Day 1 – my triceps are sore


ON MY HRM: Total Calories: 451. Total time: 85.7-mins. Miles: 2.06

A day of determination… Step one: Breakfast morning starter; “the smoothie”

Making it…

IMG_0357-4 W FRAME - amd

Taking it…

IMG_0360-1 WITH FRAME -eamd

Getting there….


And finished … (and feet posing)!


Day 1

Being at the gym felt great, and immediately; again like my second home! It was fortunate that I didn’t see “A”, my trainer friend and thankful that it appeared he wasn’t even there today, at least while I was. I can’t wait to see him but the longer it takes to run into him, the better I will look.

First day back on the proposed plan, and the one I used to follow. I fulfilled my obligation this morning to do a BodyPump class and then cardio on the Incline trainer — Jut a little bit out of order, but it’ done. I gotta tell ya — the calamities and missteps in this entire workout scenario; getting there and being there — and even leaving — are unbelievable.


I wasn’t at the gym early enough to do the cardio warm up first; oh wait! Yes I was! I just had so many set backs at the gym before getting started. I didn’t arrive at the gym very prepared — but when I left for the gym it was that ‘defining’ moment when I said to myself, GO now or you’ll dismiss it. I went with the moment and I knew that everything that I needed was in the truck of the car. Most of it, as it turns out. I didn’t have my iPhone armband case and spent too much time looking for it. In retrospect, it turns out I don’t (really) need it. Also, I kept forgetting to take things I needed out of my locker, one by one I had to go back to the locker to get something, or put something back into it and the last straw was wearing my Flip Flops to Bodypump class. Lordy! But now that I think of it — this kind of absent-minded disorganization is normal for me! LOL.

BodyPump class. The latest updated version is 84  and it was great. Despite being away from the class for such a long time (2-months) and even though I left off at BodyPump v.83 — 84 is positively harder. I like this version. Infamously, by far the bicep track is the hardest. And I feel it today — course I could be feeling it from all of it — but being sore today feels good.

After BodyPump it was time for cardio! I hit the FreeMotion Incline trainer like it was yesterday! That is to say, I hadn’t lost any of my mojo at all and I worked it well for 30-minutes — not one second over. (First day back and I was kinda over it all).


Thanks to burning 451-calories, by 5:00PM I had consumed a net of 27-calories. OOPS again! I needed to crash eat because according to my calorie counter — I had a total of 1350-calories to consume by midnight. That’s not a particular issue — I could go to McDonald’s and cure that  but…   that they had to be, um, healthy calories. I grilled a chicken breast and made some brown rice. Unfortunately the chicken was disgusting because it was slow grilled on a portable Baby Weber grill.

theweberThe grill is great for a few things but it doesn’t have the BTU power to sear and char. And it cooks soooo slowly. I didn’t want to replace all the unit pieces on my old REAL grill but it looks like I’m going to have to if I’m going to be doing any kind of serious grilling this spring — or even now.

So when it cooked the chicken breast so slowly, didn’t sear it and didn’t give it a spec of flavor, I didn’t eat the cut up chicken I had put into my ‘brown rice bowl”. I ended up eating just the rice and later a high fiber cereal. What can yado?

So anyways, the food will always be an issue unless I start planning. PLANNING. PlAnNiNg.


photo(4)I’d scheduled myself for cardio, TRX and resistance training. As expected, I am more sore today than realistically anticipated. I’m going to make today a full cardio day instead of adding TRX and resistance workout to the mix. Then, tomorrow (Tuesday) morning will be an exact replica of Monday with the exception that there is BodyPump classes at 6:00 and 9:30. While the 6:00 a.m. class is appealing in the ‘get it over with’ sense, the 9:30 class is more appealing in the ‘beauty sleep‘ sense. Therefore, if not one, the other!

Which ever way the wind blows, Scarlett will be there.

Today is supposed to be one of the hottest days on record, for this time of year  so it will be a great day for outdoor work and part of that work should be fixing up the old “real” grill. If I’m going to eat right from here on out — the grill will be stove. It is surprising that the coldest days on record for this area were just 15-days ago. Crazy! 30’s and 40’s to mid 80’s!


4 thoughts on “Day 1 – my triceps are sore

  1. I don’t know if it’s just me or if everyone else experiencing problems with your website.
    It looks like some of the written text in your content are running off
    the screen. Can someone else please comment and let me know
    if this is happening to them as well? This may be a problem with my browser because
    I’ve had this happen previously. Kudos

    • Hi Josh… Thank you for the feedback. It looks OK on my end and I’ve viewed it at work where it looks fine too. Can you tell me a specific block of text where you see this — I used the indent feature on some posts so it ‘could be that’. Thanks and thank you for visiting.

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