday morning for a longer termed job in an administrative role. That said, the ball is still rolling and so… I’m happy to keep the money coming in.

Bodybugg, Personal Training and weight loss

I can’t keep up with my falling pants and jeans size but here’s the exciting low-down on that: Dropped 2-jean sizes and happy to have successfully shopped at The Loft yesterday with a purchase of 1-pair white jean, 1-pair light washed jeans and 1 gorgeous pair of black dress slacks. All size 14’s and Ann Taylor’s size limit IS size 14. That is the biggest size. That said, twas an honor to bring home 3- perfectly fitting pair.

However, after wearing one pair of the jeans out last night (out to dinner, with the price tag still on the inside back of the jeans) they did, as I had hoped they wouldn’t — they stretched out to large proportions in the legs. They are going back to the store.  Yes, that’s tacky but I did ask if I could return them if they did indeed stretch out after wearing them. I wore the white ones briefly around the house and they too stretched out. Back to the store they go.

As for the black slacks — They are gorgeous and fit perfectly. And thank goodness I bought them — I’ll need them for the interview on Friday. If those stretch out — that’s easy to repair as pulling in inseams and such things is a simple task; as it is not sometimes, for jeans.

I’m sitting here at my desk in a Polo shirt. This is a big huge deal to me. I haven’t been able to look even reasonably attractive in a polo shirt and well, because they never fit. Too tight and too offensive. This one slid on and looks fantastic. No rolls no stomach (not nearly as much) and I look just above reasonably acceptable in this shirt. In fact, I’m going back for another one.

Summarizing: Two pant sizes down and falling still, 1 ‘tops’ size and a hell of  a lot of back fat gone.

This girl is starting to feel somewhat normal in size and confidence.

The BodyBugg remains a great tool for me and my trainer to communicate with. I love syncing it about twice a day to see where I am with exercise. Yesterday I walked and walked and walked the mall with friend which yielded me 38-minutes of exercise and about 4000 steps of the 10000 steps required in my quota — just by going shopping!

Meeting goal is definitely about cardio and exercise but in instances like this; walking is walking and at the end of the day it is the steps you took — not how you took them; i.e., shopping or banging down on a treadmill. But sure, hard cardio is better for me than strolling in a mall. However, and still — soon after that shopping trip I found myself on a treadmill for 40-minutes as a requirement before my training session. Even with the few extra steps I take walking and ‘doing’ around the gym floor, my total steps yesterday totaled 13,494, So see! The mall strolling did count!!

I had a few down (lower exertion) days last week. My trainer texted me this past Saturday at 5:30 a.m.; just as I was dreading rolling out of bed for that 7:00 a.m. training and told me he had to cancel. He was sick. I don’t think I’ve ever heard such good news in my entire life!! Back to bed for me. For reasons which I cannot —  honestly remember, I wasn’t able to get to the gym during the day. As the evening rolled closer and closer I still couldn’t seem to get it going.

Then, I had a family issue and even so, I knew I had to get to the gym to check in. My trainer would never know what exactly I did at the gym; just that I was there. The day turned out to become a very upsetting one and when I finally got to the gym — I had no shoes with me so I couldn’t work out. I did go in, check in, hit the ladies room and told the guy who looked at me weird as I headed for the front door that I had left my shoes in the car (and never to return that evening).  Yup! I cheated.

But still, this is another case where I had been very active during the day and that activity did show up on the BB report in 31-minutes of time. And, that was close enough to cover it up — because “A” looks at the end of week report which gives weekly averages — he doesn’t go through every single days report. And heck yeah — I balanced that average yesterday with 3-miles on the books, 13,500 steps and 1-hour and 36-minutes of cardio. PLUS my training session.


The first clump on the activity expenditure report is me getting up and getting dressed, moving about, feeding the cat and constantly up and down my staircase. The next clumps of sporadic activity are me and my friend walking and shopping. The pause in the middle is lunch at noon (grilled salmon).  The smaller clumps between 3:00 and 5:00 are me at home, once again getting ready for something; changing into gym clothes, up and down the stairs again and other preparedness preparation — the power in the neighborhood went down at 3:30 p.m.  Still, I went to the gym and that clump should be obvious. The darker steady clump is straight cardio and the up and down activity with peaks is personal training. Standing still; even though exercising doesn’t give as much ‘drama’ on the visual readout — but trust me — that man tried to kill me yesterday!

