If my scale is in cahoots with the scale at the gym… (I’ll find out Saturday morning) then this morning I hit the 40-lbs lost mark. :rock1:

Fourty Pounds!


No celebrating until it’s official, but.

Back in 2008 I bought a pair of dress slacks at JCP. The brand was Mix-It and these slacks were a rarity in fit for someone like me. The fit was perfect. Long enough to wear heels with, very lean in the legs and fit well at just below the waistband. I liked them SO much that I went back and bought other pairs in two sizes. (The brand was becoming extinct and I wanted to grab a few pairs of these slacks before I couldn’t find them again). Back then I was losing too but mind you, these slacks were in sizes 10 and 12 on a 5’10 girl. I loved these slacks!!! But, I outgrew them considerably but saved each of those pair in the event that someday they would fit again — though I thought that would be a slim to none change of happening.

Years have passed, how many is it now, 5-years?

Today I wore them! Easily!

And just before I stop bragging and blowing my own horn… I bought a pair of capri cuffed jeans at Chico’s last spring. Actually my mom bought them for me when we were on one of our ‘sprees’. I was pissed that they were a size 3; being the largest size at Chico’s. Still, I lived in them ALL spring, all summer and into last fall. I put these jeans on this evening and they fit like one of those ads where people hold those great big jeans out to show how much weight they lost. I’m going to take these to my training session on Saturday and put them on in front of Andre (over my workout leggings, of course) and have some major celebration with that activity! Later on Saturday I’m, as a matter of fact going shoe shopping with my mom and I can’t wait to wear those jeans for her as well.

This loss is just unbelievable!
and now I’m over myself =D (for now)