What I ate Wednesday!

Well, let’s see..

I’m always breaking the rules here so I’ll post mostly the things I ate on a given day but also post some other amazing things I ate during the week.

Things I ate in morning, or as a snack; and yes, I am either eating at my desk, or on my bed watching TV. Sounds lonely and pathetic but I have a lot of fun during the day!

Kashi Cinnamon Harvest – 10 nuggets a time to keep them from getting soggy. The serving size is 29-nuggets; I call that 30-nuggets so I eat 10, dump in 10-more, and then the last 10-nuggets. If there is any milk left, I dump in a few more.

IMG_2663breakfast  -ef pics

Fage-0 Greek Yogurt cup. THIS one I like. It appears that there is enough ‘jam’ provided to pour into the yogurt. Raspberry is my favorite and I prefer it because I don’t like fruit chunks in my yogurt. Nuts; yes.

IMG_2684FagE etnter

Pistachio Snack packs!
IMG_2636- EF pistachios

As an actual lunch; Ciabatta bread, Low sodium; sliced turkey breast. I ran out of clean plates — too lazy to wash one and it seemed, too lazy to run the dishwasher….. I put the sandwich halves in a cereal bowl. But that’s for the photo! I ate half, and the other half later in the day.

IMG_2634- EF sandwich

5:00 snack time!! In all fairness to “me” I took this dish as a contribution to a neighbors home after being invited for wine and cheese. They provided wine, I contributed with the Brie. (Gawd! I love the Brie!)
IMG_2659 ef - brie

One of my Super Salads! They’re not that super to most people, I’m sure. But a really good salad to me is a simple one. I like a salad when I don’t have to pick things out of it, or push them aside. My dream salad — 2 or more cups of chopped romaine lettuce. ‘Some” bleu cheese’. 2 or 3-T of white balsamic salad dressing, maybe a few croutons, grilled chicken or salmon and yes, some watermelon. Ground pepper on top!

salad - watermelon

Salmon AND a Super Salad dinner! What a great photo this turned out to be; considering it was over exposed and on a bright red plate!
IMG_2650 the salmon

here is the original — just sayin;

Happy Wednesday, happy cooking, happy eating, and happy healthy!


9 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday!

    • Hi Kelly! Thank you for following and for your comment. Nothing beats wine and cheese and brie except Wine and cheese and Cambroza ” imagine a good Italian Gorgonzola with the sharp edges filed off, combined with a decent triple-cream Brie”.

      But, I tell ya — I ate that Brie like it was my last meal. Forutnatley it hasn’t for some reason affected my weight! Maybe it’s all the salads and veggies that …

    • Thanks for your reply!! I stared eating cereal backwards; essentially when I finally realized ‘that way’ would work best. The only downside is when I visited friends out of town, and kept pouring cereal in the bowl; them not realizing what I was doing, they asked, HOW MUCH CEREAL DO YOU NEED? My reply — just 30-nuggets — 10 at a time. (pay attention! LOL)!

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