I still couldn’t remember my password!

My goodness, what a ride this year — and it ain’t even over yet!

I’ve written!…. but never got them posted. So, here’s what’s happening and I hope to be a better blogger — I need the outlet. Read on and find out why.

I am still with my beloved personal trainer since February 2nd, but that ride stops on November 7th. I lost 52-lbs in 9-months. Yeah, that pretty remarkable but….. at the end of June I wrote the same thing: “I have lost 52-lbs’. Clearly the process slowed down since coming to a seemingly a screeching halt since July. BUT, the better news is that I have not gained any weight in epic or small proportions in all this time. I have gained miniscule amounts which were quickly addressed!  I am holding steady at 50-lbs.

Much has happened in the past few months and none of my news is positive. My professional agent has kept me in steady work since mid January and up until this past week. The contracts I have been in have been wonderful jobs but not jobs I took with any hope of being hired on full-time as part of the company. Unfortunately, and quite simply, the nature of the tasks I was hired to do have not been geared for full-time direct-hire within the company, period.The fact that I was not hired on, or one of those 1 in 5 contract workers will get hired on (a myth) with the company can be frowned upon by future potential employers, but what can I do; it’s been what is was I for the work I’ve done this year, I have been HIGHLY rated.

As well, One contract I was in let me go after holding onto me as long as they could (from 1-week to 4-months) but had to surrender me for lack of funding for the business need — of me. My agency quickly placed me in another great position and just learned that the company which gave me up — had asked for me back!

So the temping work has not been all for not and I loved the jobs I was in. Now for the bad news; the last job I exited was on September 27th and people — this is NOT the time of year to expect placement in a temp job or to get hired. 4th quarter is, THE WORST. I do think my agent will call for one little or large job or another; it’s just the waiting game.

Now for the worstest news. My mother had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. This came as a devastating shock and the worse news than we ever expected when she went in for a brain scan to see if she was having onset Alzheimer’s. I can assure you that the news of Altz would have been far more welcoming that this news! She is 87-years old and at the early stages of Altz we may not have ever seen a full-blown case of it with her. This worse news brings with it a very shortened life span, in terms of months, a month or days.

My head is the clouds of denial over this (always lately). She will have a brain surgery next week — we hope a scheduled appt waits and we have no specific date as of today. I won’t even talk about what could happen in surgery but we are hopeful that it will be successful and she will stay with us to live a normal life span. Mom does suffer from memory issues and getting full sentences out. It’s a tough thing to watch, a tough thing to think about and a tough thing to ‘wait for’ for sure. What does ‘wait’ mean? Wait for the appt, wait for results, wait for recovery or wait for inevitable. Just sit and wait.

How am I doing? I am numb and in denial. I spend extended amounts of time with her; whom you would never know was sick and when I have my alone time — I stay alone. I don’t particularly care about a job at this moment and if I did have one; how well would that go? I’d take off for the surgery date; and that generally that scenario might be tolerated in a real job, but would not work in a temp job, and I’d stay off work as long as it took to be sure mom is in good hands. On the other hand, I could accept a job, stay in it as long as I could and quit if I have to — burning every last bridge that I have crossed.

My fitness plan has gone down the toilet My fitness plan is in jeopardy but I won’t put up with gain…. But it is all I can do to tear myself away from doing nothing to get to the gym; and even then, only on the reaming days that I have left to train — I will not be renewing a 4th time.

Must, must, must get back on the rails! Just before all the drama began this year, I learned by experience and through my personal trainer that rowing is an amazing cardio workout that does display quick results. My trainer likes to see me on the Stair Master climber — something I hate but it too will show results right away. My trainer wants me to use the Stair Master climber for 15-minutes per day and then the Precor Elliptical ATM hate that even more, for 15-minutes and/or the rowing machine That’s all he asks of me.

Do you think I can do that in my state? YES! I realized that honestly; I can’t give up everything just to sit there and watch mom… you know. Until she gets her surgery or has an ‘episode’ as a result of the tumors, we are all ‘on closely guarded watch’ but on the other hand, I do need to take care of myself — at least for 1-hour day, right?

Well, I guess I should get something done today. :eyesrolling:




 If my scale is in cahoots with the scale at the gym… (I’ll find out Saturday morning) then this morning I hit the 40-lbs lost mark. :rock1:

Fourty Pounds!


No celebrating until it’s official, but.

Back in 2008 I bought a pair of dress slacks at JCP. The brand was Mix-It and these slacks were a rarity in fit for someone like me. The fit was perfect. Long enough to wear heels with, very lean in the legs and fit well at just below the waistband. I liked them SO much that I went back and bought other pairs in two sizes. (The brand was becoming extinct and I wanted to grab a few pairs of these slacks before I couldn’t find them again). Back then I was losing too but mind you, these slacks were in sizes 10 and 12 on a 5’10 girl. I loved these slacks!!! But, I outgrew them considerably but saved each of those pair in the event that someday they would fit again — though I thought that would be a slim to none change of happening.

Years have passed, how many is it now, 5-years?

Today I wore them! Easily!

And just before I stop bragging and blowing my own horn… I bought a pair of capri cuffed jeans at Chico’s last spring. Actually my mom bought them for me when we were on one of our ‘sprees’. I was pissed that they were a size 3; being the largest size at Chico’s. Still, I lived in them ALL spring, all summer and into last fall. I put these jeans on this evening and they fit like one of those ads where people hold those great big jeans out to show how much weight they lost. I’m going to take these to my training session on Saturday and put them on in front of Andre (over my workout leggings, of course) and have some major celebration with that activity! Later on Saturday I’m, as a matter of fact going shoe shopping with my mom and I can’t wait to wear those jeans for her as well.

This loss is just unbelievable!
and now I’m over myself =D (for now)

Tea, and summer!

In the interest of trying new things

I never make it, never craved it butcha’ know, sometimes you just get a hankering for something different. Speaking of different, my guess is that I have not seen a tea bag in a while; shocked when I saw a really cool looking nylon tea bag in my tea boxes!

I’m trying to (remember) to eat more fruit, take in more liquids and while water is best, I seem to have difficulty finding myself at the water faucet. Bottled water never works for me; if I’m drinking water I want it in a covered cup with TONS of ice and a lemon. Otherwise, not so interested.

And so, I bought some nice herbal teas to make into ice tea. Currently I’m drinking a smooth Green tea w lemon and honey. Decaffeinated and MOST IMPORTANTLY – not sweetened. Pretty good stuff. The last batch I made was a blueberry mix with antioxidants. Never had a blueberry tea, but … it was GOOD!

Sunday: Cooked for mom tonight

…because I was certain she needed a decent home cooked meal and an early evening outside of their own place. A change of pace. it was nice of course to hear; as we sat on the back patio drinking wine and eating cheese and crackers, she said, “It’s so wonderful to get out of that house and sit outside for a change”! And I said, “that’s exaCTLY the plan”!

This meal was amazing if I do say so myself. Not exactly not fattening but hec, it did have fresh shrimp in it!

Leading up to the meal, I chopped garlic
chopped garlic

I rinsed shrimp
rinsing shrimp

I rinsed asparagus
rinsing apsaragus

I squeezed lime juice
squeezing limes

I set a simple table using flower from the Hibiscus tree

dinner table

Finally, Shrimp & Asparagus Fettuccine

And he is not the only one who liked it!

Many kudos from the family on this dish!!!