There is no time left to be overweight!!


My Gym put this photo up on their Facebook page. Nice enough, but it was all about; well a veiled message to its members to, for those who are perpetual users of the gym to continue to do so and for those of use who, um, such as myself who took 50-days off during the Holiday season — to come back and too, for those who have never accomplished fitness but THIS IS GOING TO BE THE YEAR!!!

And so, a shout-out to all of us!

Still, I made the decision of not going to the gym on the first day of the year. For one thing, it would be embarrassingly trite. However, my ego aside, I have (made the mistake) of inviting family here for New Year’s Dinner. I was asked if I wanted to postpone it but the out -of-town friend of the family is leaving tomorrow and therefore, no plans for any diet gestures on that particular day.

I must say that my meal was extremely healthy and a first in a very long time!

Needle thin asparagus in a grilling mesh…


Chicken Piccata made my way; with lime instead of lemon.


There was an apple pie left over from Christmas dinner. This would have been a showstopper to the meal (being healthy) but someone who came to dinner arrived with some left over cheese cake to share for our dessert. Very thoughtful and the cheesecake was great.. still a showstopper diet wise but whatcanyado? And, the apple pie still remains. And so I am eating a piece of now while I write, because…

…Today is not the fittest day either and fitness will wait just one more day.  Too much to be done and do and organized. And, I’m not finding that special something in me that screams, GET FIT NOW.

But, there is no time left to be overweight!!

Fitness and good eating must start as soon as tomorrow and the hard part is; I really enjoyed eating all of those bad things so this is going to a rough transition but below are the reasons why I must get to it.

  • I have to be thin by the 4th of February. I’m making light of this one but there will be a huge 4th of July reunion weekend planned in, yes, July. That seems like a long ways away but I was suddenly reminded that it took a good 6- 7-months to lose the weight I have lost. July is just over 6-months away and time does fly!
  • I am uncomfortable and embarrassed.
  • I need to see the doctor for my yearly stuff and a physical. I won’t go in until I am 30-lbs lighter than when I went last time. I don’t want to hear about being overweight and obesity clinics of all things. I lost 22-lbs by mid November and probably should have seen the doc then. Since, I’ve gained 4 lbs and worse, my blood work would be full of crap food (LOL). 10- 15-lbs left to go before I see a doc… and frankly, this is the biggest reason — to get a health check. ( A GOOD health check-up)!

Moving forward… Resolutions and plans

Baseline Food and Fitness Goals

  • Brown rice or quinoa with lean proteins and green vegetables
  • Blueberry + spinach + protein powder smoothies
  • Daily workouts; 3 days a week of intense workouts which include cardio and 3 days a week of just cardio.
  • Oatmeal, veggie brownies, nuts and string cheese (string cheese not the healthiest; sodium, but a good enough small snack.
  • TONS  of WATER!

Baseline “Change my Habits” Goals basic organization

  • Keep the bathroom counter stuff in the new little organization drawers
  • Keep house clean... that is: Pick up after myself.
  • Stop making work for myself!
  • Stop running late to be early! This means that I rush myself to get out of the house and places I need to be on time; only to arrive embarrassingly early. I need to take the time to do things slowly. In the long run this will help with eliminating those ‘piles of things’
  • In a nutshell, slow down!

And finally, a motivation blouse!

I need want to fit  into this blouse by spring! I do like my bling trim and I will be so excited to see this  blouse fitting on me and with a tan. Stay tuned folks because Spring is just round the corner and I DO plan on posting a mighty fine-looking me in this top! (referring to myself as ‘mighty fine’ as in… I’m not looking ‘mighty fine’ right now fitness-wise.)

The blouse (barely) fits now; barely but I wouldn’t dare wear it. I want it to look like every other woman who takes good care of herself and looks good in blouses — I want to look like that!



4 thoughts on “There is no time left to be overweight!!

  1. I love your post, especially the fact that you’re not only addressing the physical aspects of losing weight, but life in general. It’s great that you’re taking all of these things into consideration while making healthy plans as well. I wish you the best of luck……Healthy Journey!

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