What I ate Wednesday


Unfortunately, I didn’t take many photos this past week. Here’s what I did take photos of, and not eaten om the same day..

I’m too creative to not do a better job on my Wednesday post! I promise more creativity next week!!!

Nice Cesar Salad. Lightly used light Cesar dressing. Pan Grilled chicken and flecks of hard salami. And a crouton, or two, or…

IMG_2448 - efp

I posted last week about a shrimp Fettuccine dish I cooked for my family. This is the left overs! All for me people, all for me!

IMG_2398 - efp

I cooked this roast last night. Don’t let me mislead you, this is a Pre-cooked roast from Costco and it is amazing. Heat it in the oven for about 30-minutes and voila — fool your friends into thinking you cooked a roast perfectly!

IMG_2454 - efp

And, on the plate…..


An almost normal breakfast for me. Generally, I eat the waffles straight out of the toaster and while driving to my gym. This morning I didn’t have an early class so I indulged in a little bacon; which by the way set off my smoke alarm. (way to cook)! The syrup is just drizzle for the photo and it is a sugar free brand.

IMG_2465 - efp

This looks like it’s best I can come up with this week.
Again, next week will be lots more pics and way more creativity!


3 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday

    • It’s EZ! One Buitoni Pasta Refrigerated Pasta package and 1-carton of Buitoni Pasta Sauce. The fresh pastas are literally dropped into boiling water for no more than 1-minute. The pasta sauce gets microwaved and I add about 2T of Sherry wine to the sauce. My parents don’t like ‘heat’ but when I make it for other people, I add a dash of cayenne.

      For the shrimp – they were fresh and I marinated them in lemon juice and olive oil. I cooked them in a WOK on high heat with butter in it.


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