The other peaks on the chart are fairly small. The clump between 8:00 and 9:00 is me fumbling around the house in the dark looking for clothes and a bag to take stuff to a friend’s house; to change clothes and head out to dinner. What else is there to do during a power outage — which by the way, ended at 12:30 a.m.

But I dunno – maybe I’m a geek but to be able to track my day and activity and whereabouts is nothing but fascinating.

My end of week reports still show too much fat consumption (it’s so hard!). I’m down to 21% intake from 33% or higher. Still, he wants me at 15% and that my friends, is rough — especially when salmon comes into play. I’m not eating anything I’m not supposed to be and fat is very little. For that 21% I do blame the salmon. But then again — what else can you do when your taken to an Asian Bistro (PF Changs?)  but have the baked salmon???


12-official-lbs gone since 2/2 when I started training. However, since “A” was sick last Saturday, we did not have a weigh-in on ‘his’ scale. Still, my own scales reads differently but trends the same. On my home scale I took that loss number, upped it by 2-lbs and entered that number on the BodyBugg report. If that number is true; and it is certainly very close then I have lost 13.5-ish-lbs. By this Saturday we’ll expect to see another 2- or 3-lbs gone making that number around 15-lbs gone. AND adding that to the 10-lbs I lost before beginning with “A” — think 25-lbs total!


So much for that mini-vacation I thought I’d have this week before hitting the job market. My agent is too good and, as I noted, already has me working and interviewing. Today I had to do a drug screening for the day job — that kind of infuriates me since the wait there took a good chunk out of the day. But being a good sport will keep me on the agents amazing side.

At this moment..

I need to figure out how to use my time for the rest of this day. I do have to hit the gym for 1-hour but 5:00PM is not the time to do that. Planning on 7:30 – 8:30 or thereabouts so that I will miss the crowd; though its more about parking that equipment access. I don’t want to get home too late and DO want some quality me time before falling asleep. This means: Showered, clothes laid out, alarm clock set and me in bed by 9:30 p.m. all primed to watch TV (for a change) and fall into a deep sleep while watching it!

And then… Work tomorrow, gym (oh wait, tomorrow is a rest day!) and same scenario as this evening with some changes. I have a 10:00 a.m. interview and THANKFULLY I fit into the suit jacket and I have gorgeous new black slacks and a slimmer body. After the 10:00 a.m. interview I am free for the day — until Monday; if I get hired.

So yeah. Lots going on and lots of weight coming off.


I accept!

I got the job – the one that pays good money!


I’m so very excited of course and look forward to not starting until the 11th — with the exception of a days training on the 7th. And my apologies, I started writing this last Wednesday when I got the good news – I just got busy…

…and got down to the business of my Personal Training. Yes, it’s official.

This photo below was taken at 6:30 a.m. of the sun rising, of course in the east of me. Heading west, of course, I saw the reflection of this gorgeous sunrise in my side view mirror and I  just HAD to stop and take a photo. I The sunrise is gorgeous enough but it was the ‘accidental’ reflection against the car that made it the money shot.


Even though I didn’t ‘officially’ start training until this past Saturday, “A” had me start; well now that I think of it, I started training on the day the credit card was swiped, but we didn’t do a ‘session’ until Saturday. Anyway, he  ‘went over things’ and we got my BodyBugg adjusted. He told me to do cardio every night until I meet with him.

And so I met with him on Saturday and we did a pretty darn hard workout!!

At any rate, below is one of my daily report cards… I’m loving seeing the sleep data! Until A and I get together and go over compiled data for the week, I’m just a little bit in the dark with what these numbers mean — other than that the right hand column is full of positive information.


What’s weird, and likely true:  I don’t feel like or seems like I have walked that many steps. But there is an embedded graph which proves it.

That said, this is a clip of the full range of the day and circled first is the cardio with training. Cardio is the first tall ‘mass’ and the shorter and intermittent peaks and valleys is the training. And, in the next series of spikes is me at iTan, Old Navy, then Trader Joe’s and finally Costco. Then I’m home doing not much, and then a rise in the middle and I think this is where I was trying on clothes to see what I’d wear to the party, then shower and hair. Then, a nap and then around 2:45 you seem me actually “getting ready” to go… and so on.



