What I ate Wednesday

It’s cool to stay cool these days!!!

Currently it’s 6:36PM on Tuesday evening (picture me getting my WIAW completed early for a change) and sitting here in my upstairs office facing an open window…. I am waiting for the next rare; but they do come, slightly cool breeze!

It’s just been too HOT these days!

I had a full weekend of eating events — a BBQ one day and pool-side party the next. Plenty of opportunities to take photos AND to eat but those who were the  hosts of these events had simpler ideas. That said, I loved eating the Pizza’s, the sweet potato mini pies and a TON of watermelon!


IMG_2926 melon too

I drank a lot of this; Pellegrino, not Gin and Tonic’s!
IMG_2972 - pelle

Ate a lot of junk:

I’m embarrassed to say… But however, this table was full of every imaginable junk food that I dislike. I have to say, it was frustrating!

IMG_3024 - mishmashoffood

IMG_3012 morefood

and thankfully — The Pizza’s arrived!
IMG_3022 - zas

Those photos above are more of the ‘refreshing photos! I also went to a BBQ party on Saturday and while the food was thoughtful — pretty and yummy, much of it was fall festivities food. Even the photos look like fall!

7-layer mini dips! Recipe taken from Pinterest!
IMG_2964 - 7-layer

Sweet Potato mini pies! To be blunt, the ones I make at Thanksgiving will be much more refined. At least less messy but they were DELICIOUS!


And that’s all folks!
My photos cover the span of 2-days, not just one; a weekend, if you will!


9 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday

    • thanks! If you like sweet potatoes (puree’d) then you will LOVE those little mini-pies! I’m not a fan of 7-layer dip but I would make those for a party in a heartbeat! Gotta love pinterest!

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