I accept!

I got the job – the one that pays good money!


I’m so very excited of course and look forward to not starting until the 11th — with the exception of a days training on the 7th. And my apologies, I started writing this last Wednesday when I got the good news – I just got busy…

…and got down to the business of my Personal Training. Yes, it’s official.

This photo below was taken at 6:30 a.m. of the sun rising, of course in the east of me. Heading west, of course, I saw the reflection of this gorgeous sunrise in my side view mirror and I  just HAD to stop and take a photo. I The sunrise is gorgeous enough but it was the ‘accidental’ reflection against the car that made it the money shot.


Even though I didn’t ‘officially’ start training until this past Saturday, “A” had me start; well now that I think of it, I started training on the day the credit card was swiped, but we didn’t do a ‘session’ until Saturday. Anyway, he  ‘went over things’ and we got my BodyBugg adjusted. He told me to do cardio every night until I meet with him.

And so I met with him on Saturday and we did a pretty darn hard workout!!

At any rate, below is one of my daily report cards… I’m loving seeing the sleep data! Until A and I get together and go over compiled data for the week, I’m just a little bit in the dark with what these numbers mean — other than that the right hand column is full of positive information.


What’s weird, and likely true:  I don’t feel like or seems like I have walked that many steps. But there is an embedded graph which proves it.

That said, this is a clip of the full range of the day and circled first is the cardio with training. Cardio is the first tall ‘mass’ and the shorter and intermittent peaks and valleys is the training. And, in the next series of spikes is me at iTan, Old Navy, then Trader Joe’s and finally Costco. Then I’m home doing not much, and then a rise in the middle and I think this is where I was trying on clothes to see what I’d wear to the party, then shower and hair. Then, a nap and then around 2:45 you seem me actually “getting ready” to go… and so on.



Anyways, lots of things too look at in this program and it really is — something — and mind you — I have the poor people Bodybugg.

So, so far so good!

But it has been a crazy busy week — the kind of crazy busy with transitions… like doing one errand or class only to have to drive around come home to change clothing, maybe in some instances remove things from the car for a friend visiting (and I had to drive to lunch) then changing for a workout, putting things back in the car, then a date for this and time for that and …. it has been non-stop like this for the entire week.

And “Scarlett” knows she’s a princess and that maybe this is a day in the life for most. But this chick is exhausted and today (Sunday) is the only day I didn’t have to go do something; with the exception of the morning BodyPump class and 40-minutes of cardio.

Here is a sneak preview of my class getting started!


For the first time ever, I really struggled in this class. I think I was just run down completely with the crazy week winding down and the daily trips to the gym for cardio, and cardio and more cardio and cardio.  Also, in training yesterday, it was a full body workout with emphasis on core and upper body. Today I seemed weak. But, A said to do the workout — it’s good for me to keep my form.

Wrapping it up…

…Cuz girl needs her beauty sleep and tomorrow is the first of 7-days in a row without a morning, afternoon, or evening appointment. WOO-HOO. Still, I will have to look forward to 1-hour of cardio at some point in the day — but otherwise, free as a bird!

This photo was taken of me last night.  I cropped just me out of a huge photo because I wanted to post this one. This is me working very hard to completely hide myself behind my hands and crossed legs. The idea of posting this here is to use it as a before photo and fine statement of everything wrong about my being fat — hiding, being mortified and … pissed off. The next times that people insist on shooting pics of me – each next time will show an improvement and I will post it!


OK… off to bed!


8 thoughts on “I accept!

  1. Good work girl!!! And wow – the bodybugg seems really cool..I can’t wait to see more results, just seeing the results in this post made me want to get one myself!!! Loved this post – and the photo – awesome! I love a good sunrise/sunset 🙂

    • The more I looked at the charts and graphs this morning — of which there are a plenty — I finally gained a clearer understanding of how it works/it’s workings. I’m overly impressed and if you can afford it (I didn’t know I could have afforded it) spend the extra $20 or $30 for the one that uses the app. I can’t track my food directly so it’s a 1 or 2-times a day thing/chore and while on the go I have to use my loseit.com app to track the food — just so I don’t forget to anything. That’s double work. Also, with the app I’d be able to see how I’m doing at any given time rather than at the end of the day.

      so in those ways it is a bit antiquated (because I bought the cheap one) but on the other hand, either way, the reports are frickin amazing no matter how you get to see them!!

      I weighed in at home showing a loss of 5.5-lbs already but I texted my trainer with that information and told him I’d believe it when I saw it on HIS scale tomrrow. When I initially weighed in at the gym I was surprised to see that I weighed the same as on my digital scale… but those are not always dependable.

      • Not sure if I replied to this one sorry – Sounds really good! I was actually talking to a friend today about it, and she has a “fitbit” which sounds similar. Not sure if it’s the aussie version of the bodybugg or if it’s just an alternative product?

      • Alternate product. I think the FitBit came after the bodybugg; though they are not related,.as a less expensive alternative. Originally the body bugg sold for more than $350.00USD and FitBit came along with a similar gadget at 99.00USD..

        I don’t know too much about the differences but most people I know who got it were most interested in the sleep pattern report.With good reason, it’s fascinating.

        The FitBit runs about 99.00 as does the low end version of bodybugg that I have. The more expensive bodybugg receives data directly from the Garmin (for runners) when synced.

        All and all, I believe that the BodyBugg is more sophisticated.

        I hope this is a good answer — It’s late and past my bedtime!!!

      • Ahhh cool – thanks for that, great answer. The bodybugg sounds like the way to go – I wonder if it’s cheaper in the US, I am heading over in may so i might get one there if it is 🙂

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