Tea, and summer!

In the interest of trying new things

I never make it, never craved it butcha’ know, sometimes you just get a hankering for something different. Speaking of different, my guess is that I have not seen a tea bag in a while; shocked when I saw a really cool looking nylon tea bag in my tea boxes!

I’m trying to (remember) to eat more fruit, take in more liquids and while water is best, I seem to have difficulty finding myself at the water faucet. Bottled water never works for me; if I’m drinking water I want it in a covered cup with TONS of ice and a lemon. Otherwise, not so interested.

And so, I bought some nice herbal teas to make into ice tea. Currently I’m drinking a smooth Green tea w lemon and honey. Decaffeinated and MOST IMPORTANTLY – not sweetened. Pretty good stuff. The last batch I made was a blueberry mix with antioxidants. Never had a blueberry tea, but … it was GOOD!

Sunday: Cooked for mom tonight

…because I was certain she needed a decent home cooked meal and an early evening outside of their own place. A change of pace. it was nice of course to hear; as we sat on the back patio drinking wine and eating cheese and crackers, she said, “It’s so wonderful to get out of that house and sit outside for a change”! And I said, “that’s exaCTLY the plan”!

This meal was amazing if I do say so myself. Not exactly not fattening but hec, it did have fresh shrimp in it!

Leading up to the meal, I chopped garlic
chopped garlic

I rinsed shrimp
rinsing shrimp

I rinsed asparagus
rinsing apsaragus

I squeezed lime juice
squeezing limes

I set a simple table using flower from the Hibiscus tree

dinner table

Finally, Shrimp & Asparagus Fettuccine

And he is not the only one who liked it!

Many kudos from the family on this dish!!!


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