What I ate Wednesday

Hi all!

I’m late getting this up tonight so I literally had to slap some stuff together!! Photos are of “this week’ not things I ate today. Heaven help me, if I had!

I fell in love with Cocoa Puffs all over again. I needed a chocolate snack so instead of chocolates, chocolate cereal. Yeah, not the healthiest but replacing chocolate bars, absolutely healthy as cereal, or as nibbles!

I made from scratch; well almost — I mean, I didn’t make the crust, the sauce, or the cheese — or the pepperoni but I did put it all together!

I ate some sandwiches…

Spicy Shake ‘n bake

and watermelon!

Most of this does not appear to the healthiest fare, but I’ve been working out 2-hours a day most days (and losing) so the sandwiches; most with whole grain high fiber bread, low sodium turkey, the pizza on whole grain, sparse pepperoni (baby steps here), and the Shake n’ Bake chicken — it’s just dust on chicken and the glue; so to speak is Fage-0 yogurt.

That said, not so bad after all, eh?!


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