So long, 32!

Locked OUT!!

locked outI had to rest my password to get into this dusty old blog but to change it, I had to be able to get into my email account — which I also couldn’t log into. Lotsa work — but here I am.


You guys wouldn’t recognize me and neither do I!  I feel the same of course — but when I see a reflection in a mirror or window or when I put on much smaller sized jeans and blouses fit… Then I know it’s all true.

Life as a smaller person is so much simpler. It’s so easy to ‘just throw something on’ in the morning or evenings to go out. Not having to worry about trying things on and how tight clothes will be or how badly I look is such a fabulous relief.

Now mind you… 32-lbs gone is not the end all. I have 5-lbs to go before leaving the ‘mildly’ obese category. I’m very tall and noncurvy so I’m carrying that classification pretty well without looking what I weigh. I have at least exactly 32-lbs more to lose. But again, I am at a weight and height and have the right build to look adequate at this weight (for now).

On the downside, I have a foot injury that I have chosen to ignore for several weeks; like 8. The foot seemed to have healed itself but revered to the issue. My doctor cousin says that I probably have a March Fracture (stress fracture) and that it may have healed itself only to be aggravated (broken). This round, this is an issue that is breaking my spirit and I finally had to make a doctor’s appointment. My trainer knows that the injury exists but he only sees my foot after I’m on the treadmill, in shoes and because I’m in the shoes the swelling goes away. He has not seen the size (swelling) of the foot otherwise. I told him it’s an issue for me but he’s just not aware of how painful it is or how much I feel that I shouldn’t be working out — and so I keep him at bay. He does think it’s Planters Fasticas (sp?) but my doctor cousin says that’s unlikely in the front are of the foot.

So, shit.

It’s problematic all around!

My appointment is NEXT Wednesday so… stay tuned. Returning from the doctor with a boot on my leg will obviously hinder some of my working out, could hinder my work if they think I shouldn’t, or won’t be able to do the job if I can’t be walking around.

And speaking of employment and the life of a contractor — I’m in week 3 of this contract and it’s looking more and more like there will be a week 4, and 5. I was told they wanted me for “at least” another week and yet last Friday they asked me / said to me, “You’re here with us next week, right”?  That’s kind of mixed message?

Anyways, I’m back from my cardio session that seemed like a big waste of time but yet just enough cardio and steps to exceed my daily quota. Even though my cardio has subsided quite a bit, I still do it and I still managed to lose 3-more lbs at my Saturday training day and weigh in. Also, Saturday was the month end measuring to. 5-inches off my girth, 4-inches off chest/back, 2 inches off arms and 2-inches off thighs. (each).

My trainer had asked me to send him photos of everything that I eat. I send him some nice looking photos so I decided to doctor them up and use them in my WIAW (What I ate Wednesday) post. That’s posted Wednesday. I’ve wanted to do this for weeks now and I just keep missing Wednesday.

In the meantime… Enjoy my Easter Dinner (I didn’t! Pretty, but all veggies and no chicken or steaks… I dunno. I was a guest – I ate very healthy and came home hungry! I invited some of those people at the brunch over later for a damn glass of wine and some snacks!).



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