Pushing the envelope!

Heinous crime!

This weekends eating, that is. There must be something about a stress fracture that puts on an appetite. What I really think the problem is, is change.

I’ve never enjoyed the workouts; just the results of the workouts. I did partially enjoy the incline climbing and the power walking and the anticipation of running again. Despite that I have more than 13-5K races, 1 4-miler and 1-8K on my race wall — yes, race numbers are framed and on my office wall.. Despite that my trainer forbade to me run at the gym for two reasons.

The first, because he felt that the (at the time unidentified) injury to my foot was due to change in weight and stamina. He says that sometimes when people has less weight and have been in training their gait and stance changes and that could have caused some trauma to the foot because of stance changes and such things. We both thought that is what the problem was at first and I was happy to think it would all clear up. Not irresponsibility on the part of my trainer  — he only knew what I told him about the pain and he never saw it swollen.

The only time that he’d seen the foot nekid is when I’d take the shoe off for the weigh-in (no, no socks and this drives him insane)! The welling always went down while in the sneaker so he never saw it swollen and between you and me, that made me think he thought I was making it all up.

I continued to do the jumping he asked me to do and on one occasion that jumping over the line thing finally did the foot in. More swelling, more pain and so much so that I had to give up the treadmill. I told my trainer — NO more jumping! He asked why; like nothing had happened and I told him. Finally he paid attention to me and canceled my appointments until I saw a doctor. But again, he can only know what I tell him.

But anyway and sorry I got off track… My trainer forbade me to run because he felt something was going on with my foot back in February and the second reason is that he wanted to teach me to run. I sure looked forward to that! He wanted to get my posture in tack… and we’re still working on that one… he wanted to get my strides right and so on. Now, with the foot injury and my foot being in the pretty black shoe cast, all I can do is ride the recumbent bike for an hour and that my friends, is not that challenging. Doctor’s orders: No tension or high speeds. Just a nice leisurely magazine reading kind of speed. And that’s been bumming me out.

Somewhere in this mix; the workout boredom perhaps comes this appetite and the beginnings of old behavior!!! I’ve eaten things that are borderline legal on my Trainer’s food list and eating too many portions of the things that are borderline on my trainers list.  PUSHING THE ENVELOPE.

I pushed it yesterday too and while I tried to “be good” today… right now I have the very last of something I should not eat in the oven. I wasn’t going to but… like the old attitude: Just this once, or just this one time and then that will be it!

And I will eat the forbidden food tonight! I hope to enjoy it and feel so guilty about it that I lose sleep over it! I mean that!

Purchased round 2

I have 4-sessions left on my first training ticket and I managed to find the money; the right credit card to make a purchase for a 2nd round — another 25-weeks; two days a week training for the next 3-months. This is no time; or maybe no better time to sin and repent! We are; my trainer and me 1/2 way to my goal weight. 38-lbs gone and about 35-lbs to go. Halfway through this I am cheating. This must stop.

And it will. It really will. It’s easier to eat right at work because there is a distraction — called work itself and I cannot eat what I don’t take with me — so there lies the answer! And besides — after I eat what I eat tonight, there will be none of it left and nothing bad left to eat.

I almost think this is an expected hiccup in this phase of it all. And it will pass.

Now that I am through yelling at myself

No great things happening in life, but no bad things either. I am so much smaller so that makes all in the world right!  I’m still in my contract job and they have asked for me for yet another week. But they have told me it’s unfair to keep telling every Thursday if I’m staying on or not (agreed — even though I appreciate the money, they’ve kept me 6-weeks longer than planned) so that I can get busy on finding a real job. Unfortunately this is not a company that can afford to hire me at this time. However, they want me back in 2-weeks for 2-more weeks to cover someones vacation. If available, I’ll do it but I hope to be unavailable.

The work situation is bitter-sweet in terms of leaving. I’ve been there long enough to blend in with this dual family owned business and it feels like home away from home. The pay was quite well considering the duties of the job, the easy commute and the early hours of 7:30 to 4:00. They will miss me and my purpose there. Maybe if I do go back for those 2-weeks they’ll realize the need to keep me. Or maybe I’ll find a better job. Who knows?

The dove on my window sill is still nesting. Mom and Dad do take turns with the sitting on it (the egg) task and today was day 15 since the egg was laid. Theoretically that egg should be cracking open any minute. I wish it would hurry up and happen! I’ve been home most of all weekend and available to watch this miracle. My guess is that it will hatch when I am not home.

