Telling it in photos!

The pool area at yesterday’s pool side gathering
IMG_3032 - pool

Quality food (um, hum)
IMG_3037 - food1

IMG_3012 - more food

More quality food, but this is what we do…
IMG_3022 - pizzas

And it seems, a great day for sun and sky shots and thunderheads!
IMG_3047 - palms

IMG_3049 - thunder

Um, quality food — you know I’m lying. Usually we have better quality food this time; signals got crossed. There were exactly 3-versions; brought by three different people of Mexican 7-layer dip on the table. I hate 7-layer dip! But it’s not all about me and lord knows I don’t need 7-layer dips of any kind but I did take an entire watermelon (sliced) with all the slices in neat rows. You’ll never guess — two other people contributed watermelon!

Erasing all the bad habits…

Today still holds — I will be at the gym, at some point today and it’s going to be lb after lb lost over the next few months. And yeah, I get to eat very healthily too! I love to eat healthily! I feel so much better overall and so if only… I could just give up the dessert like stuff. This will be the hardest part of the battle!


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