I’m expecting! (?)

I thought I’d never get around to posting this one…

I’m Pregnant! OK, Expecting!

And actually, no — it’s not me. But there is going to be a birth “on” the house in about 14-17-days about 5-days!


I was able to be lazy yesterday a week ago last Saturday for a few hours — so nice for a change but not until the clothing exchange mess was cleaned up — more on that later. But I was sitting on my bed watching some DVR’d programs and I noticed the Dove ‘couple’ scoping out the geranium planters that sit outside my bedroom window. And, it’s very unusual for birds to land or swoop the area — with the exception of humming birds.

So when these two were (evidently) looking for a place to make a nest — they chose my window sill. I’ very excited and it all makes sense now because that bird didn’t flinch when got off the bed, shut the shudders or took pictures of her sittin’ there.


Anyways… I’ll get back to you on this event in about 14-days. Caveat: And now getting back to you about 10-days after writing this; Mama just sits on that egg for endless periods of time.


I’m still no longer having (as much) difficulty with my foot.  Believe it or not the foot has seemingly healed; or the situation gone away until I started my last contract job. In that job, lots of getting up and down out of the chair to walk back and forth to the printer. Crazy work and had they put a printer on my desk — things might be different today. Still a present injury, dormant or active is an injury. If certain activities cause flair ups, then there is still a problem. That said, nobody to blame by physiology and bad timing.  But still, the getting up and down out of the seat every 10-seconds is stress on what ever is ailing the foot… and I’ll find out exactly what that is on Wednesday morning at my doctor appt.


The photo above shows my foot after the swelling goes down in the evenings… once I relaxed and got off of it. The amount of swelling during the day was horrid! It was at time literally puffing out over the sides of my shoes and making imprints from the shoes. So why didn’t I get out of the shoes? Flats, wedges, flip-flops… it didn’t matter — nothing changed anything.

And days later… I had my doctor appt:



1. “CLOSED FRACTURE OF FOOT” Healed left 5th metatarsal fracture.
(X-ray revealed a recently healed fracture likely as soon ago (oxy?) as early February.

2. Clinical findings for early left 4th metatarsal stress fracture.
(thanks to re-pronating as I walked day-to-day and ran and climbed; adjusting foot during exercise to avoid the pain).

At the end of the day, damage to both 4th and 5th metatarsals! :afraid4:

The lovely cast shoe is protecting  this new stress fracture from becoming a real full on fracture — it was just a matter of time.

Wear either a shoe cast or non-flexing shoe for 4-weeks. No weight-bearing exercise such as

treadmill, stair master, jogging/running. Even sparing joint sparing elliptical not recommended at this phase.

May resume these activities after 4-weeks if swelling and tenderness are resolved.

***MAY DO***:
Lifting, toning and weight work. Recumbent bike at high frequency, low load.
So I continue with compound exercise — pushing and pulling things but ‘A” has me pressing some difficult weight and sometimes at levels that I cannot budge.

So I can keep training then and try to learn to love the recumbent bike. All is not lost!

And that’s just exactly what I am doing. I ride the recumbent bike with no set tension for 45- 60-minutes and that seems to be enough light cardio to barely break a sweat glow but does record nicely on my BodyBugg activity report. So, if it’s good enough activity for the BodyBugg, it’s good enough for me.  AND, at my Weigh-in last Saturday I was down 2-lbs. and as of today, maybe another pound and a half.

Anyways, wearing the shoe cast is extremely helpful and it’s easy to wear. Not pretty, but easy to wear and easy to walk in — like normal. The swelling went away almost right away because there is no real pressure on the front of the foot; mostly in the heel area. There is also about 1-1/2-inch lift in the show so wearing a low wedge is perfect to keep the same balance on each side. To be honest, I haven’t given up too much for/with this injury — other than the fact that I can’t do the intense cardio. I walk normally

Have you notice my weight loss on the left hand side rail? 37-lbs gone.


So long, 32!

Locked OUT!!

locked outI had to rest my password to get into this dusty old blog but to change it, I had to be able to get into my email account — which I also couldn’t log into. Lotsa work — but here I am.


You guys wouldn’t recognize me and neither do I!  I feel the same of course — but when I see a reflection in a mirror or window or when I put on much smaller sized jeans and blouses fit… Then I know it’s all true.

Life as a smaller person is so much simpler. It’s so easy to ‘just throw something on’ in the morning or evenings to go out. Not having to worry about trying things on and how tight clothes will be or how badly I look is such a fabulous relief.