However, looking at this egg — photo taken this morning while mom and pop went off to do something else.. it looks like the shell is being pecked at from the inside. But, no chick yet.


The weekend

Highly productive and highly extremely relaxing!


Training with my trainer and the usual shop fest afterwards. Generally I tend to want to go straight home from training, about 8:00 a.m. to crawl back into bed where I wanted to be in the first place. But generally I tend to stop at the grocery store or Walmart to get some tasks done. This particular morning I needed milk from the grocery store and a few returns at Walmart that landed me carousing the store.

Then, suddenly with some energy, at home I began the outside yard work — good to be outside, it was warm and it just felt good to be out there before the neighbor kids headed out to their back yard and make all kinds of annoying kids noises.

A nice nap — I just plain fell asleep watching a little TV.

Nothing exciting for a Saturday night and I went to bed earlier than usual.


Slept in until 6:00 and then until 8:30. Good enough!

Breakfast in bed, more yard work, food prep for next week; I grilled chicken and cut it up

Watched some TV

Backed up my iPhone.

Updated my iPhone.

Simple weekend! I love it!

On Monday..

I really DO want to get to the gym directly after work. I can be there by 4:30 and it’s not going to be too crowded to change. I want my trainer to see me there — when I go in at 8:30 or 8:00 he’s usually gone by then. Hopefully he’ll teach me to use the rowing machine. He says I’ll get a better calorie burn from it than the bike and as part of this battle on my upper body — he wants me on this! Yes, it stress fracture healing friendly!



Tardy again, but at the end of the day; I benefit

“A” was late this morning — again.


But, the longer he is late the more cardio I get in. So I don’t mind that much — what else do I have to do at 6:00 a.m.? Of course today… expecting him to be late I didn’t get in until 6:25 to do the prer-cardio. Still, what was supposed to be about 30- 40-minutes of cardio before the training session turned into 60-minutes. All in all, I am the one who benefits by his lateness. I’d never tell him that — but I do tell him every Saturday – “that’s OK, I got in more cardio time…”. I’m probably too nice but for real — any opportunity to put more data on the BodyBugg is A-OK with me.He killed me today! Initially I thought that if he was late then I’d get out of some of the training time — yes, not a healthy attitude about training but it’s just a thought, not actions! Anyway, HIS 8:00 cancelled so he worked me through to 8:30 making our session 1-hour instead of the normal 50-minute session.

Saturday weigh-in report

3-lbs gone this week, 17-lbs gone since training and a grand total of 27-lbs this year. Next Saturday… look for 30-lbs gone!


“A” hasn’t let me do any running yet; just stair climbing and incline trainer and power walking. I told him today that I am terribly bored with my cardio and very antsy to get to running — more weight loss, more motivation and so on. But, he says no. He pointed out today that I needed to keep training for balance and posture (he is DEAD RIGHT and today’s brutal workout was all focused on posture) and then we can work on gait and pronation and such things. I asked him then, “…so you’re going to teach me how to run correctly”? He said yes. I said… Good. I don’t think that when I ran and in all the races I ran years ago that I ran “correctly”. I may be in for a big surprise!

As soon as I started training I did do some running in wrong shoes and did some good damage to the bottom of my foot (some of you might remember that). I was limping around for weeks and unstable on my feet but still doing the cardio and training under his watchful eye. He remembers that so he’s being very – cautionary. but he does need to remember that I am running in the Coronado 4th of July 5K (of the 5 and 10K).

Anyway, with the cardio routine I do now; power walking on incline – -I do 3+miles a day and a 5K in about 40-minutes (or so). I do this fast and easily (powerful power walking) and I’m breathing just through my nose. I can only imagine that by July 4th, by walking alone some running that I could finish under 40-mins without much effort; but I’m in it to win it on the 4th so I’ll do way more than walking in this 5K for sure so I’m hoping to make 33-minutes and a PR.

12 of my friends and spouses are doing a HS Reunion Stay-Cay in town our High School Reunion and a multitude of festivities that go along with the 4th. We have rented all of the rooms at a B&B and I have bragged to them that I am doing this race — and that they need to get their hung-over asses to finish line to cheer me in. So, there is some pressure on this one — I must deliver!

