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So there you have it. And WAY more expensive than I anticipated.

persI had a long sit down meeting with my trainer friend “A” who is now my real trainer. I had left a message with the club for him and part of that message read; “….because I cannot do it alone“.

“A” calls me back and says he gets that I don’t want to do it alone — and I corrected him. No! It’s not that I don’t want to do it alone — it’s that I cannot do it alone. It isn’t working for me and I don’t have time to wait any longer. I’m willing to take pause and admit that I am not being successful and don’t have a course of workouts to follow that have been successful.

 “A” said that him especially; but the other trainers too all knew who I was at the gym. I’m the one (one of the ones) who they see work out so hard and get no real tangible results. I laughed and said to him, “I know. I knew that each time you saw me and sometimes talked to me that you were “dying to get your hand on me” — meaning that you were so antsy to help because you knew you could help me better than me.

I told “A” that I had no doubt that he would work me into a lean and healthy person but that the bottom line was the money. And here I am now using a credit card I have been forbidden to use to the tune of… well I’ll just say the down-payment alone far exceeded the cost of the 5- sessions I was going to buy.

But, we have to do what we have to do and I now have 23-sessions and 2-free sessions. That said, 1 down-payment of 50% of training cost and 1- Bodybugg core armband ($99).

bbYou know, I get that the Trainers are supposed to tell  you certain things to entice you into training and sure, “A” used about 2% of that stuff but he truly knows and respects that I want this weight gone, he knows I want to be fit and he knows I need help. He told me that the Bodybugg is the ONLY way to know exactly where you stand with calorie burn, calorie intake and other things I won’t quote him on because I’m sure I’ll say it wrong or incorrectly and make him sound like a fool! LOL! But, he said it was essential to use this tracker and as well it enabled him to log into my account at any time and see where I am at any second with food, calories and exercise and so on. I guess I’m on a leash!

I see him again tomorrow to set up the Bodybugg and go overt my “plan”. We start training on Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. But tomorrow, after I see “A” I have to start the program with a day of cardio. So OK, I can do that!

The amount of accountability this guy is going to have on me; or expect from me (an me for myself) is going to be outrageous. He’ll have me monitored 24/7 on the Bodybugg; though he won’t but he has the ability to tap in anytime he feels like it. He wants me to send photos of what I eat (some people do that he says) and to be at the gym 6-days a week. 4-days a week on my own and 2-days a week with him. If he doesn’t see me there, or see a check-in — he’s going to call me and ask why not.

Good for me. But where am I going to get those next two payments due at the end of Feb and the end of April? After that… the next 3-months are paid up.

Well, Scarlett will worry about each payment when the time comes. Not now.

OK. so about the rest of life

Jobs. Who knows. I have the phone interview tomorrow which I fully expect to to ace. I’m to understand that it is a formality to see how I sound on the phone with people — professionalism, personality, clarity and to be articulate. I have another in the works and this morning I was to start my seasonal job. At the time I accepted the continuation of my role it seemed like a good idea. But when the schedule came in last night and I learned yesterday from my agent(s) that I needed to be as readily available as possible, the work schedule I was on prohibited me from being able to get away.

This morning I was up and ready for work but I seemed to be running early and took my time around the house to get a few things done before I left for day one of work at the seasonal job. When I got into the car I noticed the clock in the car told a different story and I would not make it to work in time — or it would be very tight. Yes, my watch had stopped again!

I asked myself what benefit there was in completing this particular season? I’m 99% sure I’ll be giving notice on Wednesday and even thought I had thought about finishing out the week even if I got the other job… I thought… why? I can’t imagine earning $1 an hour, 8-hours a day up to Sunday. The job will be over 2- 3-days after Valentine’s day so keeping myself tied up for just over 2-weeks suddenly seemed — ridiculous and pointless when great opportunities are knocking.  We’re not allowed to take calls or make calls unless we’re on breaks and so… when would I take a call or go to an interview or do an phone interview?

So even though I was 2-blocks away from home and on my way to work I turned around and came home and wrote my apologies and resignation as well as called the team captain. No point in starting the job late, getting a “late occurrence” on the first day and quitting the next.

And what did I do after I got home? First, a long sigh of relief. Made several administrative like calls to my agents and wrote thank you notes. A friend called and we went to lunch — ate REALLY FATTENING food and I photographed them for “A” to let him know that what is in those photos are the end of that era of eating.

“A” was horrified!

Those photos will appear in tomorrow’s “What I ate Wednesday” post!


6 thoughts on “Taking donations!

    • He really is! I met him on the day the gym opened last April. He approached me — just to welcome me. Since, he’s always approached me to see how how I’m doing and have idle chit chat about what I should do – he’s been frustrated that the couldn’t train me — they like a good before and after and he knew he could whittle me down because my attitude was good and open to it.

      After 6-months the gym gave me a free training session with the trainer of my choice. I chose him and even after 1 session I learned a lot, used that information and began to lose when I did the work on my own.

      But one session isn’t enough — and the rest is history.

      Thanks for visiting!! 🙂

    • http://bodybugg.com/

      I hope it is worth it. Spoken from a layperson… They wear the data device on The Biggest Loser. I tracks your activity, and calories (you input them on your device or computer) and it measures calories and expenditures. Its a continuous monitor so you can look at it any time to see where you are in the day and how many calories you’ve burned. The significant thing about is that it measure ALL calories burned – the calories you burn in all everyday activities. We all have our own RMR (I think) rate which is the average calories we burn just living.

      When I’m working out and my HRM says 400-calories burned, it could be that I burned 1500 ‘all day’ because that RMR comers into play with calories expended and that’s the missing part in most equations when counting calories. Without ALL the information, we never know exactly where we are and under, or over eating based on our real calories burned throughout the day.

      They used to cost $399 but now down to $99. I’ll keep you posted on my blog about how that contraption and my training is going for me. .

      • I’d definitely like to see how you find it…it sounds like a fantastic tool. I may look at purchasing one for myself down the track…but I might see how you find it first 🙂 Good luck!!!

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