Pleading the Fifth

I have nothing to say about today; avoiding the task of reporting on my fitness and healthy eating today so I’ll just show you where I’ve been and what I ate. An that’s that!




Well, maybe that’s not all I have to say!

I’m considering hiring “A” to train me; “A” is “the best” physical trainer on earth (and one of 3 that I know – LOL). I’m not doing well on my own and seriously folks, I do need help on this. REAL HELP — Not just the help of calories counting app but some hard-core serious help, a counselor, and someone to teach me how to eat. Someone whom I will be accountable to — because being accountable to myself — is.not.working.  I have a huge line of credit but it’s all; mostly all has been paid off — therefore a huge wide open line of credit. I’m considering using one of those cards for the training. It’s not as simple as that; the person who paid off a large majority of the cards will have the last say — that’s just the way that is. But, this person may take on half of the financial responsibility for the training and well, we can negotiate.

Everyone who love me wants me healthy!

The only showstopper at the moment is knowing where I’ll be working,  how soon and when. I have one 99% sure thing on the table for 3-weeks with a pretty low pay. I have been approached today as a possibility for a 45- 60-day contract paying a HUGE amount of money and I have an interview on Monday with an agency — they called me so while they may ignore me after meeting me, it’s good to do the task of meeting them and be ‘on file’.

At the same time, the above instances shouldn’t be an issue. No trainer puts us/me on a defined schedule so there shouldn’t be a problem working around my crazy work schedule — as soon as I know that will be…. and of the first two that I mentioned; the low paying one starts in a few days and the other… I’m waiting to be called for an interview; if chosen for one at all.


First thing; beauty sleep! Second thing, The Gym and talk to “A” if I see him. Third thing, Friday is my day with mom and I am taking her to a Dr. Appointment.

And that’s that!


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