A concrete and non-negotiable plan

First of all, I enjoyed a cheat day on Saturday

Some people call it a cheat day, I call it a Fuck-it day; and pardon my French but the F-it day wasn’t an earth shattering sugar intake fest, but I had ice cream! Other than that, the rest of the day was not a complete bust but the ice cream had at lest 14-grams of sugar and my 1-scoop of Ice Cream overflowed from the scoop…a little bit! On the up side, I added wholesome chopped almonds.

You see, I broke ALL the rules yesterday.

  • Don’t let yourself get hungry
  • Don’t shop while hungry

I was out of oatmeal so I did without breakfast. I thought about eating and even though I was hungry I was so restricted by this sugar thing that I chose to not eat anything — right then. I went about my business and worked in the yard quite a bit — so nice and warm! I’d come back inside to get something and I couldn’t make any decisions so I moved on about my business. And finally, by 4:30 when I couldn’t stand it anymore I started craving appetizers and wine — neither of which were in the house — I went to the store!! (and I came home with Ice Cream)! Noting that I really only like wine with appetizers. I like it when I go out to dinner but there is something about a few bites of something and a few sips of wine; really, just a few sips and bite that conquers everything. That’s really all I need in food and drink.

Experiment completed

experiment-2I wanted to know, and now I know that keeping sugar at bay is a good thing. My mother confirmed it, my side view in the mirror proved it and the scale tried to confirm it with a final (average) loss last week of 2.25-lbs lost! You know though, that is a fragile diet and in the grand scheme of things/life — that’s not how I want to lose my weight or live. But again, I tried it, it worked 1/10th of the promise of 11-lbs loss and yeah, understanding sugar is a good lesson.

smoothie-3As usual, I’ll continue to log my food and always and while keeping mindful about sugar, I’ll bet that my sugar intake will come in around 22-grams or less per day just by eating right. I’m not a fan of fruit but I do drink it in smoothies. Mentioning smoothies, the blueberry+spinach+protein powder is my go-to breakfast when working and my go-to breakfast when working out in the mornings. That smoothie alone is 15-grams.

More important is going to be my workouts

Knowing what to eat is one thing and yes, it’s about 80% of the battle. Still, the healthy food won’t completely wish away the other issues so I have set a concrete and no exceptions workout plan. I have zero work commitments next week (ah, the sweet life of a contract worker).


In closing, dinner this evening was a great success. I’m a little tired already (9:44) and will leave the dishes for tomorrow. AND at some point in the middle of dinner my mind drifted off about missing the morning Bodypump class. Thankfully I was also reminded that Monday’s first Bodypump class is at 10:30. Thank goodness for miracles.

On Monday — it all begins! All of it!