What I ate Wednesday

Wow you guys!

Last week I put up a lot Costco foods photos because I was lacking in food shots. I posted artistic pieces; those that I took of things that I bought at Costco and how fun that post brought the most visitors and the most comments!

You never know, and THANK YOU!

That said, in my post yesterday I wrote about hiring a trainer.  It’s a long and positive tirade but I at the end I wrote that the only pics I’d be posting this week are these two — the worst foods ever that I ate as my parting shots of bad health!

Next week, nothing but healthy things!!! 

Please note that I didn’t eat much of the Artichoke hearts at all. I was so looking forward to them and I thought the friend I was with was going to share them with me! The rest of those goes for a quick hit in my deep fryer to finish them off tonight. My (new) trainer told me that I could eat one thing tonight that was not the best for me. (Last meal-ish) IF it was only 1-serving. Well, this is artichokes and was 1 serving at the restaurant — and it’s been half eaten so it looks like they’ll be the last meal.

Please note that I ate only the burger; as if that wasn’t enough… and brought the fries home to freeze. They will do very well when defrosted with a hit from deep fryer! (For other people, of course)

bad 2-1

bad 1-1

Goodbye heart attack food! Hello new and upcoming slim girl!



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