What will become of me without sugar?

Postscript…Today is Thursday and I have lost 3-lbs. Today is day 5 of the 7-day week so in the grand scheme of things, losing 3-lbs  by mid- week is something to celebrate and I expect to see at least one more lbs gone by Sunday. But then again, on average I’m losing .6-lbs per day so mathematically I should show a loss of 4.2-lbs total at my Sunday weigh-in.  But there will be no 11-lbs gone this week — seriously, Jorge, just seriously? Well, he did say “up to” 11-lbs per week and honestly folks… that would be hard to do.

…and oops… 6g sugar in my breakfast. That’s what I get, I guess for not doing the research on Power Grain Waffles! I could and should probably be losing more… I should be eating more green vegetables but my favorite way of eating spinach is drinking it… and drinking it in a smoothie with protein powder and blueberries is my full days quota of sugar. So: sad face. I’ll have to work on my veggies!

Mid week status on no- to low-sugar plan

sugarpI’m not on a diet plan per say but I’m in an experiment to see what becomes of me if I cut out sugar. To recap the plan, last Sunday I vowed to keep my refined, as well as natural sugars down to less than 15-grams per day. Don’t get me wrong — I have a gazillion lbs to lose and I am currently on a mission to lose weight. I’m relying on healthy eating and exercise (the notion of it) rather than a gimmicky plan, even though I was interested in trying out what Jorge Cruise had to say about sugar and my belly. Sure, fat and processed carbs must be addressed too but the sugar (kind of) never occurred to me because anything I ate that was bad for me fat-wise, I was sure I was fat because of the fat. Now I have awakened to the notion that it has been both! Therefore for now, it’s all about the sugar.

I haven’t read Jorge Cruise’s book on the topic but I was inspired by his guest visit and demonstration on Anderson Live, last week. I understand that I understand that I can expect to lose (up to) 11-lbs per week. I know that’s never going to happen but I am supposed to see the benefits of no sugar with the impending reduction of my stomach! Today is day 4 (Jan 16th) – late evening) and thus far I’ve stuck well with the plan with my average sugar intake at 8.675-grams. Call it 9-grams.

That average is not too shabby! But with one positive comes negatives. My fat intake % is up. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there is too much fat in my diet, but this means I’m consuming more fats than protein and carbs — even though the fats not necessary bad fats, it’s a bit of a slippy slope of when to say when. Like, what if ate raw almonds and fresh salmon all day; that’s a lot of good fat — but would it be too much? (Probably!).

In the image below is Tuesday’s report. Fat is 40% but there are only 44- fat grams. The goal for healthy fats is, as I understand it, 51-grams.


But heck!
Don’t listen to me; I’m confused too! Below is some information about fats a knowledgeable source ; “The Bottom Line


30% of your total calories should come from fat:

2,000 calories * 30% = 600 calories from fat (600 calories of fat equals about 67 grams since fat contains 9 calories per gram – 600 / 9 = 66.667)

Out of those 2,000 calories, 20% should come from unsaturated fat and 10% should from from saturated sources:

unsaturated fat: 2,000 * 20% = 400 calories of unsaturated fat or 44 grams

saturated fat: 2,000 * 10% = 200 calories of saturated fat or 22 grams

For a personalized recommendation, get a free diet at http://shtrainer.com.

Eating Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat

Excess calories combined with a lack of physical activity makes you fat. Eating too many carbs or too much protein will have the same effect that eating too much fat has. At the end of the day, if you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. It doesn’t matter whether those extra calories come from carbs, proteins or fats, the result will be the same.

Losing Weight

If you are trying to lose weight, avoid simply cutting all fats out of your diet. Losing weight requires that you: 1) figure out how many calories you burn each day (calories calculator) 2) figure out how many calories you eat each day (count calories) 3) create a calorie deficit, eat less calories (by about 500 calories each day) than you burn. Calories should be cut across the board rather than just focusing on one of the macronutrients (i.e. low carb diets & low fat diets).

