What I ate Wednesday

Or possibly, what I did on Tuesday to eat on Wednesday?

The aging artichokes:
Use them or lose them!

I decided to use them!! But I can’t eat them all at once so I cooked them. First and obviously I washed and trimmed the artichokes.

Next, I cut them in half to reduce the cooking time — also in half. I don’t wait well so this works out perfectly.

Then into the water for their swim. I think this took 20-minutes.

And Voila. 6-artichoke halves ready for an appetizer (thinking of having one now) or as a dinner side dish.

What I ate this morning:


What I am eating now:

Most breakfast and lunch food photos that you see from me will be shown at my desk. I am a computer addict so it stands to reason the plate will be set down on my calendar, my bills, or something else, office.

This wrap is nothing but a lot of mixed greens, some low sodium turkey slices; real, not processed from Trader Joe’s rolled up in a high fiber tortilla. The watermelon speaks for itself and I have so say that these Personal melons (the store really called them that) are probably the best water melon I’ve had — ever. You just never know what your going to get with fruit but this one was a winner. I have to admit that the wrap was not very good — but ain’t it pretty?!

Post workout drink:

Banana, chocolate cocoa powder, protein powder, 1% milk and ice.

What I plan on eating for dinner

Salmon, artichoke (of course) and brown rice!

And, what I should not have eaten:

The low fat ice cream cone!


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