Hello my peeps!

Does anyone miss me? Remember me?

Well, here I am and gosh! I haven’t written a thing since May — 4-months ago!

I don’t have the time right now to write a great deal but I’ll be back. Below are a few things you may want to know…

I’m still getting personal training twice a week (since February)

I’ve lost ‘about’ 50-lbs — maybe a little more, or maybe an ounce or two less but certainly in the 50-lb range. I am no longer obese and my BMI is almost normal. My trainer has worked me so hard this past month that we just haven’t gotten around to the weighing and measuring.

I am wearing anywhere from size 8- to 12-jeans (brands matter on that one). I am wearing size M T-shirts and sweatshirts. size M for heaven’s sake.

I look and feel completely different! Completely, and how nice it is to get up in the morning and throw on ‘any old thing’ because everything fits (well, everything is new) and this makes life so much less complicated.

That’s me below. I’m not big on showing my face in blogs but I promise, it’s me. Maybe some of you will recognize the throw rug? No offense to anyone for any part of what I’m going to say; but I had no idea that back last January in the photo on the right — I looked like a biggest loser contestant — water bottle and all. I find it offense looking when people drag around a water bottle like an accessory. Especially large people. And there I am! A large person in a big short carrying a water bottle. :eyesrolling: But in all honesty — I never saw myself as being that big! — when I was that big. Big yes, not that big.


Broken foot

I guess it’s healed. I saw the foot doc after the prescribed time and even though I had minimal clearance for using the treadmill and I was supposed to ween myself away from the cast shoe…. Trust me — I didn’t ween and I did use the treadmill – cautiously and as prescribed for no more than 30-minutes with short strides. And that lasted about a week.  I was due back at the ortho sometime around the 4th of July but I didn’t have time for it. Thinks seem A-OK and on my next hiatus I’ll drop in on the foot doc!  In fact, on the 4th of July, while on a StayCay in Coronado, CA I ran the sidewalk parallel to the beach. I ran and it felt fabulous!

But, now that i can run, I really don’t want to. LOL!

Still working!

I’m still a “temp-hopper” but consistency is good and I’ve been “temp-hopping” for 8-months now with very short breaks between jobs. The longest I’ve been on hiatus is 2-weeks.  At that time, after 2-weeks I got nervous and took the first job that came my way. The pay is on the lower scale but on average this year; of pay rates I am right in the ballpark of where I should be in wages — Oh, if only they paid my Insurance!

The cold hard fact is that I love temping. There is a certain type of freedom in it, in that you don’t (I don’t) get all stressed out about things like I used to in my higher pressure jobs. I take my work very seriously no matter what I’m doing but there is also that little bit of, “oh well’ attitude that I allow myself. That feels good – to not wear the burden of all that may or may not go wrong in the job (I mean, not that it would) but how can I express this? It’s just easier!

OK – gotta run. More to come and pictures too!

Stay tuned…


The dove egg, life in general and abs?

On a sad note…

I was SO sad about this; my little (the Dove’s) egg did hatch and I was so excited to the see the little one! At the time I saw the newborn (hatchee) the parent, this time the father’s watch was not on the egg for a few brief seconds. He flew away and came right back. While pappa was gone I saw the little one right there, alone, he flew back and then; this:


I guess that “I” was part of this family and process since from the laying of the egg to the hatching, I have been literally at arm’s length from this nest. This adult bird KNEW that I was taking photos and videos. He knew he wanted to get back on top of the little one to protect him but he waited for me to take my pictures and even posed… Doesn’t he look like he knows he’s getting his photo taken?

(where the nest was… literally that close and I had the window open most of the time)


It’s unusual I suppose for them to nest so close to humans.. but I guess mamma noticed that after she laid the egg so .. it was was it was and she and pappa would have to tolerate me.

This little guy was SO tiny and SO cute. It moved its tiny little wing  just barely and again, it was so cute!!!


Sadly, as I feared — I almost knew it and when I thought about seeing the little fuzzy guy when I got home, I kept thinking… I hope the Raven’s don’t get this chick. They took the 2nd egg as it is, they’ve been circling the area since she laid the egg, and so on. And so… when I pulled up in my driveway there was broken geranium stems on the ground and the pot had fallen from the ledge. Obviously there was a bird fight because all the flowers from the geraniums were gone. The strangest thing; if the ravens wanted the baby then they forgot to get it. I found it’s little lifeless body in the dirt. I was SO upset.  Actually, I still am.

