What I ate Wednesday

A celebration dinner

Do.You.Love.That.Disc.of.Avocado Butter; or what? OMG! It was exquisite …. But sigh, this girl is in training and so she removed it from the swordfish — and enjoyed what had melted over the fish. The veggies were amazing, the fish was perfection and the risotto… I shouldn’t have but I wasn’t in training then! But it was on the day that I signed up for training. Yup, got a job and bought a Personal Training package.


This photo below is just a shot of the table setting through a wine glass.


But now that I am in training….

Challenges at a ‘burger’ restaurant today! Fortunately I found the item below on the menu and while it doesn’t look appealing and looks burned, that turkey patty was delicious! I left the top of the bun off but at the thinner part of the bun under the patty. I choked down the broccoli because I have to on my plan. The broccoli was very well cooked but it was plain, plain, plain! At home I don’t butter the broccoli but I do give it a spray of canola oil and also give it some no salt spices.


Something that I concocted and my trainer LOVES this photo; the contents of the meal actually.  of just chicken breast, asparagus and 1/4-cup brown rice.


Something else that I concocted; Flank steak, asparagus and brown rice – as if I needed to identify it!


Sampled at Costco

My trainer wanted to see photos through the day of things that I ate. I took it literally and send him this photo of  a Turkey meatball from the “samples lady”. Not so literal though, he says that’s exactly what he wants to know!

costco sample

Drinks and apps at the Saturday Afternoon BBQ party

My trainer forbids alcohol. I just want wine; not booze and not sugary drinks. I told him never drink but a few sips on certain occasions. (Liar!) I really don’t drink that much wine ever but when I do, it’s actually a full glass; just one. Not gonna lie to you, I would have enjoyed a glass at this party — but my trainer said… “he’d know”. And he said that one glass leads to another — and that, my trainer is where you are wrong — at least with me.

So I drank my mineral water and the host but the glowing ice-cube in the glass.



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