What I ate Wednesday!

I ate weirdly this week. Breaking the rules as usual,
I’m just going to post the highlight meals and snacks.

French Fries! One of my favorite “shouldn’t have’s” but these are made at home (in a way; they’re cooked at home) using Ore Ida Frozen Fast Food Fries! Yes, I fry them but I fry them hot and quickly. Bobby Flay says… and I won’t quote the man but during a cooking show he told his contestants that frying fast (flash frying) uses the least amount of oil… and he went on with a scientific and chemical reaction explanation; or perhaps, jut the reason why!  Similarly, another Food Network hero (or somebody food–worthy-important) had written somewhere that Heinz Ketchup is not at all bad for you/us because … and I can’t find it….

But anyway, I never eat ketchup unless it’s with fries and I don’t cook these that often either.

IMG_2720-fries 3

This next meal was amazing. We dined on the patio of a local seafood restaurant which overlooks the marina. Unlike the fries that “I” made at home, the fries on this plate are not up to my standards. The cut is too think for me and they were not very crispy and very oily — I can tell you right now that the fries on this plate were not ‘flash fried’! (Live a little, learn a little, right?!)  In fairness, fries are going to put a little oil on your finger tips but these fries below — skipped them!

The fish is salmon and it was stuffed with crab meat. On top was a gorgeously flavored citrus sauce (just a little) and there is actually melted cheese (just a little) on top of this fish. The dish was surprisingly really, really good. The next time I order it — and there will be a next time, I’ll ask for brown rice instead.

Just because this is fish, it’s still not the meal for the common dieter. But really ladies, how easy is it go out to dinner and scrimp? But then again, telling myself… then how do you expect to lose weight????

IMG_2865 - stuffed salmon

Below is a meal I cooked when family came over: Chicken marinated in olive oil, parsley, lime juice and garlic. I baked the chicken only because I didn’t have a grill; noting that NOW I have a new grill but on this day… I had to bake the chicken. Stacked under the chicken breast is chopped spinach, and Fettuccine Alfredo.

This is a horrible photo; small because it was heavily cropped to cut out random sloppy pasta strands on the plate. However it looks, this was an amazing dinner!

IMG_2766 - dinner

Snacked on… This is not the photo of the actual artichoke but it is from my archives. I had a dinner date with my mom and husband and knowing mom loved a big artichoke as an appetizer, I cooked one before I left my house for her house. Did her eyes ever light up! Such a nice daughter!!
photo3 chokes

Well folks, It looks like that’s all I have to share this week. I’m TRYING to eat healthier but it doesn’t look like from viewing this post, now does it? The artichoke is a good thing, the chicken and salmon was not bad for me (it’s protein) but it’s the things that surrounded those healthier items that were the health-showstoppers.

That said… working harder on it next week and I hope to have a lot more pictures!!!


4 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday!

    • Hi Becks! Thank you!!! I think you are referring to the caramel corn pic. They should be chickpeas (much healthier) but nope. I keep the bag of caramel corn at my desk for those times I too lazy to go downstairs and fix or get something good for me. I only ate the amount shown so it’s not all bad on diet scale. LOL.

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