“What I ate Wednesday”

Just a quick one on this particular Wednesday!


And am I glad that I did pre-work on this last week so all I have to do it post’em!! Crazy week this week after mom’s accident.

From a Fondue party last Saturday, these  are the beef fondue pieces:

Someone brought this dish to the foudue and BBQ party; Cherries and oranges. Pretty, but I didn’t eat any!

Cinnamon toast
I read somewhere that if you put a small amount of cinnamon and sugar (mixed) with a little butter — and put it on whole grain toast, it will taste just like a 1000-million calorie Cinna-Bon. I tried it. NOT bad at all!!! Give it a try!


I had lunch with a friend..

Grilled shrimp saladUntitled

White wine, sourdough roll and cold butter – My favorite meal!


And I drank several of these:


Unfortunately, that’s all I got today 😦


4 thoughts on ““What I ate Wednesday”

  1. I’m totally gonna have to try that cinnabon trick. I love me some cinnamon rolls. Also jealous of your fondue thing. I want to come. I love fondue, I wish I had a pot. I should get on that.

    • It’s really good. You can of course use any butter spread; like “I can’t believe it’s not butter — just something to hold the cinnamon. Enjoy and let me know what you thought!

    • Yes, my favorite class is Les Mills Body Pump but I do it at the gym. I tried the home version and found it immediately disappointing — probably for the same reason you noted, too basic and I felt it was too spread out and what was done each day based on the videos is about 14-minutes of workout. When I finished my first video class I was like, that’s it? You’d do best to do bodypump in a class like mine at the gym where we go non-stop with the barbells for a full hour.

      I know! I haven’t had fondue since I was a kid!!

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