Sugar starved!

No weight loss yet, but Hell, it’s only been 1-day

sundaeAnd tonight while I had dinner with friends; them eating full dinner entree’s and me with a grilled chicken salad; which incidentally, they forgot to put the salad dressing on — but that’s OK — I was fine without it, I watched the two of them enjoy ice cream Sundae desserts with extra chocolate sauce!

(So now I am the sugar police after 1-day of sugar exile?  3-days ago I’d be pouring it all over my Sundae, too! LOL!)

We talked about how good our coffee might be if we put a little chocolate sauce in the coffee. I said, “that sounds good” and then, “No! I’m not having any sugar”!

And then I bit my tongue — I don’t like people to know that I am dieting, following a diet plan or anything at all really about my weight loss plans. I like to keep my weight loss to myself sparing me from conversation that goes… as this one did tonight between the other two:  … he pours the (extra) chocolate sauce all over the cup of ice cream, she says, “I thought you were…” and he cut her off with, “I am, but not right now”!

(Me; I sat quietly and drank my black coffee.)

In the grand scheme of things I did very poorly on calories (way, way, way too little at 660 of 1500) so it stands to reason that my sugar intake might total all of 6.6grams. I hope this plan works because if I am to lose 11-lbs this week / 1.57-lbs per day…. then, well, my week is getting tighter and tighter as next Sunday gets closer. Doing the math; now it’s 1.83 lbs per day.

I dunno…. But I’m giving it the old college try!


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