Personal Bests — Lying down and sleeping!

Bodybugg recent “Personal Best” report


This report doesn’t exactly make me shine in the physical fitness light; what with all that lying down and sleeping.  I have to admit though that 9-hour of sleeping on February 10th — well, that must have been much-needed sleep!  And, February 10th was last Sunday — my day off from fitness and I spent much of the day curled up with TV on the DVR. So yeah, 9-hours in this case would be correct!

trainStill, other reports tell different stories and this is tonight’s Personal Training session. My trainer decided that tonight was the night to let me have it — down and dirty and I came home with dripping wet hair —  and not from washing it. That has never happened to me — even on 5- and 8K runs so this is an extreme change in my physical activity. Body confusion he says, “Body Confusion” and my body was most definitely confused by this evenings performance!

But, many things and changes to this body of mine! Today I wore to work the black suit jacket that I couldn’t fit into for my interview 3-weeks ago. This is major!

The job

Despite the disappointment yesterday, the job is going well and I do really like it. I’ve decided that there will be lean days and days that will run into overtime. Things will be just fine. I hope.  I love that I am working independently and free to move around and make my own decisions about just about everything. Most of my jobs; long term and temp have been that way but try working in a call center for 9-weeks and you’ll understand just how precious this role and environment is. The pay doesn’t hurt either — All that fun AND good pay!

My left foot

The foot is still swollen on the bottom in the front on the right and it continues to hurt more after rest than walking on it. It’s like the pain works itself out with the first few steps but it’s still uncomfortable. My trainer showed ‘some’ concern as he clearly saw the swelling. He suggested a few things; see the doctor, Ice it and it could be common trauma to the foot after weight loss. He says that when we lose our balance and strides change a bit and the body is actually adjusting itself — particularly for those who do a lot of cardio/running/climbing — NEVER to quote him on that but that’s (sort of, kind of) what I heard.

I guess if I am able to power-walk for 61-minutes one night and walk 5-mins each way to my car in the employee parking lot, and do intensive — INTENSIVE training with “A” then maybe the foot is not so bad — maybe it’s just the adjustment thing.

I’m calling it a night early for a change — maybe I can break another sleeping and lying down record?


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