#rethinkthis (2)

anyone who read the first messed up version…it’s been fixed (lordy! what a mess!)


[The first part written Friday morning]

This morning weighted myself before coffee and shower. I was up a lb.

In retrospect I imagine that’s possible – I have a scale that can’t behave or manage be consistent and it have been due to yesterday’s high dosage of sodium and my seemingly refusal to drink water — at all — not a drop!

I was pissed and spoke badly to myself, “ Well then, enough of this sugar semi-detox — I’m not going to be so strict anymore and besides, I can always do what other people do which is to diet AND exercise quite a bit“.

And then I thought, “well yeah, I should be strict about sugar anyway but I’m not going to worry about all of this today and besides, I don’t have the time to deal with it all right now“.

I did of course have the “time” to deal with it but I was ‘out of diet-character and I didn’t feel like counting sugar today so Scarlett will worry about all of this again tomorrow! And eventually I dressed and headed to my mom’s feeling defeated and fat.

And lo-and-behold, there I am at mom’s and what does she say to me?You look like you’re losing weight again”! I was almost speechless and then I said, “What? No, wait! Are you teasing me”? She said “no”, and that she really could see that I was losing weight.

Can you believe that I was actually pissed off about this? I actually said, “Dammit! Really”? This means now that I have to stay focused on the semi-sugar-detox — which is a good thing–anyway….”

But let me explain why I was pissed off! Thinking that plan was bust I had a small zucchini muffin for breakfast. Nothing wrong with that but it had 6g sugar and I wouldn’t have eaten it had I known I wasn’t failing.

I explained to my mom about the sugar cut and she listened carefully and praised me and told me that yes, my stomach was way down (and she kept looking at me all the time through the corner of her eyes). Still, at the end of the day today I’m sure that I had a full 15-g of sugar since we went out to dinner as expected.

At dinner

I had the Filet Mignon open faced sandwich with french fries. The description on the menu was ‘like a sandwich’ in that it was described as a filet Mignon resting on top of a slice of sourdough bread with cheese, onions, and peppers. I envisioned a grilled piece of filet on top of a crusty garlic seasoned piece of sourdough bread. The cheese would be under the steak and it would be a slice of cheddar — in other words, a piece of garlic sourdough cheese toast (yeah, I know this isn’t sounding a bit healthy but the initial plan was to eat the steak and the fries w/out ketchup since fries don’t have sugar and eating out can be a bitch!). INSTEAD… The bread was not toasted or garlic’d. The steak was not grilled or pan seared. It was just 1-inch cut cubes of baked meat. The cheddar cheese that I thought would be a slice between the steak and the bread was instead, processed shredded cheese OVER the steak mess.

The other people who ordered the same thing thought that the meal was delicious. So, I said so too; “Oh yes, it was delicious”!

This wasn’t a bad restaurant by any means, nor was the best restaurant in town, either, but it is very popular, on the water, the was a fireplace burning behind the table where we sat and the ambiance was nice. Basically, an adequate steak and seafood restaurant at the Harbor. #yuck

We all had Cesar salad; as part of the course before the dinner and I think that tonight — the salads have finally done their roto-rootor work through my stomach. Either that or my father and I ate some bad food because he had some major ‘butt-blow” when we returned to their house and I had some later when I got home. Euuuu, I know! but at least in my situation I’m sure it had to do with successive salads all week (successive and excessive) and a change in diet. Perhaps I’ve been, in a way, cleansed.

And yes, I did say that when I went out to dinner that from now on I’d just get an appetizer. I am now ready to rethink that theory! Unfortunately the appetizer’s at this restaurant were not on the healthy side (duh) so … well … it IS hard to make good choices eating out a some restaurants.


[and now it’s Saturday]

Today I am 1/2-lb lighter – just a half lb gone and a far cry from 11-lbs lost. Not to continue to be gross but it seems to me that after last nights bathroom experience and a good experience this morning pre-weigh-in, I should each seen about 2-lbs gone. So here’s the thing and we all know it — the normal bathroom scale; a $5 one or a $50 one is not going to be reliable. The true measurement was moms visual and verbal expression about the changes she’d seen in just one week.

That said, ’tis best of course to follow the rules of watching sugar; and I will but I’m not going to let it run my life. The most important thing is good eating; and the sugar speaks for itself, watching fat content, meet calorie requirements and to exercise like a fiend.

The weather has gone this week from rain, hail and in some places snow to today; a beautiful 75-degrees. No time to sit and blog but making today all about being outside — even though it will be spent in the backyard! And I’ll actually enjoy that. Or will I? Digging, raking, pulling, pushing a broom, bending down and getting up, reaching … it sounds like a full workout to me!



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