Now mind you… 32-lbs gone is not the end all. I have 5-lbs to go before leaving the ‘mildly’ obese category. I’m very tall and noncurvy so I’m carrying that classification pretty well without looking what I weigh. I have at least exactly 32-lbs more to lose. But again, I am at a weight and height and have the right build to look adequate at this weight (for now).

On the downside, I have a foot injury that I have chosen to ignore for several weeks; like 8. The foot seemed to have healed itself but revered to the issue. My doctor cousin says that I probably have a March Fracture (stress fracture) and that it may have healed itself only to be aggravated (broken). This round, this is an issue that is breaking my spirit and I finally had to make a doctor’s appointment. My trainer knows that the injury exists but he only sees my foot after I’m on the treadmill, in shoes and because I’m in the shoes the swelling goes away. He has not seen the size (swelling) of the foot otherwise. I told him it’s an issue for me but he’s just not aware of how painful it is or how much I feel that I shouldn’t be working out — and so I keep him at bay. He does think it’s Planters Fasticas (sp?) but my doctor cousin says that’s unlikely in the front are of the foot.

So, shit.

It’s problematic all around!

My appointment is NEXT Wednesday so… stay tuned. Returning from the doctor with a boot on my leg will obviously hinder some of my working out, could hinder my work if they think I shouldn’t, or won’t be able to do the job if I can’t be walking around.

And speaking of employment and the life of a contractor — I’m in week 3 of this contract and it’s looking more and more like there will be a week 4, and 5. I was told they wanted me for “at least” another week and yet last Friday they asked me / said to me, “You’re here with us next week, right”?  That’s kind of mixed message?

Anyways, I’m back from my cardio session that seemed like a big waste of time but yet just enough cardio and steps to exceed my daily quota. Even though my cardio has subsided quite a bit, I still do it and I still managed to lose 3-more lbs at my Saturday training day and weigh in. Also, Saturday was the month end measuring to. 5-inches off my girth, 4-inches off chest/back, 2 inches off arms and 2-inches off thighs. (each).

My trainer had asked me to send him photos of everything that I eat. I send him some nice looking photos so I decided to doctor them up and use them in my WIAW (What I ate Wednesday) post. That’s posted Wednesday. I’ve wanted to do this for weeks now and I just keep missing Wednesday.

In the meantime… Enjoy my Easter Dinner (I didn’t! Pretty, but all veggies and no chicken or steaks… I dunno. I was a guest – I ate very healthy and came home hungry! I invited some of those people at the brunch over later for a damn glass of wine and some snacks!).


Oh the life of a contract worker!

So now, there is this…

My agent got me work right away. He got me assigned to a day job and thanked me profusely for doing this particular 1-day job. The job would start Thursday and end Thursday. I got a kick out of accepting the job; this meant that my agent had kept me unemployed for only 3-days. I was told that this would be a 1-day job in an administrative role — helping out.

Helping out? Thank you BodyBugg for showing me just how active and hard-working I was on this last simple “helping out” role. I wore 3″ wedges, black dress slacks and a nice top. My job was to, one-by-one remove 98 3- and 4-inch binders from tall shelves, remove the contents and place the contents in a shipping box. I stood in this dark little cubby hole where the shelves are and there was heater air blowing down on me.  I completed this task aver 6-hours of standing — never sat and then when on to the chore of moving files from one old file cabinet into one new file cabinet.


All the activity above, the peaked areas is me working and sweating. At 12:00PM you see a gaping hole. I had lunch and since I didn’t take one; I was reduced to a vending machine and I bought pop-chips; something my trainer does not endorse.

Once I got home — and let me tell ya… everything ached but when I looked at my activity log; how wonderful! I exceeded my steps quota, I exceeded my activity/calories burned quota, I exceeded my time of exercises quota and so on.  That said, I got a full 6-hour body workout and got paid as well. Thursday’s are my day off from the gym so I especially appreciated all of this “extra credit” on my activity log!

The company asked me back today (Friday) and I told them yes, but I had a morning interview and I could return after Noon.

I interviewed for a job this morning and they hired me on the spot. I’ll be there about 3-weeks and this will be a delightful gig! More of same; “helping out” by helping the company catch up on back work as well as being, basically an office manager. The ladies that I will be supporting seem like they are going to be a hoot to work with and I am very excited about this particular opportunity.