Anyways, lots of things too look at in this program and it really is — something — and mind you — I have the poor people Bodybugg.

So, so far so good!

But it has been a crazy busy week — the kind of crazy busy with transitions… like doing one errand or class only to have to drive around come home to change clothing, maybe in some instances remove things from the car for a friend visiting (and I had to drive to lunch) then changing for a workout, putting things back in the car, then a date for this and time for that and …. it has been non-stop like this for the entire week.

And “Scarlett” knows she’s a princess and that maybe this is a day in the life for most. But this chick is exhausted and today (Sunday) is the only day I didn’t have to go do something; with the exception of the morning BodyPump class and 40-minutes of cardio.

Here is a sneak preview of my class getting started!


For the first time ever, I really struggled in this class. I think I was just run down completely with the crazy week winding down and the daily trips to the gym for cardio, and cardio and more cardio and cardio.  Also, in training yesterday, it was a full body workout with emphasis on core and upper body. Today I seemed weak. But, A said to do the workout — it’s good for me to keep my form.

Wrapping it up…

…Cuz girl needs her beauty sleep and tomorrow is the first of 7-days in a row without a morning, afternoon, or evening appointment. WOO-HOO. Still, I will have to look forward to 1-hour of cardio at some point in the day — but otherwise, free as a bird!

This photo was taken of me last night.  I cropped just me out of a huge photo because I wanted to post this one. This is me working very hard to completely hide myself behind my hands and crossed legs. The idea of posting this here is to use it as a before photo and fine statement of everything wrong about my being fat — hiding, being mortified and … pissed off. The next times that people insist on shooting pics of me – each next time will show an improvement and I will post it!


OK… off to bed!

A concrete and non-negotiable plan

First of all, I enjoyed a cheat day on Saturday

Some people call it a cheat day, I call it a Fuck-it day; and pardon my French but the F-it day wasn’t an earth shattering sugar intake fest, but I had ice cream! Other than that, the rest of the day was not a complete bust but the ice cream had at lest 14-grams of sugar and my 1-scoop of Ice Cream overflowed from the scoop…a little bit! On the up side, I added wholesome chopped almonds.

You see, I broke ALL the rules yesterday.

  • Don’t let yourself get hungry
  • Don’t shop while hungry

I was out of oatmeal so I did without breakfast. I thought about eating and even though I was hungry I was so restricted by this sugar thing that I chose to not eat anything — right then. I went about my business and worked in the yard quite a bit — so nice and warm! I’d come back inside to get something and I couldn’t make any decisions so I moved on about my business. And finally, by 4:30 when I couldn’t stand it anymore I started craving appetizers and wine — neither of which were in the house — I went to the store!! (and I came home with Ice Cream)! Noting that I really only like wine with appetizers. I like it when I go out to dinner but there is something about a few bites of something and a few sips of wine; really, just a few sips and bite that conquers everything. That’s really all I need in food and drink.

Experiment completed

experiment-2I wanted to know, and now I know that keeping sugar at bay is a good thing. My mother confirmed it, my side view in the mirror proved it and the scale tried to confirm it with a final (average) loss last week of 2.25-lbs lost! You know though, that is a fragile diet and in the grand scheme of things/life — that’s not how I want to lose my weight or live. But again, I tried it, it worked 1/10th of the promise of 11-lbs loss and yeah, understanding sugar is a good lesson.

smoothie-3As usual, I’ll continue to log my food and always and while keeping mindful about sugar, I’ll bet that my sugar intake will come in around 22-grams or less per day just by eating right. I’m not a fan of fruit but I do drink it in smoothies. Mentioning smoothies, the blueberry+spinach+protein powder is my go-to breakfast when working and my go-to breakfast when working out in the mornings. That smoothie alone is 15-grams.

More important is going to be my workouts

Knowing what to eat is one thing and yes, it’s about 80% of the battle. Still, the healthy food won’t completely wish away the other issues so I have set a concrete and no exceptions workout plan. I have zero work commitments next week (ah, the sweet life of a contract worker).


In closing, dinner this evening was a great success. I’m a little tired already (9:44) and will leave the dishes for tomorrow. AND at some point in the middle of dinner my mind drifted off about missing the morning Bodypump class. Thankfully I was also reminded that Monday’s first Bodypump class is at 10:30. Thank goodness for miracles.

On Monday — it all begins! All of it!