On the brighter side of this story; if there is one, there is a nest full of sparrows under the eves in my front courtyard. I saw their little heads popping up and down but I’d have to get onto a ladder to see them … and, probably fall of the ladder and break another foot, or arm or my head. Besides, I wasn’t bonding with those eggs.


On a happier note…

In my last post I wrote that I hoped to see 40-lbs lost at my weigh-in last Saturday April 27th.  Well, I DID!  And, this is me in those jeans I spoke of; the ones from Chico’s that no longer fit. I wore these over my workout leggings to show my Trainer my success. His big black face turned all big white eyes and he was nothing but big smiling white teeth and eyes. He was so happy and even shocked. He said to me; “This makes my day today complete“!

This is the photo he took 2-weeks ago from his cubicle.


…and I took another one today because I didn’t think the first one quite showed the changes as well (lighting) and I wanted to take a photo without leggings on underneath. If the top looks weird, that’s just because I folded it up to show my tummy!


In this new photo — I saw two new things that I haven’t seen yet. Not abs, nor do I want or need sculpted abs anyway, but I saw definition on the side. I also saw much narrower arms.  Of course, it’s rather possible that I am smaller now than on the 27th. LOL. I am however, 7.5-inches smaller in my middle, 2.5-inches smaller each leg and each bicep. 5-inches smaller in the chest and 2-inches smaller in the neck! And 41.5-lbs lighter!

Training and food

I’m struggling on this topic. [It must be that] I feel that if I can’t do my power-walking and I can’t do any even close to intense working out then I won’t be losing weight. But I go to the gym anyway and I’m sure to go during hours that I know my trainer is there — I need him to SEE me there, even though I know he checks up on my attendance anyway. Still, riding the recumbent bike at level 1 is far from challenging and motivating, although it IS very enjoyable to sit there and listen to great music and watch all the crazy things that people do on the TRX (trapez as I call it sometimes because that’s where all the boy monkey’s play. Those guys, they do anything to show off. I tried to get some photos of guys hanging upside down or curled up on the TRX, but with little luck thus far on the photo taking.

My trainer does most of his training here at the TRX station and the bikes are front row seats to this show! On the right is a guy in a green shirt. I was trying to capture him because he was doing all kinds of acrobatics!


But, enjoying a nice 75-minute cycle ride is hardly helping with my weight loss efforts.

Or so I thought! The end result as of 3/27’s weigh-in and measuring, this turns out to not be the case. I had lost almost 4-lbs, and the change in my stomach and legs was astounding. The greatest losses during this transformation, yet.

So anyway, I’m half way to my goal weight which still seems inconceivable. But so did 41-lbs so … there I have it! Still, the halfway point will show a tremendous physical change and it’s teasing me into thinking I am done with the program and that I am at an acceptable weight. And.. that this gives me license to go outside of the boundaries. Food is the worst. I’m not eating enough vegetables, skipping meals and albeit small amounts of things that are not on the list.

I think even my trainer senses this … And he is riding me hard! HARD. On Thursday he asked me what I had eaten that day. I recited what I had eaten (fortunately all things on this list) and he said, and… and I said, ‘that’s all so far. (it was 7:00 PM). He said in a parental tone: Well you are no longer sending me photos of what you eat so I guess I have to believe you???

So I started sending photos again but it’s hard (to) when you have eaten something you are not supposed to. And that my friends — is what will keep me (get me) back on track!!! Also, when we train this Tuesday I will promise myself to try to get ZEN during the workouts. I have to. He’s working me hard and he doesn’t want to see that it’s hard. Doing a 2.5-minute plank (on knees because of foot) was so hard. I kept telling myself… get zen, you can do this… don’t let him see you suffer…. but when the body starts shaking … and he FINALLY starts counting down: 19, 18, 17… well jeez… at least I finally knew how much longer!

We did those twice. NO. He had ME do those twice.


Gee.. that girl almost looks like me — face and hair maybe the rest of her too but my stomach isn’t that firm yet. It’s not.

And speaking of feet…

Hoping to ditch this after my Orthopedic (surgeon, of all things) appt. this Thursday!