But in the meantime, there is no rest for the weary. I interviewed at 10:00 a.m. so I had to be there 15-minutes early, I had to be dressed and ready to go allowing myself a good 1-hour possibility-of-getting-lost lead time.

makeupSo you guys, here’s what I did: I dressed in my dress slacks and sleeveless knit. I wore flip-flops (had good shoes in the car). I wore my Old Navy Sweatshirt over everything (also had suit jacket in the car). My face was clean, my hair was clean. I left the house w/out makeup and the primary goal was to find the place, then go to parking lot and put on my makeup. Despite that I knew the company was NOT difficult to find, my agent said it was and so I thought it would be. It wasn’t. I think they say that so that the client will be concerned about being on time and leave earlier. That strategy certainly worked for me!

Anyways, I found the place, did my makeup, put on my shoes and swapped the sweatshirt for my suit jacket. Since I was early they got started with me early. The interview was brief and they told me to start on Monday. Woo Hoo — that was that!

But then I had to scurry home to change clothes and go back to the company I worked for yesterday. They let me go early — thank GOD because one of the tasks for today was to help this guy pack up his office. Seriously; what’s up with the man-labor? I stated with helping him but it was VERY uncomfortable. I think he felt a little bit exposed and intimidated so he politely asked me to go finish the other project and he would come get me after he assessed his things better and decided how he wanted to proceed. Short story — I finished my other project, he disappeared. They let me go home – end of story. I was thrilled to have the afternoon off.

However, still there is no rest for the weary. I have to hit the gym tonight; likely around 7:00 PM and THEN I’m free until 5:00 AM when I get up to go back to the gym for my training and weigh in day.

Speaking of weighing in…

wI’ll be honest here — it’s just easier to say it than dance around it — My highest weight was 244. I started training at 238.5 and on my home scale I am now down to 218. Please note that I am very tall. Generally I run two lbs lower at home than at the gym; stands to reason since I am dressed at the gym and because my digital scale is going to be a little different from the medical scale at the gym. If I’ 218 today at home, it’s possible that I’ll weight 217.5 tomorrow and that will give me a solid 220 (I HOPE) tomorrow morning with my trainer.  My last weigh-in weight was 223.5 but that was 2-weeks ago; both “A” and I missed training last Saturday.

I’m not sure that I will make 218 on ‘his’ scale tomorrow but you can be sure that I am going to eat a great deal of asparagus tonight. When I go to the gym this evening I’m pretty sure that I am going to start running on the Treadmills rather than hill climbing and power walking. “A” didn’t want me to start running because I had that foot issue last month.

Overnight and finally, the foot pain and swelling miraculously went away …and lately ‘m itching for the running. I plan on running in a 5K on the 4th of July so it’s best to get started. AND, I think my weight loss is slowing down; that’s kind of natural but I need to get more calorie burn. And I need a challenge. “A” said I shouldn’t start running yet because then I won’t have anything to work up to. Right now, “I” need something to work up to and to challenge myself. I also realized that we are almost half way through the training and ….. lordy! I have no idea what I should do about training — after training. Go at it again 1-time a week? Go at it on my own and then fail and go back to training?

It’s been a little disconcerting that lately I have run into a few people who are doing WeightWatchers and such things who report that they are losing at about the same rate that I am. When you weigh in all the cardio I do every day and the expensive training and all the things I cannot eat… I begin to wonder…. hummm…. but then again, I remember that I’ve tried to lose on my own and it didn’t work. Today I am sitting here comfortably in (if not a little bit too big) a pair of jeans that I have died to, not tried to but was dying to get into for 4-years.Now that I am in them — outdated, loose, and did I say outdated? I’ll never wear these again!

Anyways, I’m not sure those other people can say the same… they’re not working out (they say so) much less getting rigorous training so they may have lost the same amount of weight but they had not received the amount of body changes that I have thus far, and the changes that I will see moving forward. So there! Now I feel better.

So I’m just rambling out of the pure joy of actually having the time to! I am really looking forward to life after this “evening” workout but saddened that I have to get up at the crack of dawn for training. That said, I look forward to a full weekend of ME time before I start work again full-time; for a while.

Off to rest — until 6:00 PM. Me thinks now that time at the gym will be 7:30.

Lots going on and lots of weight coming off.

And yet, today is not a work day; nor was yesterday or the day before.

My 5-week contract ended and as it stands right now for being hired — time will tell. The team of the 4 of us were all interviewed before leaving the company for various roles. Those roles are not now readily available but could become open job postings in mid April. Therefore, I have been a free non-working spirit for a total of 3-days. And, I start a new job tomorrow. The thing about the new job I start tomorrow; it ends tomorrow. Yeah, a 1-day gig but one that will keep me in the good graces of my agent who was so grateful to me for taking this last-minute role.

