Things are looking up?

Lunch at Nordstrom’s

nordstromcafe1“Grilled Skirt Steak Chimichurri”
grilled skirt steak, roasted asparagus, carrots and cilantro lime vinaigrette.

The steak was amazing (very low-fat and very high protein). The Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette recipe is below. I asked the ‘front of the restaurant’ manager if he knew how the vinaigrette was made, he said (cutely) smugly, “Well of course I do” and brought the recipe book to me!


Serve this sauce on top of your grilled skirt steak or use as a marinade.

This lunch was probably the healthiest thing I’ve eaten in a while and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Note to self.. must make this at HOME — Often!

Areas of (signs of) positive change

A plus: The fattening and /or sugary (chocolate)  foods don’t appeal to me anymore. Do you think I’ve just had enough of the holidays?

A minus: The healthy foods don’t appeal to me, either!

A plus and minus: I was so hungry last night and my kitchen was without a single non healthy item in the house — I went to bed hungry! It was almost, and although I didn’t go out, buying or better yet having milk in the house would have been a life saver, as well as an personal-sized bag of pop chips. Milk to go with a high-fiber cereal or pop chips as something small enough (individual bag) and crunchy and salacious enough to satisfy the very minimal need I had for food last night.

Each of those items are on the top of the market list for today. Trust me!

A big and surprising plus: I have lost a minimal amount of weight and I was shocked to see the number on scale again today; despite the fact that I was terrified to look. BUT, I have to set a baseline and so I had to know. It appears (emotionally and stuffing my face-ally)  that I am finally winding down from Holiday food desires– which I absolutely believe is addicting — not in the way of being addicted to a point where you can’t stop eating it and will go to any extreme; like say in your pajamas in the middle of the night to get a fix at the grocery store, but more about the presence of the foods you’re not normally exposed to and  loving all the stuff as a… change and can’t get enough of it — all of a sudden.

I’ll just say that the creamy appetizers and the cookies and the cakes and pies (not much of a pie fan tho) were soooooo good ….. that it took me longer to stop enjoying than I had anticipated. Now they’re gone (eaten, not tossed) and that’s that! I don’t even have a taste or craving for them.

That said, by simple science and default, one would certainly see some change in their weight. As well, my diet lately had revered back to the, albeit instant Weight Control oatmeal, zucchini brownies and thought of dinner or lunch meals of a quinoa and brown rice blend with grilled chicken and asparagus in the bowl. Yes, basically a “chicken bowl”. I’m also a huge fan of grilled skirt steak (practically no fat in skirt steak) and strangely I love it with Fage-0 Greek Yogurt as a dipping sauce. I’ll also start to enjoy; actually already am enjoying lots of salads with grilled or fried chicken on top. Yes, I said friend chicken. While it’s not totally as health conscious — in moderation the breaded tenders cut up on top of a salad is fantastic. And like a child being enticed to eat his broccoli if cheese is poured over it, a few pieces of spicy fired chicken on top of an enormous mound of lettuce is not a bad thing — in the grand scheme of things. And, with some adjustments, it is highly WeightWatchers friendly.

Anyway, what I was going to say is that with the changes in my diet my stomach is responding accordingly and things/it; OK digestion, is  well… looking more healthy and happen more often. Euuu!

So yes, with one exception, I am back on track. The exception you ask? You guess! It starts with an E. Baby steps people, baby steps.


Plans for the day…
like people care,
but its about accountability… ?

  • I’m in obvious need of  a shopping list and a trip to the store
  • Wash all lettuce, make croutons from all that almost stale french bread
  • Eat well — considering myself a snacker because I am very often  uncomfortable after normal sized “meals”.
  • Finish cleaning master closet and call a charity to pick up stuff.
  • The gym – at 9:30 PM (?) I will love myself for it!

Parting shot….




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