09.01.12 – Nutriton


I don’t like MFP. Plain and simple. It just doesn’t count or record what I need and favorite foods… whew. If they’re not Favorited in the right meal, you have to go dig for them. I use a paid site program that lets you drop and drag any favorite to any meal. Simple as that. As well, it does this math for me. All I do is enter it here. A little work but less than MFP.


[8.27.12] Today was start boot camp day and resume regular workout schedule at the gym, too. Two close to 1-hour workouts today at separate gyms; leaving one fitness center to the next stop, my regular gym membership.

Frankly, a report like the one above is the easiest to present and it fairly well covers what I need to know and share. My adviser at the gym has said to be sure and reach a calorie deficit less than the daily goal — and not to eat less than a net of 1200 calories per day. If I understood that correctly, this has been a near perfect day for food and exercise. But, I’ll run this by him tomorrow. There is way too much sodium in this chart and I’m not sure where it’s come from. Must revisit food log but off the top of my head, my guess is from cheese.

I checked my food dairy and found that the salmon; most of them from My Fitness Pal data base have a lot of sodium entered from other users. Totally incorrect and had displayed more than 1200 mg of sodium. What kind of salmon are these people eating and entering into the database? Fresh salmon, at most 65mg sodium. I have fixed this in my food diary but didn’t change the image. Shoot me — I’ve been up since 4AM, it is now 9:37PM. I had two workouts, drove my mom on errands and she forgot her wallet — we had to drive all the way back to her house to get it and then go back out. I whooped!

[8.21] So-So day.

Less food, more protein — basically, lobster! Breakfast, basically a smoothies, lunch, basically none but snacks – 10-almonds,  rice crackers. It was that kind of a day. An ‘in-motion’ day and not time to stop and eat. But good for me for taking almonds and rice crackers with me in the car!

[8.20] A better day!

[8.19]Yeah, it’s a bad start. Red clearly means bad things. But, Sunday was not part of this new program! I entered the data anyway — just so that tomorrow will looks SO much better.

Click on chart for clear viewing!

No workout data available today!


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