I also interview on Friday morning for a longer termed job in an administrative role. That said, the ball is still rolling and so… I’m happy to keep the money coming in.

Bodybugg, Personal Training and weight loss

I can’t keep up with my falling pants and jeans size but here’s the exciting low-down on that: Dropped 2-jean sizes and happy to have successfully shopped at The Loft yesterday with a purchase of 1-pair white jean, 1-pair light washed jeans and 1 gorgeous pair of black dress slacks. All size 14’s and Ann Taylor’s size limit IS size 14. That is the biggest size. That said, twas an honor to bring home 3- perfectly fitting pair.

However, after wearing one pair of the jeans out last night (out to dinner, with the price tag still on the inside back of the jeans) they did, as I had hoped they wouldn’t — they stretched out to large proportions in the legs. They are going back to the store.  Yes, that’s tacky but I did ask if I could return them if they did indeed stretch out after wearing them. I wore the white ones briefly around the house and they too stretched out. Back to the store they go.

As for the black slacks — They are gorgeous and fit perfectly. And thank goodness I bought them — I’ll need them for the interview on Friday. If those stretch out — that’s easy to repair as pulling in inseams and such things is a simple task; as it is not sometimes, for jeans.

I’m sitting here at my desk in a Polo shirt. This is a big huge deal to me. I haven’t been able to look even reasonably attractive in a polo shirt and well, because they never fit. Too tight and too offensive. This one slid on and looks fantastic. No rolls no stomach (not nearly as much) and I look just above reasonably acceptable in this shirt. In fact, I’m going back for another one.

Summarizing: Two pant sizes down and falling still, 1 ‘tops’ size and a hell of  a lot of back fat gone.

This girl is starting to feel somewhat normal in size and confidence.

The BodyBugg remains a great tool for me and my trainer to communicate with. I love syncing it about twice a day to see where I am with exercise. Yesterday I walked and walked and walked the mall with friend which yielded me 38-minutes of exercise and about 4000 steps of the 10000 steps required in my quota — just by going shopping!

Meeting goal is definitely about cardio and exercise but in instances like this; walking is walking and at the end of the day it is the steps you took — not how you took them; i.e., shopping or banging down on a treadmill. But sure, hard cardio is better for me than strolling in a mall. However, and still — soon after that shopping trip I found myself on a treadmill for 40-minutes as a requirement before my training session. Even with the few extra steps I take walking and ‘doing’ around the gym floor, my total steps yesterday totaled 13,494, So see! The mall strolling did count!!

I had a few down (lower exertion) days last week. My trainer texted me this past Saturday at 5:30 a.m.; just as I was dreading rolling out of bed for that 7:00 a.m. training and told me he had to cancel. He was sick. I don’t think I’ve ever heard such good news in my entire life!! Back to bed for me. For reasons which I cannot —  honestly remember, I wasn’t able to get to the gym during the day. As the evening rolled closer and closer I still couldn’t seem to get it going.

Then, I had a family issue and even so, I knew I had to get to the gym to check in. My trainer would never know what exactly I did at the gym; just that I was there. The day turned out to become a very upsetting one and when I finally got to the gym — I had no shoes with me so I couldn’t work out. I did go in, check in, hit the ladies room and told the guy who looked at me weird as I headed for the front door that I had left my shoes in the car (and never to return that evening).  Yup! I cheated.

But still, this is another case where I had been very active during the day and that activity did show up on the BB report in 31-minutes of time. And, that was close enough to cover it up — because “A” looks at the end of week report which gives weekly averages — he doesn’t go through every single days report. And heck yeah — I balanced that average yesterday with 3-miles on the books, 13,500 steps and 1-hour and 36-minutes of cardio. PLUS my training session.


The first clump on the activity expenditure report is me getting up and getting dressed, moving about, feeding the cat and constantly up and down my staircase. The next clumps of sporadic activity are me and my friend walking and shopping. The pause in the middle is lunch at noon (grilled salmon).  The smaller clumps between 3:00 and 5:00 are me at home, once again getting ready for something; changing into gym clothes, up and down the stairs again and other preparedness preparation — the power in the neighborhood went down at 3:30 p.m.  Still, I went to the gym and that clump should be obvious. The darker steady clump is straight cardio and the up and down activity with peaks is personal training. Standing still; even though exercising doesn’t give as much ‘drama’ on the visual readout — but trust me — that man tried to kill me yesterday!

