What I ate Wednesday

I guess this is cheating but I don’t have many Wednesday themed photos. So, bear with me today — I had to sift through the archives to find at least a common food theme. So I’m scoured through my 3 Photobucket accounts and noticed that over the year I had posted; somewhere, things I bought at Costco. For one reason or another in posts or photo sharing these photos were relevant at that time.

To know me is to know the things I like to eat; good, bad and indifferent.

So here you go and enjoy my tour of Costco!

IMG_2561  cookies photo IMG_2561cookies.jpg

IMG_2593 - cibatta photo IMG_2593-cibatta.jpg

IMG_2577m - broccoli photo IMG_2577m-broccoli.jpg

IMG_2597-pistachios photo IMG_2597-pistachios.jpg

IMG_2585 - chocolate photo IMG_2585-chocolate.jpg

IMG_2567 - salmon photo IMG_2567-salmon.jpg

IMG_2563 - baguettes photo IMG_2563-baguettes.jpg

IMG_2569 - apples photo IMG_2569-apples.jpg

IMG_2583 - columbus photo IMG_2583-columbus.jpg

IMG_2579 - salad photo IMG_2579-salad.jpg


9 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday

    • YES! Their muffins and danish and chocolate cake an so on … are soooo delish. I went today with the full intention of “just the veggies” but I came home with few ‘bad’ things. But then again, I’m not going succeed in this weight loss if I don’t get my sweets at night. They CAN be in moderation… repeat to myself, moderation, moderation.

      So, a little bit of bad and a lot of good in the cart.

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