Hello my peeps!

Does anyone miss me? Remember me?

Well, here I am and gosh! I haven’t written a thing since May — 4-months ago!

I don’t have the time right now to write a great deal but I’ll be back. Below are a few things you may want to know…

I’m still getting personal training twice a week (since February)

I’ve lost ‘about’ 50-lbs — maybe a little more, or maybe an ounce or two less but certainly in the 50-lb range. I am no longer obese and my BMI is almost normal. My trainer has worked me so hard this past month that we just haven’t gotten around to the weighing and measuring.

I am wearing anywhere from size 8- to 12-jeans (brands matter on that one). I am wearing size M T-shirts and sweatshirts. size M for heaven’s sake.

I look and feel completely different! Completely, and how nice it is to get up in the morning and throw on ‘any old thing’ because everything fits (well, everything is new) and this makes life so much less complicated.

That’s me below. I’m not big on showing my face in blogs but I promise, it’s me. Maybe some of you will recognize the throw rug? No offense to anyone for any part of what I’m going to say; but I had no idea that back last January in the photo on the right — I looked like a biggest loser contestant — water bottle and all. I find it offense looking when people drag around a water bottle like an accessory. Especially large people. And there I am! A large person in a big short carrying a water bottle. :eyesrolling: But in all honesty — I never saw myself as being that big! — when I was that big. Big yes, not that big.


Broken foot

I guess it’s healed. I saw the foot doc after the prescribed time and even though I had minimal clearance for using the treadmill and I was supposed to ween myself away from the cast shoe…. Trust me — I didn’t ween and I did use the treadmill – cautiously and as prescribed for no more than 30-minutes with short strides. And that lasted about a week.  I was due back at the ortho sometime around the 4th of July but I didn’t have time for it. Thinks seem A-OK and on my next hiatus I’ll drop in on the foot doc!  In fact, on the 4th of July, while on a StayCay in Coronado, CA I ran the sidewalk parallel to the beach. I ran and it felt fabulous!

But, now that i can run, I really don’t want to. LOL!

Still working!

I’m still a “temp-hopper” but consistency is good and I’ve been “temp-hopping” for 8-months now with very short breaks between jobs. The longest I’ve been on hiatus is 2-weeks.  At that time, after 2-weeks I got nervous and took the first job that came my way. The pay is on the lower scale but on average this year; of pay rates I am right in the ballpark of where I should be in wages — Oh, if only they paid my Insurance!

The cold hard fact is that I love temping. There is a certain type of freedom in it, in that you don’t (I don’t) get all stressed out about things like I used to in my higher pressure jobs. I take my work very seriously no matter what I’m doing but there is also that little bit of, “oh well’ attitude that I allow myself. That feels good – to not wear the burden of all that may or may not go wrong in the job (I mean, not that it would) but how can I express this? It’s just easier!

OK – gotta run. More to come and pictures too!

Stay tuned…


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