Weight loss and a gel cap in my foot?!!

Hello everyone!

Miss me? Something happened to my account and I couldn’t write my stuff!! Maybe it wasn’t my account but rather me and very uncooperative computer. Whenever I wrote a post, Firefox crashed. Thus far, I’m able to write but I’ll be brief — for once.

Loving the Bodybugg and the gadgets and it’s reports. I had my 3rd session with “A” and this one was a weigh in. My first meeting with A was general stuff and  setup of bodybugg, weights and measures and so forth. First status weigh-in took place last Saturday and I am down 5!!! 5-lbs in the first week; though technically two because we only weigh-in on Saturdays and… well, anyway… it’s 5-lbs. A is soooo excited!

I also feel a little smaller and when trying on tops and blouses as possible work clothes, in my rear view mirror (in the dressing room) I wondered…. where’s the back-fat??? I tried one top and decided that I really liked it because for some reason it didn’t accentuate that back fat. Then I tried on the next and it didn’t accentuate the back -fat either. Suddenly I realized; maybe the back-fat is going away?!

I hurt my foot! I tried to run in my fake running shoes but immediately I felt bad things in my shins, foot and just about everywhere. I HOPE that when I did start the running that my extra weight; though less of that weight now, that I didn’t cause a stress fracture in my foot. The bottom left front of my foot; behind the toes is heavily padded with inflammation — lordy, it’s like walking on a little hard pillow or having one of these laundry detergent gel caps inside my foot! I’m OK with walking, though sore at first. I managed to get 61-minutes completed on the treadmill — power walking and it was only when I stopped for a water break that the area hurt. It hurt also when I started up with the walking but it either works itself out or I am simply able to block it out. And, more than needed to know, when I get up in the night — at first.. I’m crippled!

But good sport that I am, I forged on with my workout! I’m seeing A tomorrow for training and have asked him to take a look at my smelly bottom of my foot.

The new job has started and is a bit of a let down. More on that later but in many respects I like the job and my co-workers very much. Basically the disappointment is the actual duration of the contract — it seems that it may be shorter than promised. But, on the bright side, this is a new project with the company and it could either fly, fail, or just pan out. Our task is to do one thing only and when that’s done — it’s done. (So secretly we are working more slowly than we’d like! I’m just kidding — sort of).

That’s all for now. More later and for my regulars — thank you for your patience!


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