And now there is Jorge!!

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and, the video from Anderson Live. Also watch Melissa Joan Hart as she tries to show-off her knowledge and hijack the segment. (LOL, but seriously, Joan — Back off).

igloo personYesterday was pretty lazy (again) and I blame the weather. It’s just too cold to do anything. See me this morning bundled up as an Igloo Person in a sweatshirt over a t-shirt and my bathrobe tied around my waist (the arms hanging down at my sides) and go figure — in flip flip flops!

Past 4:00 PM yesterday; after a great deal of work in the garage I stayed on top of my sleigh bed with 11-down pillows, one winter down duvet and and a mini down-duvet watching a lot of TV to get it off of the DVR. I had a lot of Anderson Live episodes stored and while sometimes he is redundant and kooky; in a good way because you cannot help but love this man, the 8-shows that I watched (seriously, but FF though much of them) I learned A LOT! Jorge Cruise was on one of the episodes and I took copious visual notes!!!

The South Beach Diet and the Atkin’s Diet; et all promote low sugar and low carb. “Jorge” says that the sugar is the major culprit. We all know this by now but I didn’t know… “By avoiding hidden sugar, you side step high levels of insulin in your body, which lock in belly fat”.

I guess, when presented in those terms and the operative words are lock and fat, it makes some more sense.somehow.

I read Dr. Agston’s first version of the South Beach Diet cover to cover and followed the diet for 3-months. I stayed in phase 1 for 3-month too — which, while I looked absolutely fantastic, the diet failed me when I ate my first saltines cracker. After that, it was one after another after another and boom – I got large again!

Disclaimer: Please read the article from the link at the top of the page. Also read my disclaimer about my not quoting people — no point if defaming their characters! But the following is what I thought I heard and no I have not read the book yet. 

The difference — it seems — in Jorge Cruise’s diet-ology is that you can have carbs and you can don’t have to count calories. I’ve always believed that because in my (past) perfect world of working out and eating healthy, the calories were irrelevant – most especially when you are very fit — you won’t be fit if you’re over eating so that’s a bit of a no-brainer. Jorge demonstrated; with visuals,  food on plates that a panini grilled cheese sandwich will be far better than a turkey salad sandwich made with apples in the sauce. The apples are high in sugar. That ideology certainly works for me — this mean I can eat bread; the breads he noted should be whole grain and those labeled with less than 3g sugars.

So it’s the sugar; natural or sweetened, and not the bread and not the natural fats that are the enemy. The South Beach Diet restricted all carbs and in my world that eliminated bread; white or dark flour which eliminated a lot of good things that I liked!

Without further ado on the book — because I feel like I’m writing the level a 3rd grade book report on a book I had not read. The ultimate goal of this diet is to consume no more 15-grams of sugar per day. If the bread doesn’t have sugar, then eat the bread; just be careful what you put on top of it.

This food plan is completely
do-able in my world:


I have already eaten the Weight Control Oatmeal this morning for its high fiber and lack of sugar (1g)

Don’t you love it: K-cup coffee maker oatmeal — LOL. Love me some hot running water on hand…



That said, breakfast was a logical deviation — I don’t do eggs, at all, ever. Did you know that cream and milk have sugar but Half & Half has none!?

Lunch: Or a snack, I have the tortillas and the carne asada. Normally I would pile on Fage-0 with the carne asada — but guess what?? Fage-0 has 9g sugar. 9!

As for the snacks, I happen be in full stock of String Cheese and I have a huge bag of pumpkin seeds in the fridge.

And, the dinner: I have the steak (carne asada) and I could also do chicken. I’m not sure of the sugar content in my low cal Cesar dressing but so far, this menu for today is very low on sugar and I think I’m safe.

I’ll start this today I have started this today and keep a daily Talley on the side rail.

I’ll start this today…

…becasue there is not time left to be overweight and as strangely as it sounds, there is no time to be sitting around deciding on a weight plan; yes, like WeightWatchers’ — which by the way I cancelled yesterday. I canceled because it has become almost too advanced. Too advanced about what they were before, not too advanced — to be clear. It used to be that you could log your food – see your points and, done. Now there is an overwhelming amount of tools that I personally don’t need such as the 360 plan, eating patterns & routines, goals (to lose weight, of course) and even gadgets. Besides, I know how to eat. Just eat right.

To eat right: Yes, easier said than done but any calorie counter and program and advisory site can give you good information. We all know the secrets — we just need to carry out them. Though, I do admit that Jorge Cruise DID enlighten me yesterday on this Anderson Live Demo about the hidden sugars. And to worry about sugar, only. Don’t count carbs and eat fats and grains accordingly.


tortI’m using LoseIt! again. Easiest! It’s a great little tool to count and log cals for you on your computer and sync with your app. The app has a scanner which will tell, or post or both the nutrition facts of what you are about to eat, or buy. Or not buy. It will appear like so:

And we thought bar codes were for prices… 😉

Caveat: I just this minute got an evite:
Saturday, February 2, 2013
4:00 PM – 11:00 PM

The 15g sugar plan is supposed to get me down 11-lbs per week. That is almost understandable BUT, seriously? We shall see and I hope so. Geez! That backyard bbq (and indoor eating) party is exactly to the day and hour, 3-weeks away. So by following this plan I will be down 33-lbs by then?

Now there is some real  motivation.


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  2. Does your site have a contact page? I’m having a tough time locating it but, I’d like to send you an email.
    I’ve got some creative ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it grow over time.

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