How the heck much do I weigh, anyway?

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  • I’m probably not going to talk about weight and scales again because the topic is stale; but just this one last time….



I thought my one digital scale was acting weird (not telling me what I wanted (LOL) and kept changing its mind….so I switched it out another digital scale I had hanging around the house; which also acts weird.

My digital Scale that measure ounces — I never displayed a consistent number. I’d get on the scale and see, say, 150.5 (no I do not weight this little). I’d step off and back on again. 151.0. I’d step off and back on again and see 151.5 and sometimes I’d step off and back on again and see 148.8. And so how do I know how much I really weight? The average is 150.4 so maybe I weighed that? Who has time to take their average weight each day? And again that is, unfortunately, a fictitious number!

And then there is my digital scale that measure in half-lb increments. I thought things were going well with that one in consistency but when I weighted to see the difference in my weight between being with panties and Genie Bra on, and being neekid. The difference was 2.5-lbs and I thought gee, that Genie Bra weighs A Ton! A genie bra is like a sports bra — only lighter so …. 2.5-lbs? Naturally I took the bra downstairs and weighed it on the food scale; it weighed 2-ounces. (bubble bursted!)

Today I got on the scale in my usual jammies and weighed the exact same thing (in that ensemble) as I had weighed in the last 3-days. Yes, yesterday I reported a lesser weight without the jammies ensemble and I thought – that was that. TODAY I weigh in and get the same weight and that seems suspicious. I put on my huge bathrobe. I gained 6-lbs; doubting that my robe weighs 6-lbs. I take of the robe and get back on the scale to see a gain of 2.-lbs. (bubble bursted, again!)

So the question is:

I guess (I know) it shouldn’t matter at this stage in my weight. I know I’m badly overweight and no matter what the stoopid scales tell me, any of the weights it delivers is not good news. I should be using the Dr. Scale at the gym but it never tells me anything good, either and typically they run heavy.

Anyone (overweight) will tell you that! I’m going to TRY to stay off the scales, all of them until I see physical changes, done at least a reasonable effort of workouts and when I believe that I may have lost 10-lbs. The bottom line is… for a while…. I’m still going to be big and fat no matter what the number. So sad.

Little pains and twitches/stitches

Have you ever heard someone say, “I have a stitch in my side”? That might be something an older person says; older than me and whose name might be Edna. But, I have these little pains and twitches — mostly twitches in my stomach, lower right and upper left and the middle. One in what I guess is the kidney area and this one is a periodic ‘stitch’ do they call it. Not really a pain but something ‘going on’. I hope it’s gas. I have another pain in the middle of my gut which I get mostly when I’ve stood for long hours and mostly when shopping with my mother which led me to believe it was/is a muscle pain and some nerves. I’ve had this one for ‘years’ so I know if it is cancer, I’d be dead by now. There is another little stitch on the left side (where there are no organs) which gives me some relief — hopefully all of this is gas.

And since the little very periodic pains and stitches is on my mind far too much, it makes it worse. Like, there is nothing happening; no gurgles, no stitches at all until I think about it. Too much thinking I hope!  The best remedy for most everything in life is exercise — and this WILL happen today… and good eating.

My diet has changed drastically in the last week and quite possibly this is just the bad stuff getting pushed out. (gross), or … passing throoooo…

Moving forward…

I’m having second thoughts on using WeightWatchers. I’ve used and still visit a better weight loss site for 10-years — nothing here that when I started using weight loss sites…. I was only slightly overweight then; could lose 20-lbs back then but looked like I needed to lose just 10. Now you’d think that using a weight loss site would encourage weight loss, not weight gain over the years. BUT, I’ve weighed many weights and been many sizes (6- 18)  over those years… The last 3-years have done me in! I tell ya!

Anyways, the 10-year old weight loss site has not developed an app so it’s a bit impossible to log foods and scan labels in my travels. The WeightWatchers scanner works 2% of the time and as well, I’m finding that I have to enter my own foods as custom far too often. I use myfitnespal but it has some irregularities. Thinking of saving myself $18/mo. and going with (back with) loseit.

At the end of day, no program or app is going to work until the mindset kicks in.

The good news…

  • 30-minutes yesterday on the home treadmill. Compromise and not that big of a deal of a workout. But it eased my conscience!
  • Calories, or points yesterday, or whatever… about midrange. Prolly too much fat…. otherwise, the plus is that I ate far more protein than usual!
  • Baby steps turning into child steps…

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