Fats | How To’s | Articles | FAQs | Free Diets | Forums | Guides | Top 5 | Tools

The Bottom Line

Good fats can have positive health effects. By limiting all fats in your diet, you are missing out on some key health benefits. A more sensible weight loss plan can be created by cutting out only bad calories and increasing your physical activity level.

via How much fat should I eat each day?.

Still, healthy fats or not anyone on a solid diet plan would like to see their fat intake as the smaller percentage in their foods so there is work to be done in that area.

My lettuce intake is up. Lettuce doesn’t really count as a vegetable staple like broccoli or spinach would, but its a stomach filling transport of roughage to move stuff through the stomach. LOL — how very scientific of me! Eating more salads has kept my calories low.

My protein is up but not by enough. In weight loss scenarios I respond far better to a high protein diet but unlike most people who say that carbs makes them want more food, it is protein that makes me want more food. A chicken breast will actually make me hungrier than before I eat it. I’m working on adding chicken to everything including the fresh ready made salads which come with a small amount of edible chicken.

My caloric intake has been low but slowly progressing.

And finally; my water intake is way up!

The darn salads

After pouting yesterday about the fact that I came  from Costco with the Cesar salad kit instead of the Santa Fe Chicken salad (kit)  I learned that the Santa Fe salad has about; cuz I can’t remember,  8-more grams of fat than the Cesar Salad. I think the Cesar has 12-grams of fat — I KNOW (!) but you have to note that those grams include of course the small serving of dressing, the Parmesan cheese and few croutons that make the (any) salad tolerable. The Parmesan cheese is a natural cheese; that which is not a hydrogenated fat (like butter) and that makes it legal (grin).

Anyways, I found the Santa Fe salad in the grocery store yesterday and bought two — more expensive by $1.20! If I still really loved them then I’d go get more at Costco another time. I’m glad I got the Cesar’s — the Santa Fe salad was good yesterday but not as good as the Cesar and had “way more” fat. Sometimes accidents are good things.

But don’t they both look GOOD!?salads

So what has become of me since I began
averaging 9-grams of sugar per week?

I’m not much thinner yet (LOL) and if I was — it wouldn’t show (yet). My exercise is nowhere near the commitment and intensity that I used have. If I could just get this part of my weight loss plan in tact, I’d see more loss. But I have lost — 2-whole-lbs by now and 3-days to go until week 2. I do feel better, and less bloated. Time will tell and I have a feeling that the athlete in me will come out any day now.

It’s interesting that in a blog I read this morning the author talks about getting sick a lot during her first phase of no sugar. I found that in contrast since I on the other hand am feeling wonderful. She also spoke of sugar addiction and withdrawal so maybe she’s been in it pretty seriously with the sugar and at no time had I considered soda because I never ever drink it or think about it — with the exception of soda water — love me my clear fizzies!

At any rate, I was thinking of nixing this plan altogether but then the number on the scale was good this morning and my side view has improved. No sugar for me yet since this plan needs  a chance. Besides, 90% of the things I’m avoiding should be avoided anyway, always, forever.

And then there is Friday;
almost guaranteed to blow this plan out of the water

BUT IT WON’T Dammit. Tomorrow is my date with mom. Mom that never eats (unless something chocolate is dangled in front of her). We’ll be out and about doing her errands so I had damn well better take some snacks with me. Almonds for sure; although when she sees me eating them she wants some — and thank  god for that but I’d better double up on my almonds stash.

There is a slight chance we’ll go to lunch and I will know how to order appropriately.

It is a given that when the family regroups we’ll all go out to dinner. If mom and I didn’t go to lunch I’ll be starving by dinnertime and there is then opportunity to order bad things at dinner.

We’ll all go out to dinner for sure but being too hungry will set me up to fail.

As you can see, it’s hard when I’m with mom — and then there is the wine… I love wine with dinner when we go out. Oh well, wine isn’t a bad thing in moderation…. (and actually, those numbers look pretty good for any consumption! LOL!)


A new rule for eating out for dinner: I’ve come to the conclusion that I should absolutely not be ordering entree’s. I should be ordering a small; adequately healthy if possible, appetizer and a salad.


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