Shhh… Don’t tell my Trainer!

Don’t tell my Trainer

…that this evenings cardio session went very quickly and basically, a piece of cake!

I always run into him; or rather him into me when I workout at night. The man is a beast and trains people until, oh, about 8:00 PM and then he’s on his own time at the gym working out and absolutely doing his rounds checking up on his clients. Knowing this, I can’t skip workouts and should do them in the evenings so that he can see me there. That’s his thing: “I want to see you here every day”. And it’s not like he can’t check on the check-in logs but you guys know what I mean. As well, the BodyBugg doesn’t lie and this is exactly why he wants me wearing it.

BodyBugg report (BodyMedia, inc)

The more I wear this and the more I study it’s reports, the more I get it. For example: Last night I was looking things over and saw a message on my calories burned line that read: “We guesstimate that you are going to exceed your calorie burn target by about 172-calories”. It says that because the day was not quite over and all calories had not been accounted for. My Bugg is programed for being upright; LOL not lying down, from 6am to midnight. So, it will continue to, and I will continue to burn calories — those that we burn just by living — up until midnight. (Then I go into sleep — lying down mode, and sleep mode that is).

Last night I panicked — How am I going to burn 172-caloires?? Oh yeah, that’s right, I just have to move around a little more and those calories that we burn just by living will add up and a little activity will booster it further.

So I went into my closet and hug up all those clothes on the floor; neatly folded but needed to be hung up – for the record. An hour later I came back and re synced my Bugg and it showed I had burned off the 172-calories — and then some.

I also realized; and maybe I’m a slow learner that every second that I am not attached to this thing is lost information and makes data inaccurate.

So the question is: When do I take the time to charge it?

And let me tell you people — this thing is ug-ly. I’m taking my mom to a doctor appointment tomorrow and while it’s nice out these days, I’m going to have to hide it under a sweater. (She doesn’t know about all of this just yet). AND — this is the newest version which comes in WHITE with a white/grey armband. Mine is already dirty. Inside. Thanks to my spray tan. I hope there are replaceable bands online. The old ones did have them and I always saw them at the gym. Of course when I wanted to buy one tonight I’m told there aren’t any and that now they only carry the new BoodyBuggs and there are no accessories. That’s just my luck.

Anyways, I was hoping I could wear it only sometimes and do my diet and fitness incognito — but impossible. I should wear it proudly and maybe I will someday — when I am a walking example of its success AND that the armband doesn’t show all the smushy fat around it.


7-days straight at the gym!!! My home scale gave me the same weight as the scale at my Trainer’s on the first day so when my scale showed a loss of 5.5-lbs this morning, I was excited but I’m going to wait, and believe that when I see it on his scale! The disadvantage I now have  is the night weigh-in and the sodium that was in my store-bought chicken breast — slices. Deli meat.

Yeah, I had to buy the sliced chicken, and I mean HAD TO make a grilled chicken salad and the sooner the better because I was way off my food schedule. None of the chicken in my freezer had been defrosted so in trying to stick to the plan I bought some sliced chicken by Oscar Meyer. And yes, as you can imagine, it tasted like hot dog and the sodium in my food log today as a result of it is SO HUGE that I got a warning along with a congratulations on my food intake. Basically that I did excellent of food again today and with a stiff warning about sodium.  Noting here that I NEVER buy that stuff and only cook real chicken breasts.. but this was an unfortunate emergency.

The interview suit jacket that didn’t fit well enough to wear for interviews last week… because the front button and button-hole were MILES apart… Folks, that jacket fit this morning. Not completely to button but close enough for each side panel to meet me in the middle and close enough now to wear. Now that I don’t need it. For a while anyway…

That is a lot of change in just one week, no?

The greatest challenge(s)

1. The food. The food and choices and how much  — it’s all a new experience now. The way what you eat unfolds at the of the day in reports (the science) based on everything else recorded is crazy. Crazy good. I’m also having difficulty, evidently, making the right choices — the most difficult is to remember to have a serving of healthy carbs with a serving of protein; never to have one without the other. Kashi GoLean is both. Well at least I’m getting that right.

2. Staying motivated. I’m really excited and fired up now in all the newness and the toys; especially after the interview suit incident, but I worry about how long I will stay excited!? There will be a great challenge here to stick with the program but I know that “A” won’t tolerate that! He has a lot at stake in this too. He wants my before and after photo on the wall as one of his success stories. He flat-out told me, he wants that for him and the success for me. Win-Win!

What else?

My free days are numbered (before I start my full-time job). Today was luxurious! I slept in until 6:30; which actually pissed me off because I wanted to sleep later and I seemed wide awake. BUT no, I fell back to sleep and had a crazy cool dream. Dreams. I love them. I woke at 8:45 and that was delightful.

Tuesday I have to take my mom to the doctor but as far as she’s concerned, I won’t stay for dinner with them because I have already planned to meet an old co-worker for dinner and idle chit-chat. The real story is that I have my training appointment at 8:00PM and these cannot be missed — it’s not tolerated and is probably in my contract. I will probably tell my mom about the training in time but not until I really “start to show” and she starts asking questions. I just don’t want to get into it and talk about it or be watched as I shrink (and what I eat) make that information something her tell everyone. Only me, my best friend and my trainer know about this for now.
(Evening workout and cardio)

Wednesday looks free — I hope!!
(I hope to do the Wednesday Body pump class and some cardio; always the cardio but bodypump class depends on my availability).

Thursday is a work day but a training work day. Friday is not a work day so it could be a free one unless someone want’s do so something. Honestly, If I have to meet one more person for lunch… 3 lunch dates in the last week and a half and one tomorrow with mom after the appt .
(evening cardio)

Friday. Hoping very much to have this free day as well (yard work, which I will enjoy)
(Cardio and Bodypump)

Saturday – Training first thing in the morning and cardio as well. Home by 9:0o am and I have plans to see an old friend.

Sunday — Everyone leave me alone!

And Monday — Join the ranks of Full Time employment!


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