The other peaks on the chart are fairly small. The clump between 8:00 and 9:00 is me fumbling around the house in the dark looking for clothes and a bag to take stuff to a friend’s house; to change clothes and head out to dinner. What else is there to do during a power outage — which by the way, ended at 12:30 a.m.

But I dunno – maybe I’m a geek but to be able to track my day and activity and whereabouts is nothing but fascinating.

My end of week reports still show too much fat consumption (it’s so hard!). I’m down to 21% intake from 33% or higher. Still, he wants me at 15% and that my friends, is rough — especially when salmon comes into play. I’m not eating anything I’m not supposed to be and fat is very little. For that 21% I do blame the salmon. But then again — what else can you do when your taken to an Asian Bistro (PF Changs?)  but have the baked salmon???


12-official-lbs gone since 2/2 when I started training. However, since “A” was sick last Saturday, we did not have a weigh-in on ‘his’ scale. Still, my own scales reads differently but trends the same. On my home scale I took that loss number, upped it by 2-lbs and entered that number on the BodyBugg report. If that number is true; and it is certainly very close then I have lost 13.5-ish-lbs. By this Saturday we’ll expect to see another 2- or 3-lbs gone making that number around 15-lbs gone. AND adding that to the 10-lbs I lost before beginning with “A” — think 25-lbs total!


So much for that mini-vacation I thought I’d have this week before hitting the job market. My agent is too good and, as I noted, already has me working and interviewing. Today I had to do a drug screening for the day job — that kind of infuriates me since the wait there took a good chunk out of the day. But being a good sport will keep me on the agents amazing side.

At this moment..

I need to figure out how to use my time for the rest of this day. I do have to hit the gym for 1-hour but 5:00PM is not the time to do that. Planning on 7:30 – 8:30 or thereabouts so that I will miss the crowd; though its more about parking that equipment access. I don’t want to get home too late and DO want some quality me time before falling asleep. This means: Showered, clothes laid out, alarm clock set and me in bed by 9:30 p.m. all primed to watch TV (for a change) and fall into a deep sleep while watching it!

And then… Work tomorrow, gym (oh wait, tomorrow is a rest day!) and same scenario as this evening with some changes. I have a 10:00 a.m. interview and THANKFULLY I fit into the suit jacket and I have gorgeous new black slacks and a slimmer body. After the 10:00 a.m. interview I am free for the day — until Monday; if I get hired.

So yeah. Lots going on and lots of weight coming off.


Personal Bests — Lying down and sleeping!

Bodybugg recent “Personal Best” report


This report doesn’t exactly make me shine in the physical fitness light; what with all that lying down and sleeping.  I have to admit though that 9-hour of sleeping on February 10th — well, that must have been much-needed sleep!  And, February 10th was last Sunday — my day off from fitness and I spent much of the day curled up with TV on the DVR. So yeah, 9-hours in this case would be correct!

trainStill, other reports tell different stories and this is tonight’s Personal Training session. My trainer decided that tonight was the night to let me have it — down and dirty and I came home with dripping wet hair —  and not from washing it. That has never happened to me — even on 5- and 8K runs so this is an extreme change in my physical activity. Body confusion he says, “Body Confusion” and my body was most definitely confused by this evenings performance!

But, many things and changes to this body of mine! Today I wore to work the black suit jacket that I couldn’t fit into for my interview 3-weeks ago. This is major!

The job

Despite the disappointment yesterday, the job is going well and I do really like it. I’ve decided that there will be lean days and days that will run into overtime. Things will be just fine. I hope.  I love that I am working independently and free to move around and make my own decisions about just about everything. Most of my jobs; long term and temp have been that way but try working in a call center for 9-weeks and you’ll understand just how precious this role and environment is. The pay doesn’t hurt either — All that fun AND good pay!

My left foot

The foot is still swollen on the bottom in the front on the right and it continues to hurt more after rest than walking on it. It’s like the pain works itself out with the first few steps but it’s still uncomfortable. My trainer showed ‘some’ concern as he clearly saw the swelling. He suggested a few things; see the doctor, Ice it and it could be common trauma to the foot after weight loss. He says that when we lose our balance and strides change a bit and the body is actually adjusting itself — particularly for those who do a lot of cardio/running/climbing — NEVER to quote him on that but that’s (sort of, kind of) what I heard.

