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The Magic of Incline Training

via The Magic of Incline Training | FreeMotionFit.

by FreeMotionFit

The FreeMotion Incline Trainer is the single greatest piece of cardio equipment available today; hands down. Whether your fitness goals are related to weight loss, building strength, increasing endurance, or simply finding a workout that you actually enjoy, the Incline Trainer will get you there faster, safer and more enjoyably than any other cardio machine in the fitness industry.

What sets the Incline Trainer apart from traditional treadmills is it’s range of incline. Where traditional treadmills will typically go from 0% incline to 12% or 15% incline, the FreeMotion incline Trainer goes from a -3% decline to a 30% incline. The research behind incline training shows that considerable differences, in the way our bodies react to the physical activity, happen at 18% and above. There are five fundamental differences that inarguably make the Incline Trainer THE cardio machine to have at your gym:

1. Greater heart rates: Research shows that walking only two mph at a 24% incline yields greater heart rates than running six mph at zero incline. Meaning that incline training is a highly effective way to get in shape and train your heart, without painful joint impact and jarring.

2. Greater fat utilization: Walking at a 21% incline, again at only two mph, is the most effective way to improve the way your body looks. Research shows that walking two mph at 21% incline burns approximately 6.8 kcals per minute, which comes from your fat stores. The calories you burn running, with no incline, come from your energy stores. In other words, the fat you burn training at an incline will come off the unwanted fatty areas of your body, as opposed to the food you ate that day.

3. Biomechanics: Walking or running on the Incline Trainer forces the user to use proper biomechanics (e.g. correct foot strike), therefore it forces the body to move more efficiently, reducing wasted energy and lessening chance of injury. The opportunity to walk or run at a decline allows for specificity of training in a controlled environment, which is ideal for the elderly as well as female athletes. Decline training teaches the muscles to decelerate, greatly reducing chance of injury when faced with a difficult, uncontrolled environment.

4. Muscle activation: When walking at a 27%-30% incline: the Glutes are activated 100% (more than when performing squats); the hamstrings are activated 73% and the calves are activated 90%! There is not a machine available that will activate those three muscle groups at that level of intensity at the same time. If you are looking to tone and strengthen your lower body, the Incline Trainer will get the job done faster and safer than any other machine out there.

5. Variation: Performing different movement patterns on the incline trainer (e.g. skipping, side shuffles, lunges, hops, etc) allows for creativity, enjoyment, progression and specificity of training. Best of all: It makes getting a great workout enjoyable and fun.

The FreeMotion Incline Trainer is truly in a class of it’s own. It is simply the best machine for those of us seeking to improve our health and quality of life in an efficient and safe way.

via The Magic of Incline Training | FreeMotionFit.


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