Nothing says more YUM to a salad with garlic bread on the side!

The challenge — it might be working! 

Down 1.5-lbs on Tuesday morning! And I actually think my tummy is down a little. I noticed this when I was looking down on the scale. I seemed… less pregnant (looking)!

The loss

The small weight loss  could be a large variety of reasons that will make this plan work. Less to no sugar, more grains and more water, which, at the end of the day is a complete 120 turnabout for me.  Inspired by Jorge Cruise (completely) I’m speaking of my pledge to cut my girth and sugar — cut the sugar to cut the girth! You get it!

The food; some foods

I’m following the basic rules and since the plan is basically specifically (and yes, I write wrong sometimes on  purpose) to cut all; natural and refined sugar intake to 15g per day. The plan as I understood it would allow breads and other wholesome carbs that did not have any, or a low content of sugar. And many do. Hell, I bought garlic bread yesterday! And the garlic bread is my point — that I have taken these instructions quite literally and while sugar is down, breads and grains in my diet are up.

garlicThis garlic bread, in a strange way is a win/win — if you love garlic bread and if it makes a huge difference when eating a salad to have some garlic bread or an adequate facsimiles aside your healthy salads. Now there isn’t much fiber in the bread; that can come from so many other sources. The protein is high, the carbs are in line with bread and the sugar is 1g! Fat yes, there is that — it’s buttered. Better that it come butter than my adding globes of butter to it at 11-grams a pop. Caveat: I scrapped almost all of the garlic butter from the bread. They use WAY too much on it – saved some fat calories, oh yeah!!

Yeah, I do have a talent for making bad things look good! Is that called justification? But hey, if it takes a little bit of something not so good to enhance a lot of something good, then have at it. Besides, I think a piece of garlic bread might actually be a lot healthier than a scoop, or two or three of premium vanilla Ice Cream– don’t you? So, we pick and choose.

And here is the beautiful salad I made for dinner.


But let me explain about the hard work that went into the salad… I went to Costco for one thing. I didn’t even think I needed anything but since I was nearby I hate to pass up the opportunity to mozie around and get what I might need so that I won’t have to go back when I think of what is was I wanted; that is, needed. The only think I could think of was lettuce and bottled water. The Sample Lady was giving out good-sized samples of a prepackaged Santa Fe Salad. Literally, the best thing I have eaten in a long time (in a long time since going on the no-sugar deal). I told the sample lady — SOLD! and picked up 3 packages of two for $4.00 + something. Call it less than $5.00 for two good-sized salads.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Here I was at Costco intending to buy lettuce and let it sit in my fridge until I get the energy to grill some chicken and make salads from it. Thanks to the Sample Lady… I have found a damn good salad kit and this Santa Fe salad was outrageously good.


Before I put them in the fridge and devoured one for lunch, I decided to photograph the experience. Then I did the bar-code scan for nutrition facts and it wasn’t until I read the bar-code scan description — that I realized I bought 6-CESAR salads — NOT the Santa Fe Salads! I was furious. But, the Cesar salad was ALSO fantastic and these won’t go to waste. Unfortunately, I’ll have to go back to Costco tomorrow for some more. I know they’ll last because I now remember that I used to buy these at the grocery store last year for work — the Cesar. But not for this little money: $2.20 ea.


And, how I’m feeling

I am feeling more energetic. I am feeling the slightest bit more confidant solely based on the fact that a pound or more is gone, that it seems like my stomach is smaller and the stomach pain; mild twitches and stitches seem to be subsiding. I hope it was an issue that had to do with a change in diet — from sugar gunk and cheesy gunk to no sugar. I’m drinking more (the water at all) water and exercising so, almost, in way I am cleansing… since I am… well, it is clear that I am ‘dong that’ more.  And leave it at that!

So now I am a nutrition expert

(I’m so funny!) I was with the husband of the woman who insulted me in several veiled ways at Christmas Dinner; no we’re not — he’s my step-brother (LOL) and we were with other people. He told us that he was “juiced”. Huh, we asked but I knew his wife had put them on some crazy juicing diet as new years things to get their weight down. It comes as no surprise that she is doing this and she probably will lose some weight and become annoying about it. But I said to ‘Joe’; Seriously? That’s nuts. You might lose some weight but you can’t live like that for the rest of your lives.

Now you’re probably reading and saying to me into the screen: You can’t carry on for the rest of your life on 15 or less grams of sugar per day. And you might be right but some people do. But I am ‘eating” still and when I do, and if I do revert back to more sugar I will still be “eating” and watching my calories and weight none-the-less. They will go off the juicing diet, start eating and quickly slip back into old ways. Most of us do.

Joe says though that he is sneaking out for hamburgers. (snicker!) Well, not into the night be when at work or on an errand… sure. He needs him some beef!  Joe says he knows it wrong to ‘cheat’ on his wife 😉 but it also makes him feel mildly excited at the same time, to do it!

Well, not to show my mean side but nobody messes with my weight issues — especially when they have a very similar weight issue of their own. For this step-sister-in-law… there will be karma. Juice away honey….. Gawd I’m a bitch! (generally, I am not)

The shopping

I gotta have my Weight Control Oatmeal — Convenience, fiber, flavor, texture, 1g sugar and so on. It’s so convenient that I carry two packets in my bag in a baggies for emergencies — a day with my mother would equate to one of those emergencies! She doesn’t eat and wonders why she’s heavy and not losing. In her defense, be it medications or old age — this woman has no appetite. Except for chocolate! I need a button for the back flap pocket of my favorite million dollar jeans. It irks me that the button came off — caught on something when getting in, or out of the car. If I hadn’t hemmed them — I’d return them. Oh well, a button is just a button. Caveat: I forget to get the OATMEAL.

And finally…

tomorrow is Wednesday and I WON’T miss What I ate Wednesday so I’d better get busy on that!


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