I guess if I am able to power-walk for 61-minutes one night and walk 5-mins each way to my car in the employee parking lot, and do intensive — INTENSIVE training with “A” then maybe the foot is not so bad — maybe it’s just the adjustment thing.

I’m calling it a night early for a change — maybe I can break another sleeping and lying down record?

Weight loss and a gel cap in my foot?!!

Hello everyone!

Miss me? Something happened to my account and I couldn’t write my stuff!! Maybe it wasn’t my account but rather me and very uncooperative computer. Whenever I wrote a post, Firefox crashed. Thus far, I’m able to write but I’ll be brief — for once.

Loving the Bodybugg and the gadgets and it’s reports. I had my 3rd session with “A” and this one was a weigh in. My first meeting with A was general stuff and  setup of bodybugg, weights and measures and so forth. First status weigh-in took place last Saturday and I am down 5!!! 5-lbs in the first week; though technically two because we only weigh-in on Saturdays and… well, anyway… it’s 5-lbs. A is soooo excited!

I also feel a little smaller and when trying on tops and blouses as possible work clothes, in my rear view mirror (in the dressing room) I wondered…. where’s the back-fat??? I tried one top and decided that I really liked it because for some reason it didn’t accentuate that back fat. Then I tried on the next and it didn’t accentuate the back -fat either. Suddenly I realized; maybe the back-fat is going away?!

I hurt my foot! I tried to run in my fake running shoes but immediately I felt bad things in my shins, foot and just about everywhere. I HOPE that when I did start the running that my extra weight; though less of that weight now, that I didn’t cause a stress fracture in my foot. The bottom left front of my foot; behind the toes is heavily padded with inflammation — lordy, it’s like walking on a little hard pillow or having one of these laundry detergent gel caps inside my foot! I’m OK with walking, though sore at first. I managed to get 61-minutes completed on the treadmill — power walking and it was only when I stopped for a water break that the area hurt. It hurt also when I started up with the walking but it either works itself out or I am simply able to block it out. And, more than needed to know, when I get up in the night — at first.. I’m crippled!

But good sport that I am, I forged on with my workout! I’m seeing A tomorrow for training and have asked him to take a look at my smelly bottom of my foot.

The new job has started and is a bit of a let down. More on that later but in many respects I like the job and my co-workers very much. Basically the disappointment is the actual duration of the contract — it seems that it may be shorter than promised. But, on the bright side, this is a new project with the company and it could either fly, fail, or just pan out. Our task is to do one thing only and when that’s done — it’s done. (So secretly we are working more slowly than we’d like! I’m just kidding — sort of).

That’s all for now. More later and for my regulars — thank you for your patience!

What I ate Wednesday

A celebration dinner

Do.You.Love.That.Disc.of.Avocado Butter; or what? OMG! It was exquisite …. But sigh, this girl is in training and so she removed it from the swordfish — and enjoyed what had melted over the fish. The veggies were amazing, the fish was perfection and the risotto… I shouldn’t have but I wasn’t in training then! But it was on the day that I signed up for training. Yup, got a job and bought a Personal Training package.


This photo below is just a shot of the table setting through a wine glass.


But now that I am in training….

Challenges at a ‘burger’ restaurant today! Fortunately I found the item below on the menu and while it doesn’t look appealing and looks burned, that turkey patty was delicious! I left the top of the bun off but at the thinner part of the bun under the patty. I choked down the broccoli because I have to on my plan. The broccoli was very well cooked but it was plain, plain, plain! At home I don’t butter the broccoli but I do give it a spray of canola oil and also give it some no salt spices.


Something that I concocted and my trainer LOVES this photo; the contents of the meal actually.  of just chicken breast, asparagus and 1/4-cup brown rice.


Something else that I concocted; Flank steak, asparagus and brown rice – as if I needed to identify it!


Sampled at Costco

My trainer wanted to see photos through the day of things that I ate. I took it literally and send him this photo of  a Turkey meatball from the “samples lady”. Not so literal though, he says that’s exactly what he wants to know!

costco sample

Drinks and apps at the Saturday Afternoon BBQ party

My trainer forbids alcohol. I just want wine; not booze and not sugary drinks. I told him never drink but a few sips on certain occasions. (Liar!) I really don’t drink that much wine ever but when I do, it’s actually a full glass; just one. Not gonna lie to you, I would have enjoyed a glass at this party — but my trainer said… “he’d know”. And he said that one glass leads to another — and that, my trainer is where you are wrong — at least with me.

So I drank my mineral water and the host but the glowing ice-cube in the glass.