Fitness and good eating must start as soon as tomorrow

And tomorrow is today

As I laid in bed (in a cold room) and couldn’t get up out of bed (didn’t want to) I pondered (again) how my day would pan out. Plans vs. reality are two separate entities. The good news is that I didn’t think about waiting another day to start my food and fitness plan, but in healthier frame of mind, I pondered: do I want to have my oatmeal first, or the blueberry and spinach smoothie first? That is; which will be for breakfast.

qI finally got out of bed and turned on the heat. My thermostat has a mind of its own so setting it to do something at certain time is, moments wasted in a life time — I just doesn’t work, period. I decided to have the oatmeal first (a warm food) and will have the smoothie in a couple of hours. My choice of oatmeal is the easiest, and the best choice for me is Quaker Instant / Weight Control / Maple. Instant oatmeal isn’t the healthiest thing in the world but I digress for the extra fiber; 6g (essential in a WW plan and essential, anyway), 7g protein and the expected 3g of fat. Thems good numbers!

If I had my absolute favorite choice of instant oatmeal it would be the precooked frozen steel-cut packages from Costco. The draw back on those; expensive as hell and I only like the Maple ones. The (I think) $10.+ box of steel-cut oatmeal’ contain 6-maple and 6-blueberry. I was shocked I didn’t like the blueberry and shocked that I was IN LOVE with the maple. If all of those in the box were Maple;; SOLD! But menh… the Quaker it is, and that’s that. (too much said already about oatmeal and one of my lighter resolutions is to be less verbose!)

Thus far I have described my morning and logged my first meal (4-points breakfast) in a long while on WeightWatchers’. Has anyone tried the ActiveLink? The hardest part in WW is tracking  because (probably until now) people who are doing WeightWatchers’ and are VERY active can’t find the correct activity, duration of activity and intensity to log activity appropriately; at least I can’t but I’m over exceedingly literal and OCD in those areas — So I felt that if the Activity Link is exclusively WeightWatchers’ then it should workout very well as a tool.

The Gym Visit

There wasn’t one. Whatzzzamatteawithme? Actually, I decided to get my ass up early in the morning and hit it then. Because I’m segueing back into the stream of things I’m going to start off with the BodyPump class. I hope to do 30-minutes of cardio before, or 15-minutes before the class and 15- 30-minutes of cardio after the class; all depending on how much cardio I do before the class. The goal is a total of 40-minutes of cardio, no matter how it is distributed.

[now…written the next day; which is today…]

I’m hopeless. I didn’t get to the gym yesterday — although I was extraordinarily productive around the house – which, in the fitness world count for very little. The next gym goal was set for the 8:30 Bodypump class and the exception to that commitment would be ‘if I woke up in time’. I did not wake up in time.

Food yesterday: Also hopeless. I started out very well but dinner was sugar. All I have to say about this is that the left over apple pie was NOT good and the Hagen-daz Five was so creamy and sweet it seemed overpowering. So it hit me — remember how horrible you feel right now; and people, it was not a pleasant feeling. I was bloated, has sugar after taste in my mouth, I had guilt and anger. I had nothing but pure hatred for myself! WHY was I doing this to myself? It would be one thing if the pie had been very delicious and satisfying. No part of that crap was satisfying.

So I’ll say to myself again and again in the future: Do you really want to feel so badly and as angry and emotional as you did when you ate that crap? Answer: No, never.

On the lighter side, there is a lot of guilt and embarrassment over 5-lbs. It’s not like I gained it all back; not even close but it makes me happy to know that this bothers me — a lot. Does that make sense?


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