08.20.12 – Tracking weight

It’s hard to share the chart when I don’t want to share the numbers; just yet. They aren’t quite catastrophic but they are large. I am almost 6′ so I’m able to carry the extra weight better than most people and I carry “as an apple” so my hips and butt are far proportionately smaller. That said, I look big but not specifically big in one place. If I posted my weight; which is easily 50-lbs more than it should be, you’d go, “whoa”! But again, I’m almost 6′ not 5.5 so the numbers are relative to my Ht.

That said, this chart appears meaningless at this point. One reason; it’s new and it has too few entries to make any sense. The header title might tell the story : This chart has been plotted to predict the loss of .29-ounces per day; or just under 3-lbs a week. With 1-hour of hardcore cardio per day; burning up to 800+calories per day and a bodypump class which yields about 200-calories 3x a week, AND specific eating this can be done.

in the form of a game, the goal is to meet a loss of .29-lbs per day and this will be reflected the next day; positively or negatively. The last time I ran the gambit with this program I wavered from .3-ounces to 1-lb. That was expected and the idea of losing .29-ounces per day is simply a motivator.

For now, here are the bare bones of the charging. Numbers in grey italics are predictions! And, the start loss may look odd – but it’s been picked up from my original start weight back in April.

Based on this charting:

I will be at 1st goal milestone on September 11th. This will put my weight into the next lower decade of numbers and I won’t have seen those number in more than a year. I will have lost 13-lbs. (factoring in the 7-lbs I have already lost).

I will be at 2nd goal milestone on October 13; the next lowest decade of numbers! Or, 10-more lbs gone. This ‘time’ will be when I see people who won’t have seen me for 1-month. I hope they notice the changes. Looking forward to 26-lbs lost

Event milestones: These are highly charged motivators because you want to see people whom you haven’t seen in a while to notice a significant change. They don’t have to say anything, but their eyes and demeanor always tells the story. Event milestones are also based on holidays. I think that meeting holiday goals are sometimes more important that the summer goals — more parties, more of seeing people you don’t see all the time; Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years; or related Holiday events and parties.

1st Event Milestone: October 21. I should be down 28-lbs by then. (factoring in the 7-lbs I have already lost).

2nd Event Milestone: November 22 (so far), Thanksgiving. There won’t be any distant friends or relatives at the table, but It will be nice to be smaller at the table! Also, the loss by then will get me out of the ‘mildly obese’ category to a normal fat person.

3rd Event Milestone: (so far), Christmas. I should be closing in on 50-lbs lost. FIFTY!

And of course, New Years which will probably stay at about 50-lbs lost


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