Anyhoo- Boy! did Andre pick on me today! Eat more food; OK, he’s right on that one. Wear socks with your shoes when you are on the treadmill… and one other thing that I can’t remember…

It was a long  and trying week so it’s no wonder…

That after training I came straight home, showered and got onto the computer followed by putting myself back in bed — and fell into a short nap.  I hate that I waste my Saturday’s this way and this has been consistent. My food intake this last week was horrific (low) and “A” warned me for the thousandth time that I needed to eat way more protein. I told him that he has been so strict on food and based on the food pics that I send him he says I shouldn’t eat this with that, or take that off the plate next time, or don’t eat that at night or after a workout… Heck I told him that it was hard to know what to do so sometimes … I just don’t. (eat). “A” told me that since I am steadily losing weight the timing doesn’t have to be SO strict  that it hinders me from eating.

What I ate Wednesday



It looks like I only ate twice this week!

I’m slipping folks… gotta get those pics taken! Next week, I promise!

At the nail parlor!

A little coffee, a little bit of donuts (two donuts holes), “you pick coll-a” and voila! Pretty nails!

One tasty salad…

And a surprisingly delicious quesodillia (duly noted that quesodillia is misspelled in the photo)

And sadly that’ it! 😦


What I Ate Wednesday

I broke my promise!
I am short on really good photos to share, once again.

The fact is that this was a Birthday week for my mother — she gets a lot of attention and this has been the birthday that keeps on giving, and giving.

Eating outdoors at the restaurants patio –
Weird restaurant signature crackers instead of bread
. I love me my sourdough bread and butter so these crackers and humus were not a hit with me. On the other hand, lots of bread and butter calories were spared!


I took a few “drinks” photos just because they looked so refreshing on this mosaic table!


IMG_2527 - drinks

These are/were desserts at the table. One; the Flan was the “Birthday Girl” dessert that a) I expected to be complimentary and b) after requesting ONLY chocolate for my mother, the server insisted that she’s had something better. Trust me, she said! Mom hates Flan, she got Flan. And the restaurant charged me for it! X$#%#!  We passed it around and nobody really ate much of it.

IMG_2497 the flan

Someone ordered this frozen banana thing (thank you so-and-so because I got charged for THIS dessert too — but that’s A-OK. All for mom and that matters is that she enjoyed the day)
I didn’t like it thought everyone else did. It’s just as well. As an overweight person, I’ve learned it’s best to skip eating deserts publicly! If I want it, I eat it at home sometimes but think of all the calories I saved on desserts too, at this birthday lunch!!!

IMG_2512 - banana dessert

During the week at home…
I tried to eat mostly salads. They looked like this; a roast beef salad or, replace the beef with chicken and you have the other salad I ate a lot of this week.

IMG_2467 - beef salad

These are my splurge! One serving (1.5?) of well cooked sweet potato fries!


And one day I was completely frustrated about just about everything! I couldn’t find what I wanted to eat that was healthy, I was mad about something — probably because I didn’t want to eat healthy at that moment and because I am fat in the first place. Yeah. That was probably the reason.

So I made some boxed Kraft Mac and Cheese. This is the start of the process and mixed in was a little bit of blue cheese on top with, oh my god, bacon on top.

IMG_25331 =- mac dust

Trust me — Once this mac and cheese was baked... it was to die for! (and that may be true — this was a bit of a heart attack!)

What I ate Wednesday

Or possibly, what I did on Tuesday to eat on Wednesday?

The aging artichokes:
Use them or lose them!

I decided to use them!! But I can’t eat them all at once so I cooked them. First and obviously I washed and trimmed the artichokes.

Next, I cut them in half to reduce the cooking time — also in half. I don’t wait well so this works out perfectly.

Then into the water for their swim. I think this took 20-minutes.

And Voila. 6-artichoke halves ready for an appetizer (thinking of having one now) or as a dinner side dish.

What I ate this morning:


What I am eating now:

Most breakfast and lunch food photos that you see from me will be shown at my desk. I am a computer addict so it stands to reason the plate will be set down on my calendar, my bills, or something else, office.

This wrap is nothing but a lot of mixed greens, some low sodium turkey slices; real, not processed from Trader Joe’s rolled up in a high fiber tortilla. The watermelon speaks for itself and I have so say that these Personal melons (the store really called them that) are probably the best water melon I’ve had — ever. You just never know what your going to get with fruit but this one was a winner. I have to admit that the wrap was not very good — but ain’t it pretty?!

Post workout drink:

Banana, chocolate cocoa powder, protein powder, 1% milk and ice.

What I plan on eating for dinner

Salmon, artichoke (of course) and brown rice!

And, what I should not have eaten:

The low fat ice cream cone!