Tardy again, but at the end of the day; I benefit

“A” was late this morning — again.


But, the longer he is late the more cardio I get in. So I don’t mind that much — what else do I have to do at 6:00 a.m.? Of course today… expecting him to be late I didn’t get in until 6:25 to do the prer-cardio. Still, what was supposed to be about 30- 40-minutes of cardio before the training session turned into 60-minutes. All in all, I am the one who benefits by his lateness. I’d never tell him that — but I do tell him every Saturday – “that’s OK, I got in more cardio time…”. I’m probably too nice but for real — any opportunity to put more data on the BodyBugg is A-OK with me.He killed me today! Initially I thought that if he was late then I’d get out of some of the training time — yes, not a healthy attitude about training but it’s just a thought, not actions! Anyway, HIS 8:00 cancelled so he worked me through to 8:30 making our session 1-hour instead of the normal 50-minute session.

Saturday weigh-in report

3-lbs gone this week, 17-lbs gone since training and a grand total of 27-lbs this year. Next Saturday… look for 30-lbs gone!


“A” hasn’t let me do any running yet; just stair climbing and incline trainer and power walking. I told him today that I am terribly bored with my cardio and very antsy to get to running — more weight loss, more motivation and so on. But, he says no. He pointed out today that I needed to keep training for balance and posture (he is DEAD RIGHT and today’s brutal workout was all focused on posture) and then we can work on gait and pronation and such things. I asked him then, “…so you’re going to teach me how to run correctly”? He said yes. I said… Good. I don’t think that when I ran and in all the races I ran years ago that I ran “correctly”. I may be in for a big surprise!

As soon as I started training I did do some running in wrong shoes and did some good damage to the bottom of my foot (some of you might remember that). I was limping around for weeks and unstable on my feet but still doing the cardio and training under his watchful eye. He remembers that so he’s being very – cautionary. but he does need to remember that I am running in the Coronado 4th of July 5K (of the 5 and 10K).

Anyway, with the cardio routine I do now; power walking on incline – -I do 3+miles a day and a 5K in about 40-minutes (or so). I do this fast and easily (powerful power walking) and I’m breathing just through my nose. I can only imagine that by July 4th, by walking alone some running that I could finish under 40-mins without much effort; but I’m in it to win it on the 4th so I’ll do way more than walking in this 5K for sure so I’m hoping to make 33-minutes and a PR.

12 of my friends and spouses are doing a HS Reunion Stay-Cay in town our High School Reunion and a multitude of festivities that go along with the 4th. We have rented all of the rooms at a B&B and I have bragged to them that I am doing this race — and that they need to get their hung-over asses to finish line to cheer me in. So, there is some pressure on this one — I must deliver!

Anyhoo- Boy! did Andre pick on me today! Eat more food; OK, he’s right on that one. Wear socks with your shoes when you are on the treadmill… and one other thing that I can’t remember…

It was a long  and trying week so it’s no wonder…

That after training I came straight home, showered and got onto the computer followed by putting myself back in bed — and fell into a short nap.  I hate that I waste my Saturday’s this way and this has been consistent. My food intake this last week was horrific (low) and “A” warned me for the thousandth time that I needed to eat way more protein. I told him that he has been so strict on food and based on the food pics that I send him he says I shouldn’t eat this with that, or take that off the plate next time, or don’t eat that at night or after a workout… Heck I told him that it was hard to know what to do so sometimes … I just don’t. (eat). “A” told me that since I am steadily losing weight the timing doesn’t have to be SO strict  that it hinders me from eating.

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