What I Ate Wednesday

I broke my promise!
I am short on really good photos to share, once again.

The fact is that this was a Birthday week for my mother — she gets a lot of attention and this has been the birthday that keeps on giving, and giving.

Eating outdoors at the restaurants patio –
Weird restaurant signature crackers instead of bread
. I love me my sourdough bread and butter so these crackers and humus were not a hit with me. On the other hand, lots of bread and butter calories were spared!


I took a few “drinks” photos just because they looked so refreshing on this mosaic table!


IMG_2527 - drinks

These are/were desserts at the table. One; the Flan was the “Birthday Girl” dessert that a) I expected to be complimentary and b) after requesting ONLY chocolate for my mother, the server insisted that she’s had something better. Trust me, she said! Mom hates Flan, she got Flan. And the restaurant charged me for it! X$#%#!  We passed it around and nobody really ate much of it.

IMG_2497 the flan

Someone ordered this frozen banana thing (thank you so-and-so because I got charged for THIS dessert too — but that’s A-OK. All for mom and that matters is that she enjoyed the day)
I didn’t like it thought everyone else did. It’s just as well. As an overweight person, I’ve learned it’s best to skip eating deserts publicly! If I want it, I eat it at home sometimes but think of all the calories I saved on desserts too, at this birthday lunch!!!

IMG_2512 - banana dessert

During the week at home…
I tried to eat mostly salads. They looked like this; a roast beef salad or, replace the beef with chicken and you have the other salad I ate a lot of this week.

IMG_2467 - beef salad

These are my splurge! One serving (1.5?) of well cooked sweet potato fries!


And one day I was completely frustrated about just about everything! I couldn’t find what I wanted to eat that was healthy, I was mad about something — probably because I didn’t want to eat healthy at that moment and because I am fat in the first place. Yeah. That was probably the reason.

So I made some boxed Kraft Mac and Cheese. This is the start of the process and mixed in was a little bit of blue cheese on top with, oh my god, bacon on top.

IMG_25331 =- mac dust

Trust me — Once this mac and cheese was baked... it was to die for! (and that may be true — this was a bit of a heart attack!)


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