What I ate Wednesday


and, Peas and Crayons, I’m just not sure how this works.

None the less, until I get further instructions ;), below is what I ate drank for breakfast today. Orange juice and not much of it.


Scratch that – looks like I got it!?

Today is a good reminder to me about why I bought the OJ — in case I forgot to make my oatmeal! And I did. By the time I thought about breakfast, it was closer to noon. Shame on me for going to the computer first.

Using the following ingredients, I finally got off my butt and made a healthy salad.

To start, from the big bag of Dole pre-washed and chopped lettuce, the lettuce! What a god send! There aren’t many bagged lettuce I trust to be fresh, but this is one of them.

Next, the per-grilled (by me) grilled chicken. I should stop pre-grilling for convenience. The chicken was dry and it made the salad a little less enjoyable; only a little than it could have been. (Stop being so lazy!)

The salad dressing! My favorite and I use very little. You will notice the bottle behind the dressing — this is how I pour it over the salad. Better distribution, for sure.

Then, the watermelon… In the store this was sold as “Personal Seedless Watermelon”. It is the size of a …. well, it’ small and great for poolside. Just eat it out of itself!

and the melon balls

Least I forget the cheese — just a little of it! I find using a potato peeler is the best tool for the job and I only used the amount you see sliced. It’s cheese, it’s kind of  no-no but a girls gotta find a few treats in her salad, right?

And finally, THE SALAD

Not gonna lie to ya — this was A LOT of work!!!

not the post. the salad!



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