The short version!

Over the past few days I’ve written plenty of posts…
and kept them as drafts.

That is — unfinished work! And as each day passes that they are not posted, the posts become old news.

So I’m starting from here!

Fitness and food

Terrible. Not horrific but I’m on strike until I begin Personal Training. The decision to have Personal Training was difficult. For every 2-days that I decided, absolutely I’m going to do this, I put it off waiting until I get the duplicate credit card in the mail — I can’t sign up with a card. I have cards, but it’s going on a particular one. During this wait period I’ve had moments of not wanting to pay for and not sure that I will follow through with what he tells me to do on my own time.

And then I try on clothes for interviews. I’d look for other things to wear that don’t hug my back fat and I often wish my arms were at least as lean as they were a few months ago (and trust me — they weren’t that lean, just leaner). I think about how I will look in July for the big HS reunion bash. I even think about how I’ll look when I see an old friend in 2-weeks. I think, and I think and I think… and then I think that if I don’t do something right now — with a professional — nothing will change between now and July or any other time.

So I dropped by the gym today after two successful interviews and left a message for “A” to call me. No, I didn’t workout.

That then is that first real step toward commitment.

Now I figure that I can go to the gym between now and when I get a concrete plan from “A” but I’ll still be on the hamster wheel working out aimlessly with no results.

So until I start training, get the workout and the plan from”A, get set up online with their food log and other goodies … I’m enjoying eating the things that I shouldn’t. Be. And yes, I understand that is not the correct approach to pre-training, but — that’s just the way it goes!


Two Interviews completed today and it looks like I got the job for the first one. It’s not official, official but I’ve already been called back for brief phone interview. The second interview went well also but this job pays less money. IT also has longevity potential. The first company I interviewed with today is the one that will bring in the buko-bucks — but will only run 60-days. Still, a lot of buko-bucks so it’ll be worth it.

And then… tomorrow I start back at work at the old job for next season madness. Until I get hired by a company that actually pays well; I’ll keep plugging along at what I have.

PostScript; “A” did not call me today or this evening… kinda ticked!

Stay tuned…


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